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The 6 Top-Class Antivirus Software for iPhone

Smartphones are an essential part of both everyday and business life. They bring tons of advantages, and they can be more than helpful in certain situations – still, their misuse can jeopardize your security and privacy.

Downloading apps from untrusted sources and using public, unprotected Wi-Fi, present potential threats that can hijack your sensitive data. However, contemporary smartphones come with a lot of security integrations that can prevent such actions, but if you want an extra layer of protection, you can consider an antivirus app.

This post is dedicated to the best antivirus for iPhone, and it will try to answer all the questions about whether iPhones really need extra protection.

Any app that you want to download and install will be run in a sandbox, which limits the app’s activity – that said, a specific app can access only the data you give it permission to access.

Does iPhone Need Antivirus?

Due to the fact that Apple continually works on the latest updates, which enhance overall security, we can say that the iPhone doesn’t necessarily need antivirus.

Thanks to the useful feature Find my iPhone, which is available on iOS 8 and older, you can be safe knowing that you can manage your phone remotely in case it gets lost or stolen.

Also, the Safari browser comes with a fraudulent website warning feature, which provides protection from phishing, the most common cyberattack aimed at stealing your sensitive data by tricking you into logging into false websites.

best free antivirus for iphone

All the apps found in the App Store are legitimate, and in case Apple finds malware in some of them, it will automatically remove it both from the Store and your phone to increase your safety.

All in all, the iPhone can’t help your safety if you decide to jailbreak it. Jailbreaking means letting your apps run outside of the sandbox and installing apps that aren’t found in the App Store. Such actions are done by users who want to gain total access to the iOS device, and if you use a phone that’s jailbroken, you are advised to install an iPhone antivirus.

What is the Best Antivirus for iPhone?

If you’ve bought an iPhone that’s been jailbroken or if you just want to increase your safety, consider some of the following antivirus apps that have shown the best results in detecting and blocking potential malware:

1.      Avast Mobile Security for iOS (4.7/5)

Avast Mobile Security for iOS has recently developed antimalware protection that’s specifically aimed at increasing security on the iPhone and iPad.

It offers innovative and free tools that enhance your privacy online, and you can upgrade to the Pro version that provides even more features that are capable of detecting even the least noticeable piece of malware.

Good stuff:

  • Identity Guard: This feature helps you protect your identity by ensuring none of your passwords have been leaked online. It’s available in both free and paid versions, and it allows you to monitor your email address, making sure all the account passwords associated with that address are protected.
  • Photo Vault: Photo Vault locks all your photos and stores them in an encrypted vault so that you can secure them with a PIN, Touch ID, or Face ID and be the only one who can access them.
  • Increased Wi-Fi security: The newest AI-based technology will inspect and analyze the safety of the Wi-Fi network you’re currently connected to. It can identify DNS hijacking, unsecured Wi-Fi, weak router password, and check the issues regarding security standards.
  • VPN and private browsing: The Premium version allows you to encrypt your connection and browse safely and privately. Accordingly, no one can spy on what you’re doing online, and your activities will be hidden from untrusted sources.
avast antivirus for iphone

Bad stuff:

  • Slow scanning: Some users said that, even though Avast doesn’t slow down the device, the scan takes some time to finish.
  • Not so helpful customer support: Some users complained that they didn’t get enough help from customer support when they had some issues with the app.

Subscriptions: If you want to enjoy the unlimited features of Avast antivirus for iPhone, you can pay $4.99 for a monthly or $19.99 for a one-year subscription. There is also a free trial you can cancel anytime without being charged.

2.      Norton Security for iOS (4.7/5)

Norton Security for iOS offers a broad range of security features that protect your sensitive information you keep online.

It provides powerful and effective protection for your device, and it has shown exceptional results in identifying and preventing the most advanced cyberattacks, including phishing and malware.

Norton antivirus for iPhone is built upon STAR (Symantec’s Security Technology and Response), a living intelligence powered by advanced technology that increases cyber safety – therefore, you won’t have to worry about potential vulnerabilities.

Good stuff:

  • Wi-Fi security: This feature informs you about unsecured Wi-Fi networks, and those that are under cyberattack – that way, you can prevent hackers from stealing your sensitive data.
  • Enhanced web protection: Norton Security makes sure your browsing is safe – that said, it detects and stops you from entering the websites that contain malware, no matter if you’re trying to access them via browser, app, SMS, or email.
  • Device protection: You’ll get notified when your OS is out of date so that you can upgrade it and protect your device from vulnerabilities that arise due to outdatedness. That way, cybercriminals will be stopped from accessing and stealing your data.
  • Suspicious profiles and modules alert: You’ll get notified in case Norton detects any suspicious profiles and modules that may allow hackers to track and steal your information in order to perform malicious activities on your iOS device.
norton antivirus for iphone

Bad stuff:

  • Increased battery consumption: According to some App Store reviews, many users claim that their battery consumption increased after the app installation.
  • Subscription issues: Some users had problems with subscription – Namely, they claim that their subscription couldn’t be renewed, and some of them complain about auto-renewal by Norton, which they didn’t want.

Subscriptions: This antivirus for iPhone offers a 30-day free trial, after which you need to activate an annual subscription, which costs $14.99.

3.      Avira Mobile Security (4.1/5)

Avira Mobile Security is a free antivirus for iPhone, which comes with advanced and innovative tools that increase your safety.

A free version includes quite useful security-related features, which are especially convenient for preventing phishing attacks when shopping online. It’s available for iOS 10 or later, and you can download it from App Store for free.

Good stuff:

  • Anti-theft tools: Anti-theft tools include phone locator and trigger siren, which help you locate up to 5 missing devices. Also, if you can’t find your phone, you can trigger a loud sound from Avira Connect, your online dashboard – your phone will ring even though it’s in silent mode.
  • Improved phishing detection: Some of the Avira Mobile Security’s integrated tools will warn you about the websites that are trying to steal your password, credit card details, and email, helping you protect your confidential information.
  • Identity Safeguard: This option will notify you if your email was leaked – you can even set the scheduled email scans that will go through your email, as well as those of your contacts to check whether they were leaked in a security breach.
  • Activity Report: This feature helps you get an insight into the recent activity that affects you – this involves phishing websites that are found, recent scans, emails in your contact list affected by a security breach.
avira iphone antivirus

Bad stuff:

  • Buggy: Some app users had problems with frequent software bugs, which prevented both the app and phone from working correctly.
  • Fails to delete some viruses: Some sources claimed that Avira isn’t able to fix the issue with particular viruses, which means that it still needs some improvements.

Subscriptions: Avira Mobile Security is free, but you can make in-app purchases (Mobile Security Pro), which costs $1.49 per year.

4.      McAfee Mobile Security: Privacy App (4.7/5)

So far, McAfee Mobile Security has shown excellent results in protecting iOS devices from malicious activities and advanced cyberattacks.

It provides significant features that enhance your data privacy, and its new options included in the Premium Plus and Premium Standard packages go a step further in improving your safety during everyday Internet use.

Good stuff:

  • System security scan: This feature will do a complete iPhone antivirus scan, detecting unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots, Wi-Fi attacks, as well as out of date iOS.
  • Media Vault: With Media Vault, all your photos, videos, and other private media will be locked under a secure PIN, and photo sessions will be automatically encrypted. Also, in case someone enters the wrong PIN when trying to unlock your device, you’ll get an email with the photo and location of that person.
  • Backup contacts: You can backup your contacts directly through the McAfee Cloud and recover them from your lost or stolen device. Best of all, you can do that remotely.
  • W-Fi Guard VPN: A possibility to encrypt your connection and remove geo-restrictions is a part of the Premium Plus package, which provides more secure Internet browsing.
McAfee antivirus for iphone

Bad stuff:

  • Limitations: McAfee requires you to pay for using some extra features, which most of its competitors offer for free – phishing detection and malicious websites warning, for example.
  • VPN issues: Some users complained about VPN, which doesn’t work with Outlook.

Subscriptions: McAfee antivirus app for iPhone offers a Free version, as well as paid packages, which are: Monthly Standard Subscription ($2.99), Yearly Standard Subscription ($29.99), Monthly Plus Subscription ($9.99), Yearly Plus Subscription ($79.99). There is also a 7-day free trial you can cancel anytime.

5.      AVG Mobile Security (4.7/5)

In addition to the above-mentioned antivirus apps, AVG Mobile Security could also be added to the list of the best iPhone antivirus programs.

It brings significant benefits regarding security, such as real-time protection, which runs in the background, making sure it monitors your system and protects it from malware or any other malicious purpose.

Good stuff:

  • Block calls from untrusted numbers: You can create a list of phone numbers you don’t want to receive calls from, which is an extra layer you can add to your current security.
  • Camera trap: In case someone enters the wrong PIN code for unlocking your device three times in a row, your camera will secretly take a picture of that person and send it to your email, together with their exact location.
  • Built-in VPN: Virtual private network will provide safer Internet use by encrypting the data you send to websites and your real location.
  • Easy to use: Apart from offering robust security features, AVG antivirus for iPhone has quite an intuitive interface that’s user-friendly and not complicated.
AVG Mobile Security for iphone

Bad stuff:

  • Battery drain: Many users said that AVG reduces their battery percentage, which is probably because it runs in the background.
  • Frequent crashes: Some iPhone owners said that the app keeps crashing – future updates will hopefully resolve such an issue.

Subscriptions: AVG Mobile Security offers a Free version, but if you want to enjoy VPN and ads-free software, you need to upgrade to the monthly subscription ($4.99), or annual subscription ($19.99).

6.      Trend Micro Mobile Security (4.7/5)

Trend Micro Mobile Security comes with features that are explicitly aimed at protecting iOS devices. This software saves your time and enhances browsing experience by protecting your privacy and improving safety.

This iPhone antivirus app will block malicious websites, ads, and other trackers that could jeopardize your privacy, and it will bring a broad range of other features essential for keeping your device safe while using the Internet.

Good stuff:

  • iMessage protection: All incoming texts that contain something suspicious (web links, for example), will automatically be stored in the junk folder.
  • Parental Control: This feature is essential for parents who want to block adult and inappropriate content so that their children can’t see it.
  • Secure QR code scanner: This option is included in the Free version as well, and it provides safe link opening and QR code scanning.
  • Content block: You can activate Content Block from Safari, and it will reduce data usage, loading times, and it will keep your personal information private and safe from online trackers
Trend Micro Mobile Security for iphone

Bad stuff:

  • Poor parental controls: Some users noticed that the Parental Control feature showed no action on the website with sensitive content, which should be improved definitely.
  • Generic customer support answers: Customer support doesn’t provide much help when it comes to user’s concerns about some app functions.

5 Extra Tips on How to Enhance Your iPhone Security

Knowing that there is a variety of new, more advanced threats that might hijack your data and steal sensitive information, you need to make sure that the security level of your device is up to date.

That’s why we’re going to give you 5 simple advice that can help you enhance your iPhone’s protection:

  • Lock your screen: This may be the simplest way to protect your device, but it is also one of the most efficient ones. No matter if you lock it with a PIN code or with Apple ID, you are safer knowing that no one except you can access your sensitive data.
  • Use a VPN: By encrypting your data and blocking your real location, you give hackers no space to steal your credentials or other critical details.
  • Use an antivirus app: When you implement an antivirus iPhone is less prone to security breaches and cyberattacks in general.
  • Turn on remote tracking: As we could see in the previously-mentioned iPhone antivirus examples, remote monitoring and wiping data is extremely helpful in case your device ends up in the hands of an untrusted source. That way, you can remotely wipe all the data that you find essential, and the tracking option can help you locate and find your phone.
  • Avoid using public Wi-Fi for financial purposes: When you need to make money transfers, check bank account, or sent a confidential email, make sure you don’t use a public and unprotected Wi-Fi – that way, a hacker who’s connected to the same network can access your data and steal it.

Closing Paragraph: How to Stay Safe in iOS?

Even though iOS itself brings a lot of security-related features, you can always enhance your safety by installing an antivirus app that would protect your device from a bunch of malicious activities online.

However, if you want to rely on iOS integrations only, then make sure your OS is always up to date – otherwise, it becomes prone to vulnerabilities, which is a gold mine for hackers.

Overall, avoid downloading apps that are not a part of the official Apple Store, and be careful when giving permissions to specific programs – any negligent activity can lead to fatal consequences.