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Business Card Scanner – A Portal to Another Dimension

Contemporary business life is formed of codes, clicks and computer systems. Pen and paper are becoming an old way of storing data, and many businesspeople started believing in the power of electronic devices which keep on developing and gaining more futuristic features.

Despite the development of humans and machines, there is one little thing that couldn’t be replaced – a business card. In a business world, a business card is perceived as an ID – that’s how you meet new potential clients, and that’s how you’re becoming a prominent person in your branch.

And how can business card and technical development be related? Via business card scanner. It helps you store the data from a business card into the system, and it keeps it well-organized, and it’s available to you anytime.

Let’s learn more about it.

What Are the Benefits of Using Business Card Scanner?

Serious businesspeople usually spend a lot of time on meetings, appointments, conferences and seminars where they meet a bunch of new people who could become clients or partners. Business card scanner would save the contact info in a digital format very fast, and it could even scan documents, photos or receipts.

Here are some of the essential benefits:

  • Accessible data export – business card scanners help quicker addition of your contacts into folders in Outlook, Evernote, Gmail or Salesforce. Hence, it provides you with easier management within your other business contact system, keeping all the data in one place.
  • Availability – Since you have the data stored in digital format, you’ll be able to access it anytime. That’s quite a benefit since the business cards are prone to get lost among the books, files, and wallets.
  • Sharing – now you can share your contact info with other people who might need his/her help. Instead of typing the name and phone number, or delivering the card personally, you can share the info in one click.
  • Longer “lifespan” – no matter how careful you are, your business card will end up dented or damaged after some time – it’s a natural process. Business card scanner will make sure your data remains untouched and clear for a long time.

What Are the Characteristics of the Best Business Card Scanner?

When purchasing an electronic device, you should have in mind things like durability, functions, and quality. When it comes to this handy devices, we’ll try to point out the essential characteristics you should look for when buying one, so that you obtain the best experience.

  • Excellent scanning capabilities – this is the first thing you should consider when choosing a A decent device should provide clear images which will be good for uploading and, the 48-bit color mode and 8-bit grayscale is generally recommended as a perfect benchmark. Besides, find one which can read different sizes, shapes, and thickness of the business card.
  • Data processing – what happens after you’ve inserted the card in scanner also matters. Try to find one that includes the options of cropping and editing of images and texts found on the card since the primary purpose of the scanner is making the data clearer and more approachable.
  • OS compatibility – another vital component of the business card scanner is the compatibility. Purchase the scanner that is compatible with the OS you’re using on your computer – otherwise, you can say goodbye to it.
  • Portability – this is desirable if you often go from one office to another. In that case, look for the device which is light and tiny so that you can move it with ease.

Top 5 Business Card Scanners in 2022

It’s challenging to opt for one device when there are thousands of models available on the market. All of them look pretty similar, they all perform almost the same functions, and the prices vary depending on the brand name, features, and specifications.

Let’s have a look at the 5 best business card scanners in 2022, their good sides and drawbacks, and price.

Epson DS-320

Epson DS-320

Epson DS-320 is a portable scanner which is suitable both for home and business purposes. It provides the user with top-class performance and the speed of 25 pages per minute. It can be used for scanning business cards, IDs, driving licenses, documents and receipts and all these features make it the most robust product in Epson series of scanners.


  • 2-sided documents scanning – you can easily and quickly scan 2-sided documents, business cards or IDs. This feature saves a lot of time when you need to scan a lot of papers.
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR) – this feature allows the scanner to recognize characters in a scanned image and that can be used for creating an editable PDF document.
  • Seamless software integration – this device provides integration with ISIS and TWAIN drivers which allow flawless compatibility with existing software.


  • Computer required – if you want to scan papers, make sure your computer is near. You’re not able to automatically send scanned material to your email address, which is possible on some of Epson competitors’ devices.
  • Heavy to carry it all the time – even though it’s described as a portable business card scanner, this device is a bit heavy to be carried all the time.

2.      Dymo CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner

Dymo CardScan v9 Executive Business Card Scanner

Among all Dymo card scanners, Dymo v9 is considered the most popular and the most powerful one. It comes with an exceptional contact management system which provides you with a well-organized and concise contact list, and you can access it anytime.


  • Seven languages recognition – Dymo CardScan can read cards written in 7 languages which is useful when you’re collaborating with international companies, or you have contacts from different countries.
  • Drag and drop important info – you can use the integrated software to drag and drop address info that’s found in emails or your contacts’ webpages.
  • Find the contact on the map – with Dymo scanner, you can locate your contact and find his/her place on the maps, which is useful if you’re planning a business trip and meeting with him/her.


  • Not compatible with El Capitan OS – if you’re using El Capitan on your computer, better avoid purchasing Dymo. Many users complained about scanner unresponsiveness when connected to the computer with that OS.
  • Bad Outlook support – even though Dymo manufacturers claim that there is Outlook support, many users find it deceiving since most of them experienced incompatibility with Outlook 2013 and 64-bit Outlook.

3.      Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 ($639.00)

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500

The Japanese giant wins the market with its new ScanSnap iX1500 card scanner. It is convenient for small and medium-sized businesses, and even for home offices. Even though it gives an impression of a complex and demanding machine, it’s actually easy to set up and use, and the features like touch screen and WiFi are bringing new, outstanding experience.


  • Wireless connection with mobile devices – that’s a useful feature since it allows quicker data management and you can operate the scanner wirelessly. Besides, the scan results are sent directly to the mobile device.
  • Functional LCD touch screen – touch screen is the only input you can find on this scanner, and it works flawlessly. Each user can select his/her own icon color on the screen, and that can be used to distinguish each of them.
  • Scanning of long documents – besides business cards, receipts and images, you can scan long and folded documents, like envelopes.


  • Expensive – if you need a device for business card scanning only, this one would be expensive for you since it includes advanced features which might not be convenient for everyone’s needs.
  • Not suitable for moving around – this device weighs 7.50 pounds which might not be adequate for people who need it while traveling and outside of the office.

4.      Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D

Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D

If you’re a fan of small, practical and lightweight devices, Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D is the right choice for you. It’s a fast and easy way of transforming single or double-sided papers into digital formats, and it’s compatible with both Windows OS and Mac.


  • Duplexing – this small scanner offers two-sided scanning which saves a lot of time. Besides, it’s very fast despite its size.
  • Portability – it’s very light and compact, which makes it easy to move from one place to another. It’s incredibly suitable for business people who need it all the time.
  • USB powered – RoadWarrior 4D doesn’t require AC power – you can simply connect it to your computer using a USB cable which means less cables when traveling! Besides, this device doesn’t use the batteries, and you won’t need to think of charging it.


  • Poor software – many users complain about the software which mostly doesn’t run well on newer versions of Windows and Mac. Besides, many of them say that it slows down the computer.
  • Manual feed – when scanning multiple pages, you’ll need to replace each page manually.

5.      IRIScan Anywhere 5 WiFi

IRIScan Anywhere 5 WiFi

This is an ultra-compact, lightweight and the best portable scanner. IRIScan Anywhere 5 WiFi is convenient both for office and travels including conferences, seminars, and even airports. Since it’s WiFi scanner, you can easily share your scanned data to any device via the wireless connection.


  • No computer, laptop or tablet required – this device doesn’t require any of these machines in order to perform its task. It comes with micro SD (up to 32GB) where you can save all your scanned data and transfer it to your computer later.
  • WiFi connection – the WiFi signal allows you to export your scans to your mobile phone or tablet, which means that you can carry your scans anywhere.
  • Scan and charge at the same time – you can connect the scanner to your computer via USB cable, and you can scan papers while it’s charging – also, that won’t affect the scanning speed.


  • Poor battery life – the bad thing is that the battery can’t last long – in fact, it can scan up to 100 papers per charge.
  • Impossible to scan directly to a computer – your computer sees Anywhere 5 as a portable storage device, and it downloads the scanned data directly from SD card.

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