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Best Case Management Software Solutions

Case management is the work-recording, monitoring, and analysis, involved in the procedures, processing of the data, and related content that makes a case.

A case can be a service request that must be fulfilled, an investigation that must be conducted, or an issue or incident that must be resolved.

Case management software solutions are designed to improve knowledge-driven work and general processes to optimize outcomes.

It’ll also track all the contacts between your staff and the client, the individualized plan for the client and the progress towards the project. Finally, allow you to assess outcomes and report on all the information you’ve collected.

What is Case Management Software?

A case is any transaction, project, response or service that’s opened and closed over time to solve a problem successfully, request, claim, development, proposal or other complex activity.

It’ll probably involve many persons inside and outside of the organization, with different relationships to each other, along with multiple documents and messages.

Case management software provides your business with one central location to store and track all client data. It includes things such as case notes, contact information, appointment, scheduling and history, client communications, and billing.

Why You Need Case Management Software?

If you’re an owner or work for social services or nonprofit organization that still uses paper as their primary technique for recording client information, you’ll need case management software immediately.

Many organizations combine basic software and paper to record client information, which makes it very difficult to have full visibility into their data. Other organizations work with outdated or unsupported systems which provide them with only basic functionality and may stop them from producing the reports and insights they need.

Deploying wide-ranging software solutions would allow these organizations to upgrade the accuracy of their data, ensuring that all staff has access to consistent and detailed client information.

Key Features of Case Management Software

Ideal customer support software goes beyond simple case management. It’s a crucial part of selecting a cloud platform, but it should be observed as a minimum requirement, rather than the main feature.

Here’re some of the things that you should look for when choosing a case management software.

  • Integration: The solution should be able to interface with external systems, applying flexible APIs that enable users to make real-time, bidirectional communication between the platform and relevant apps and networks;
  • Self-service: It’s essential for companies to provide self-service portals for clients, enabling them to answer questions with help from a company representative;
  • Advanced analytics: The solution should give a comprehensive analysis and reporting. Unlike conventional one-dimensional reports, predictive intelligence analytics enable you to turn your insight into action quicker. You’ll be able to connect and query multiple data sources with a powerful analytics engine, which provides new ways to visualize your data and KPIs. It means that you’re able to anticipate needs and adjust accordingly;
  • Updating: The perfect platform needs to ensure that outdated tech isn’t a problem. Regularly updated servers, new features, and functionality should all be taken care of by the host, benefiting their clients. Also, the system should be adaptable enough for future growth and add-ons, as well as empowering business to estimate and predict future costs;
  • Mobile support: Support for various devices is pivotal, both for customers and employees. It delivers 24-hour mobile management of customer support, and corresponding self-service options for on-the-go clients.

Best Case Management Software Solutions

Today, there are plenty of free case management software solutions available on the market, but in the overflowing cloud case management and legal tech space, it can be challenging for some to understand precisely what case management software does and what makes one solution different from the other.

Therefore, our experts made a list of the best case management software solutions


free legal case management software

SmartAdvocate is a law case management software solution that delivers flexible deployment options and a modular suite of applications.

Beside case management, lawyers and their staff can use SmartAdvocate to manage contacts, communication, documents, docketing, and calendaring. The solution can also track time, and functionality is available for firms that also need integrated accounting, billing, and invoicing.

By managing all case info within a single platform, users can eliminate double entry. The solution is capable of communicating by mass email or SMS message. Plus, It can automatically forward cover letters and other documents to the client through email or send physical copies in the email.

The interface displays much relevant information as possible on a single screen like a pop-up screen for critical information.

SmartAdvocate’s pricing starts at $89/user/month for their cloud-hosted service and $5,995 plus $995 by a user for their server version. These prices don’t include training, integrations, or migration and data conversion.

PracticePanther Legal

law case management software

PracticePanther Legal is a legal management software for small to midsize practices specializing in areas including personal injury, bankruptcy law, litigation, criminal law, estate planning, and many more.

The solution is offered primarily as a cloud-based solution and is both PC and Mac compatible. PracticePanther includes mobile apps for Android, iPad, and iPhone users, enabling users to access the system remotely and sync data via devices.

Key features include time tracking, document management, contact management, case management, calendaring/docketing, accounting, client portal notifications, and billing/invoicing. The system can be integrated with email and calendars, QuickBooks, PayPal, Dropbox, and many more.

This software offers 3 different pricing tiers:

  • The solo package is $39 by month if billed annually, or $49 per month if billed monthly;
  • The essential package is $59 per month if billed annually or $69 by month if billed monthly;
  • The business package is $79 by month if billed annually, or $89 per month if billed monthly.


law firm case management software

Bill4Time is a cloud professional services solution that delivers time and expense tracking, billing/invoicing, and project management capabilities to various niches.

The system records billable and non-billable time for employees and can separately track non-client time for consultants and contractors. Also, time entry can be done on the go or in the office. The system can convert appointments into time entries for billing.

The software offers billing rates, batch invoicing, and automated payment integration with 24/7 client access to invoices by secure client payment portal.

Daily and weekly time summaries are available for users to view financial statuses and productivity, eliminating the need for multiple spreadsheets, note pads, and sticky notes.

Other features offered within the suite are a calendar with scheduling options, customizable dashboards, multiple user collaboration, activity/project history, encrypted backup, QuickBooks integration, and client portal.

This system offers 3 different pricing plans:

  • The Time/Billing plan costs $27 by user/month if billed annually;
  • The Legal Pro plan is $45 by user/month and includes law practice management features;
  • The Legal Enterprise plan costs $80 by user/month. This offer also provides law practice management but can also be customized on your law firm’s needs.


attorney case management software

CosmoLex is a cloud-oriented law firm case management software solution that delivers features such as billing, time tracking, task/document management, and trust accounting.

The system connects all modules so that users don’t have to enter information into multiple systems or clean up errors due to sync and replicant information between various modules in real-time.

The CosmoLex’s legal time and billing module helps in managing batch processing, past due notices, and more. It also helps to “collect” all billable activities and manage them by creating customizable invoices and overdue invoice notices.

The software also offers trust IOLTA (interest on lawyer trust accounts) accounting features that help users to manage client funds, print checks, bank statements, and deposit slips. The solution can integrate with Google Drive, Dropbox, and NetDocs.

CosmoLex offers a 14-day free trial, after which pricing is based on the number of users:

  • $59 by user/month when billed annually;
  • $69 per user/month when billed monthly.


Actionstep customer relationship management

Actionstep is a cloud-oriented legal case management solution designed for growing and midsize firms. The integrated solution includes tools for billing, managing cases, accounting, and invoicing as well as enables businesses to automate their workflow.

Key functionalities are customer relationship management that helps to keep track of new along with existing clients. A client-facing portal enables customers to log in to an online portal from where they can see their case-related information, track deadlines, make payments, and more.

Clients can also add customized file notes, set tasks, schedule appointments, generate documents, and send emails from their dedicated portals.

Actionstep can be accessed using a web browser on PC and Mac desktops as well as mobile devices. The solution also supports integration with various external systems such as Microsoft Office, Google Mail, HotDocs, and Xero.

This system includes 3 different pricing tiers:

  • Actionstep Express is $49 by user/month paid annually or $59 per user/month paid monthly;
  • Actionstep Pro provides more automation and customization features at $89 per user/month paid annually or $99 by user/month paid monthly;
  • Actionstep Enterprise includes all the features of Actionstep Pro, plus integrated general ledge accounting. You’ll have to contact ActionStep to see the price for this plan.


Lawcus case management software

It’s cloud-based non profit case management software which has been subject to continuous upgrading and innovation so that law practices stay competitive and upbeat in the best way possible.

Lawcus includes tools that allow firms to improve their communication systems which produce workspaces for individuals and teams for various departments. It enables cooperation on different cases, clients or in-house teams.

Also, Lawcus offers the software through which attorneys can communicate remotely with their clients to assign tasks, share the progress of the tasks or discuss the case proceeding. The secure and user-friendly client portal provides this detailed communication.

Lawcus starts at $39/user/month, but most firms will benefit from premium support, API access, and email integration. Those features “arrive” with the Plus plan, which is $49/user/month. Firms with more than 50 users should contact Lawcus for Enterprise plan.

Firm Central

Firm Central attorney case management software

Firm Central is a cloud attorney case management software solution. It includes matter management, time and billing, scheduling, and document assembly.

All Firm Central plans feature client, task, matter, and document management. Users get access to centralized case files and client databases. The matter management module enables users to organize, documents, notes, tasks, calendar events, contact information, and communications with clients.

Firm Central’s Essential plan includes all that, plus billing and time module. Users can log billable hours into the system and use fees to specific matters.

Premier also features a scheduling module, deadline assistant, which applies Westlaw legal calendaring rules to synchronize firms’ calendars.

The prices for these 3 packages are:

  • $40/user/month for Core plan;
  • $65/user/month for Essential plan;
  • $105/user/month for Premier plan .


smokeball case-management-software

Smokeball is cloud-based legal productivity software that automatically records time, empowering you to boost a firm’s profitability and productivity by over 25%. It doesn’t matter you bill hourly, fixed fee or on contingency, Smokeball provides you the insights to run a more profitable law firm.

Plus, with over 14,000 electronic forms and robust MS Word and Outlook integration, your firm has never been so consistent and manageable. Access all matters on the go with Smokeball’s mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Smokeball is a premium case/practice management product and only for computers running Windows 8 or 10. It’s a case management software with dedicated, award-winning customer support and consultation included with its outcome.

You’ll have to reach out to get a quote for Smokeball’s plan.

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