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10 Best 3 Compartment Sink for Busy Bar and Restaurant

When talking about 3 compartment commercial sinks, it is an ideal product to have in your foodservice establishment if your commercial dishwasher ever failed to operate correctly.

It is a manual method of dish cleaning and sanitizing. The different compartments serve different purposes. The first one is used for the initial rinse with hot water, the second is used to wash the dishes with the detergent, and the third one is used for sanitizing.

A three bay sink is the FDA-approved way to clean commercial dishware and cookware. When installed and used properly, the 3 sink method will help restaurants stay up to health code standards.

With so many different three compartment sink options available on the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming to choose the right one.

Three Compartment Sinks for 2022

This detailed buying guide will lead you through the list of the top 10 three compartment sinks available on the market.

1.      KoolMore – SC101410-12B3 3 Compartment Stainless Steel NSF Commercial Kitchen Sink

KoolMore - SC101410-12B3

This Amazon’s bestseller is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which is rust and corrosion-resistant. KoolMore – SC101410-12B3 3 Compartment Stainless Steel NSF Commercial Kitchen Sink has two drainboards that offer a convenient space for loading and drying dishes.

It has to be wall-mounted for optimal stability. Although its compact size offers enough cleaning space, raised edges will prevent splashes and overflow.

Size: 54”L x 20”W x 44.5”H

Drainboards: Right and Left

2.      IYQ Stainless Steel Commercial Three Compartment Under Bar Sink

IYQ Stainless Steel Commercial

This sturdy stainless steel 3 compartment sink is the best choice for big kitchens. IYQ Stainless Steel Commercial Three Compartment Under Bar Sink has adjustable bullet feet. It comes with a swing faucet and a drain.

Size: 72”L x 19”W x 32.75”H

Drainboards: Right and Left

3.      GRIDMANN 3 Compartment NSF Stainless Steel Commercial Bar Sink

GRIDMANN 3 Compartment NSF Stainless Steel Commercial Bar Sink

This NSF-certified stainless steel 3 bay sink meets strict standards for public health protection. It is built for high volume use to last a lifetime.

GRIDMANN 3 Compartment NSF Stainless Steel Commercial Bar Sink has cross-leg braces for extra stability and adjustable-height feet to eliminate wobbling on uneven floors. It is easy to install in only 15 minutes.

All three bowls are equally proportioned, so there is no wasting space. Faucet and drain holes are provided, together with basket strainer drain assemblies.

Size: 39”L x 20.5”W x 34”H

Drainboards: No


4.      Giantex 3 Compartment Commercial 304 Stainless Steel Sink

Giantex 3 Compartment Commercial 304

Giantex 3 Comp Commercial 304 Stainless Steel Sink is made of a sturdy mix of 16-gauge and 18- gauge 304 stainless steel. It is anti-rust and antioxidant, with adjustable legs to fit the uneven floor, and protects your floor from scratching.

It is NSF certified, smooth, and easy to clean with a damp cloth. High backsplash and raised edges prevent water from splashing around.

Size: 38”L x 18.5”W x 37”H

Drainboards: No

5.      Profeeshaw 3 Compartment Sink Commercial Stainless Steel NSF Utility Basin

Profeeshaw 3 Compartment Sink Commercial Stainless Steel NSF Utility Basin

This broad application basin is widely used in kitchens, bars, restaurants, and cafes. 3 bowls are a suitable size, achieving more functions with less space.

The backsplash protects the wall from dirty water splashes, so you do not need to worry about wall cleaning. Profeeshaw 3 Compartment Sink Commercial Stainless Steel NSF Utility Basin is convenient for daily use, with smooth surfaces easy to clean with cloth or paper.

Size: 38.5”L x 19”W x 33”H

Drainboards: No

6.      DuraSteel 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Bar Sink

DuraSteel 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Bar Sink

With the double drainboards, DuraSteel 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Bar Sink will not fit in small kitchens. It is composed of 18-gauge stainless steel, finely brushed to ensure the best durability.

Its integrated design provides soaking, washing, sanitizing, draining, and placing, making the most efficient use of time, space and resources.

Size: 60”L x 19”W x 33”H

Drainboard: Right and Left

7.      HALLY SINKS & TABLES H 3 Compartment Sink of Stainless Steel

HALLY SINKS & TABLES H 3 Compartment Sink of Stainless Steel

Built for high-volume use, this modern stainless-steel sink is sturdy. HALLY SINKS & TABLES H 3 Compartment Sink of Stainless Steel is space-saving, but many customers say that it allows them to wash larger dishes easily.

Size: 38.5”L x 18.75”W x 33”H

Drainboard: No

8.      Elkay Foodservice S-Series 3-Compartment Sink

Elkay Foodservice S-Series 3

This luxury item made of 16-gauge steel is the best sink for heavy, daily use. Its spacious working area with double drainboards is of great value.

Elkay Foodservice S-Series 3-Compartment Sink has 14″ deep tubs, coved corners, and a 9″ backsplash, perfect for any of your dishwashing tasks. In addition, the drainboards have subtly curved edges to prevent items from falling or crashing to the floor.

The absence of sharp corners makes this sink easy to clean and does not collect filth. It does not have an apron front.

Size: 120”L x 30”W x 44”H

9.      L and J Stainless Steel Three Compartment Under Bar Sink

L and J Stainless Steel Three Compartment Under Bar Sink

L and J Stainless Steel Three Compartment Under Bar Sink is made of high-grade stainless steel vital for the item’s rigidity, stability, and durability. It has adjustable feet, a perfect feature for inside and outside use in commercial and residential spaces.

For better use, overflow pipes with the drains are included in the package together with the 10” swing central faucet. The bowl size is 10” x 14”.

Size: 48”L x 23.5”W x 33.5”H

Drainboard: Right

10.      John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink

John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink

This 3-compartment sink is NSF certified, so it is suitable for any commercial foodservice establishment. John Boos E Series Stainless Steel Sink, with its galvanized legs and plastic bullet feet, ensure traction on whatever surface it sits upon.

With the spacious bowls inside, nearly any dish or pot can fit inside. Each bowl has centered drains, and the slightly beveled backsplash is perfect for reducing dirty water splashing. With the shiny metal finish, it can stay looking new for years with the proper care.

Size: 59”L x 24”W x 25”H

Drainboard: No

How to Use a 3 Compartment Stainless Steel Sinks

A 3-compartment sink is designed for usage in professional kitchens. It contains 3 discrete bowls, which are deep and spacious for mass dishwashing. It allows for more than one person to use it without crowding. Every compartment or sink has a specific usage.

The FDA requires commercial food establishments to thoroughly clean and sanitize dishes they use in food preparation and serving. Cleaning and sanitizing refer to 2 separate functions to kill invisible bacteria.

Each sink should be labeled to help your staff remember the required order.

Sink 1

Compartment or sink 1 is used to scrub or soak the dishes in hot, soapy water at a minimum temperature of 110oF. The staff should wear protective gloves to prevent skin damage. This sink is basically used for scouring the utensils with a scrubbing brush or scouring pad.

When the water becomes dirty, drain it and replace it with the appropriate clean hot water and detergent mix.

Sink 2

This compartment is used for rinsing the dishes. It should be filled with hot, clean water (no detergent needed). The second sink’s purpose is to eliminate the detergent residues on the kitchen utensils and prepare them for the third sink.

When the water becomes soapy, fill it with fresh, hot water again.

Sink 3

In this sink, sanitization takes place. The two options are to use boiling water (171oF or above) or sanitizing chemicals to destroy any remained germs.

You can mix the boiling water and chemicals in a dispenser or manually prepare the mixture according to the instructions for the best results.

When using only hot water, make sure you maintain the appropriate water temperature and check it with a thermometer.

Sanitizing chemicals in common use are:

  • Chlorine solution – it is the cheapest option and requires a water temperature of 75-120o
  • Quaternary solution – requires 75-90o
  • Iodine solution – requires 75o

The dishes must remain submerged in the solution for at least one minute, whichever sanitizing solution you choose. Check the concentration levels, inform your staff to check the manufacturer’s instructions on the amount required. You will avoid using it excessively or less than needed.

When finished, place items upside down so they will drain and let them air dry.

3 compartment sink procedure

3 Compartment Sink Main Features


When talking about materials, stainless steel is the material used for all commercial sinks. Stainless steel is often an iron-carbon-chromium-nickel alloy, which adds some desirable properties. It includes corrosion, high and low-temperature resistance, durability, high tensile strength, low maintenance, and recyclability.

There are two main types of stainless steel used for industrial kitchen sink production:

  • 430 is a straight chromium alloy with the ability to resist nitric acid attacks. It is less formable and less weldable stainless steel and does not do well at cryogenic temperatures. However, it is an inexpensive stainless-steel grade.
  • 304 is the most common commercial-grade alloy. It contains around 18% chromium and 8% nickel. As a result, it has excellent corrosion resistance, together with a significantly improved ability to be welded and cold-formed. However, it is more expensive than 430 stainless steel because of the added nickel.

Overall, experts advise you to buy a 304-steel sink because of its high-quality properties and rust resistance.


Besides the type of stainless steel, a gauge is one crucial factor you need to consider. It refers to steel thickness, and there are 3 main types of gauge metal:

  • 14 gauge steel is the thickest type, also the toughest. It has excellent durability and is appropriate for hard water areas.
  • 16 gauge steel is a medium-grade steel thickness and hardness, appropriate for sinks that require strong legs.
  • 18 gauge steel is a good grade thickness suitable for soft water areas. In addition, it is the thinnest material.


When talking about models, you can choose the option that best fulfills your food business needs. There are 3 styles available:

  • Sink without drainboards is the best option for a small-volume business with limited kitchen space, like clubs or bars.
  • A sink with 1 drainboard is ideal for drying dishes or pilling up dirty ones; it requires more space.
  • Sink with 2 drainboards offers the biggest working space for clean or dirty dishes on both sides of the sink.

The backsplash guard is an important part of the 3 comp sink.  It is necessary for wall protection and easier cleaning. Most sink backsplash dimensions vary from 4.5″ to 11.75,” and the most common size is 7″.

The faucet is the essential part of the triple sink because, without it, the sink is useless. So many different types and faucet designs exist; they can be wall-mounted or deck mounted (mounted on the top of the sink deck). Four main types of faucets are:

  • Standard swing spout allows you to move the nozzle to get water in each section.
  • The workboard faucet is the model with risen escutcheon below the handles and spout. It is as efficient as the previous type.
  • Gooseneck faucets make more space for the larger dishes and pots.
  • The pre-rinse faucet has a high-arc spout with a high-pressure pull-out spray nozzle to blast off food from plates.

Most 3 compartment sinks have wide bowls, but bowl depth differs from sink to sink. A deeper bowl can hold more water or dishes but can require you to lean over to access it, especially if the sink is shorter.

NSF Certification

Choosing an NSF-certified sink is a must. That means that a product fulfills rigorous standards for public health protection.

NSF certification guarantees that the sink has interior corners of the bowl rounded to allow thorough cleaning and bacteria removal. In addition, there must be a tapering of the bottom of the sink towards the drain.

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