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Top 11 Call Center Software Platforms  – Recommended by Industry Experts

Businesses can use call center software for customer support, marketing, and other purposes. It can manage multiple communication channels, including phone, instant messaging, live chat, email, social media, and SMS.

An efficient call service center needs to balance between three aspects – people, technology, and process.

Call center software is offered in different types such as the predictive dialer, auto dialer, computer telephony integration (CTI), automatic call distributor (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), call accounting solutions, call center monitors, and call analytics.

If you’re looking for a high-quality solution, read these 11 full-covered reviews of the top call center software systems in the industry.


Avaya Aura call center software

Five9 is a multipurpose cloud CRM call center software for inbound, outbound, omnichannel, and blended contact providers.

Its Engagement Workflow uses intelligent routing and NLP (natural language processing) to lead customers to the right agent while Five9 Genius exports customer intent data to ‘equip’ agents with next step guidance before they pick up the phone.

Its IVR (interactive voice response) with speech recognition is used for common caller inquiries to free up agents for high-value interactions.

It monitors, analyzes, and reports on the contact center’s performance with real-time dashboards and metrics, and sync all interactions with CRM. This platform enables agents to improve customer experiences via phone, mobile, chat, email, and social apps.

Pricing is not provided on the website, contact Five9 for more details.


PhoneBurner cloud call center software

PhoneBurner is an outbound call center software that enables users to log in from device and call from the connected phone, using admin-provided or imported lead lists. The solution provides features that includes lead management, power dialing, analytics, performance management, and email follow-up.

This platform is TCPA/FCC compliant. Users can monitor detailed contact records via the built-in CRM or integrate with CRM apps. Other functionalities include local ID tracking, call transfer, call recording, email tracking, one-touch emails, voicemail drop, and custom dispositions.

It scales to any size team managed from the central admin portal. Reporting and analytics functions bring real-time visibility into calling performance and ongoing activities.

The solution is cloud-based and requires no contracts, setup fees, and installations. PhoneBurner provides customer support across phone and email.

PhoneBurner Pricing

  • $149/month per user + free admins – add/remove/edit seats, smart lead distribution, dedicated admin portal, content sharing for fast setup, and more.

Virtual Contact Center

Virtual Contact Center - best call center software

Virtual Contact Center from 8×8 is a cloud-based call center software solution for SMBs. In addition, to call center feature, this system also supports other interaction channels like email, voicemail, web chat, and web callback.

It offers a universal queue functionality that assigns interactions through skill-based routing. It directs callers to agents with the correct skill set, reducing transfers. Its operations can be supervised in real time, via historical data accessible for metrics analysis.

The solution offers the Personal Agent Connect function that builds a relationship between costumers and agents. It allows agents to share their contact number with callers to resolve tickets. It also features other functionalities including CTI (computer telephony integration), IVR and voice logging/logging.

This system can integrate with customer relationship management software and can be configured to collaborate with other business apps.

Virtual Contact Center offers 3 pricing plans – Standard, Pro, and Ultimate. For more info, contact sales representatives.


PureCloud cloud based call center software

PureCloud powered by Genesys is a cloud-based call center agent software and on-premise system for all size businesses. Main features are auto dialer, IVR, CTI, PBX, auto dialer, and more.

It helps businesses connect with callers across multiple communication mediums. Customer insights and metrics are displayed in a unified interface, and automatic updates are provided.

The platform allows users to create customize outreach, make proactive, targeted campaigns, IVR flows, and improve agent productivity. PureCloud provides custom reporting, multichannel routing, and CRM integrations.

Its collaboration feature helps users locate chat histories, people, and documents. Users connect by group chats and run online meetings via video conferencing. They can edit and share documents through integrated content management.

Other modules include speech-enabled auto attendant, transfers, directory integration with one-click dialing, direct inbound dialing, and inbound/outbound faxes.

PureCloud Pricing

  • PureCloud 1: $75.00/agent/month/annually – bullseye routing, priority FIFO routing, real-time error tracking, 100% encryption, and more;
  • PureCloud 2: $110/agent/monthly/annually – PureCloud 1 features + ACD voicemail routing, web chat, email flows, templates, callback, evaluation audit trail, calibration process, etc.;
  • Pure Cloud 3: $140/agent/monthly/annually – PureCloud 2 features + unlimited channel surfing, voice screen share, web chat screen share, SMS, time off requests, and more.

NICE inContact

NICE inContact call center management software

NICE inContact is cloud call center software that maximizes the quality of leads and minimizes the cost of client interaction.

The system comprises many modules needed to process inbound support requests and enables businesses to connect with their customers through multiple channels, including voice mail, email, chat, inbound/outbound voice calls, and more.

It provides various call routing functionalities, such as ACD, CTI, and IVR. The platform also adds workforce optimization features like hiring, workforce, and e-learning management.

The blended predictive dialer function offers auto dialer for blended call centers, call blending, call suppression, and message lay-down dialing.

The system easily integrates with popular CRM apps like Oracle Service Cloud and Salesforce. Customer service and support apps are available as part of the integrated tier.

The vendor doesn’t list pricing on the website.

Aspect Via Cloud Services

Aspect Via Cloud Services - call center software

Aspect Via Cloud Services is a web-based call center software suitable for companies with 100 or more users.

The platform is a full set of customer service modules including omnichannel inbound, self-service, outreach, quality management, workforce management, service intelligence, reporting analytics, and continuous delivery.

Users can manage customer data and preferences via the self-service portal. The system offers a cross-channel, ongoing experience when customers engage, inquire, and request service through any channel that suits them.

Its outreach feature enables businesses to deliver customers information, sales revenues, and recover debt. Personalized interactions are made possible by the service intelligence function. Customer preferences and data are stored and can be used for each communication.

Customer engagement reporting and analytics enables users to focus on efficiency and service strategies. Aspect provides live assistance that is available 24/7.

Starting price isn’t offered on the website, contact the Aspect’s support team for more information.


ChaseData cloud call center software

ChaseData offers is cloud-based, standalone call center application software with customer service and support. It’s designed for inbound, outbound, and blended call center teams.

Dialing features include auto, predictive, and preview/progressive dialing. The ACD ensures calls are being routed adequately based on language preference, skill set, and training.

The platform develops many of the features based on customer feedback. Security settings at the management level enable supervisors to track various aspects of a campaign.

Digital calls will remain cataloged on the server for maximum 90 days, so agents can review them later if necessary and the system admin has permanent access to all requests.

The solution can be deployed from the cloud or on-premise. It’s suitable for small to enterprise-level call centers.

ChaseData Pricing

  • Small Business: $89/user/month – one voice channel per agent, 3-months digital call recording/playback, preview dialing, remote agent capability, music on hold, etc.;
  • Professional: $139/user/month – Small Business features + 4 voice channels per agent, 6-months digital call recording/playback, customized sip trunking, and more;
  • Enterprise: $169/user/month – Professional features + 6 voice channels per agent, one-year digital call recording/playback, agentless dialing, auto-leave message on voice mails, etc.


Aircall call center software

Aircall is a cloud-based call center and business phone system that manages and streamlines sales engagement operations and customer support.

Designed for teams and offices in remote areas, it enables users to integrate the software with helpdesk and CRM platforms and manage calls directly from it.

Key features include recording, voice mail, shared call inbox, contact management, queueing, tag, assign, and add comments. Aircall enables businesses to create employee groups based on location, responsibilities, skill set, and other attributes and make businesses strategies to boost team performance.

It integrates with different third-party applications, including Slack, Salesforce, Pipedrive, and Zendesk. Support is delivered via phone, chat, and email.

Aircall Pricing

  • Essentials: $30/user/month/annually or $30/user/month/ billed monthly – unlimited inbound calls, smart queuing, integrations, integrations, and API;
  • Professional: $50/user/month/annually or $30/user/month/ billed monthly – Essentials features + salesforce integration, power dialer, unlimited concurrent calls, and more;
  • Custom – call for details.


CallTools call center software

CallTools is inbound call center software that manages the productivity of call center operations.

The platform includes list management with list export and list scrubbing, which helps users manage and store contact lists from a central location.

The solution also features skill-based call routing, which queues inbound calls and routes them to the available customer agent. For outbound calls, it automatically detects voicemail messages so that agents only speak to callers and skip voicemail.

It features call recording, which enables users to record calls and download for call training and quality assessment.

With the call monitoring that monitors and tracks key performance indicators like agent call volumes and utilization rates, users get a view of all call center activities.

The System offers support through phone, email, online ticket portal, and live chat. Pricing isn’t provided by the vendor.


XCALLY call center software

XCALLY is on-premise and cloud contact center that handles multiple channels including voice, SMS, chat, fax, email, and others. It caters to outbound, inbound, and blended call centers.

Main features are an auto dialer, IVR, contact management, real-time monitoring, reporting, and analytics.

Other functionalities include a predictive dialer, triggers, automation, customizable dashboards, agent softphone, API (application programming interface), and call recording.

Real-time monitoring offers a real-time view of agent performance and the ability to make changes in case of emergencies. The agent softphone module enables users to manage their queues according to their skillset.

Users can create customized dashboards and reports to meet their needs. It provides integration with Sugar CRM, Salesforce, Zendesk, Oracle, Twilio, Freshdesk, and other apps.

XCALLY provides 4 pricing packages – Plus, Omni-Gold, Dialer-Gold, and Ultimate. For more details, request a quote.


Bitrix24 call center software

Bitrix24 is an entirely free call center software. It’s a highly secure solution for SMBs designed for efficient communication, collaboration, business process, knowledge management, and social networking.

Allows better knowledge continuity by moving data from network silos and local drives to a well-protected centralized repository. Blogs, wikis, and forums ensure knowledge bases for improved teamwork.

If you choose a cloud platform, you can call and receive phone calls within minutes.  You pay only if you have more than 12 employees, need to rent a phone number, SIP connector, or want Bitrix24 telephony for outbound calls.

You can also choose self-hosted editions of Bitrix24 if need source code access or need to deploy Bitrix24 on premise.

Bitrix24 Pricing

  • Free: 5GB online storage, 12 users, and more;
  • CRM+: $69/month – 6 users, 50GB online storage, 2 admins, folder access rights, etc.;
  • Standard: $99/month – 50 users, 100GB online storage, 5 admins, document lock, and more;

Professional: $199/month – unlimited users, unlimited online storage, unlimited admins, unlimited records management, work reports, etc

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