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15 Best Commercial Dishwashers for Sale in 2022

For the bar or restaurant owner or fresh beginners in the food business, a right commercial dishwasher is a must-have appliance in the kitchen.

The industrial dishwasher should be self-explanatory so the staff won’t have a problem with usage. It also should perform very quickly, especially during busy weekends or holidays.

A clean dish is a key to getting patrons to visit your place on any occasion. Don’t forget the savings in time, labor costs, and food safety requirements.

You don’t want to put a business on a gamble due to health violations, so a proper dishwasher fulfills all sanitary regulations.

The practical dishwasher is the best solution for busy establishments. Which one is right? There are tons of different models on the market, and certain are better fitted for specific needs.

In this guide to the best commercial dishwashers for sale in 2022, equipped with well-described and precise information, you’ll make the right decision.

Why Use Commercial Dishwasher?

It is significant to understand the difference between a commercial and a residential dishwasher. The central fact that distinct commercial appliance from residential is speed.

When purchasing a commercial appliance, you get device with a super-wash cycle with minimal drying period. Most of commercial devices can finish a load in 1 minute, so you got quick and clean service for customers.

Typical home dishwashers complete load for a half hour or more, and many shorter cycles fail in cleaning.

Still, like a residential dishwasher, a commercial one can’t clean up all the debris from the dishes. A rinse station is required because it cleans most of the food waste before placing the dishes into the appliance.

Commercial Dishwasher Reviews for 2022

Here is the ultimate list of the 15 best commercial dishwasher reviews in 2022.

CMA Dishmachines produces a large variety of commercial appliances. This brand provides all dishwasher types from conveyor to undercounter. CMA commercial dishwashers are merely and quick for use, , so they are an ideal solution for a busy restaurant. Follow the features of this high-temp conveyor model below:

  • Dimensions 66 x 25.125 x 56.5 inches,
  • Washes 243 racks by an hour,
  • Uses only .94 gallons of water by cycle,
  • 4-stage washing process makes pre-wash, dual power wash, and final rinse,
  • Auto-start and stop operation,
  • Contains table limit switch and rack saver arm that protects appliance, dishracks, and table from damage,
  • Includes autofill,
  • 2-speed settings available,
  • Includes E-Temp CMA booster heater (40 ° and 70 ° rinse),
  • UL listed,
  • NSF certified,
  • 1-year limited parts and labor warranty,
  • Built-in chemical resistant 10kw heater,
  • Voltage solution 220V/60Hz/3Ph,
  • Item weight 800 pounds.

Jackson WWS AJ-100CE

Jackson WWS AJ-100CE

Jackson commercial dishwasher WWS AJ- 100 CE is the perfect unit for use in a school cafeteria, hotels dining facilities and dining restaurants. Here’re the features of this heavy-duty conveyor dishwasher:

  • Dimensions 25 x 116 x 75.5 inches,
  • Washes 287 racks by an hour,
  • Adjustable conveyor speed,
  • 25” clearance through appliance provides washing large utensils, bun pans, trays
  • Stainless construction,
  • Vent fan control,
  • Front side inspection doors,
  • Includes an electric tank heat,
  • In situation no rack present, the machine shut down,
  • Uses 77 gallons of water by rack,
  • Includes a 35” recirculating prewash,
  • The full automation starts sections only when a rack is present,
  • 8” vent cowls/splash shield,
  • Voltage option 208V/230V/3Ph,
  • 1-year parts & labor warranty,
  • Item weight 1,150 pounds.
  • Doesn’t include a booster heater.

Hobart CLPS66E-16

Hobart CLPS66E-16

When your needs demand it, you can choose this low temp conveyor Hobart commercial dishwasher model. Below are appliance’s properties.

  • Dimensions 20.5 x 30.25 x 66.75 inches,
  • 202 racks per hour,
  • L/R 15KW Tank Heat 480/60/3 30KW Booster,
  • 62 gallons by a rack,
  • Energy star rated,
  • Contains insulated hinged doors,
  • Includes stainless steel enclosure panels,
  • Single tank with Power Scrapper,
  • Opti-Rinse system,
  • Stainless steel wash arm,
  • Contains drain water tempering kit,
  • Includes dirty water indicators,
  • Energy saver mode,
  • Single point electrical connection (three phases only), does not include the booster heater,
  • Thermal layer curtains,
  • Delime notification,
  • 1-year parts & labor warranty.


It is a great high temp door type industrial washer with the fantastic features listed down.

  • Dimensions 31.875 x 28.375 x 66.38 inches,
  • Washes 55 racks by an hour,
  • 9 gallons by an hour
  • Multi-Power feature contains multi-volt/multi-phase for infield conversion of 208/240 volt and/or single or 3-phase operation,
  • Auto-start unit when doors are closed,
  • Single point connection,
  • UL listed,
  • NSF certified,
  • Energy Star rated,
  • Built-in booster designed for both 40° and 70°F temperature rise,
  • Includes automatic drain valve,
  • Contains self-draining pump,
  • Item weight 300 pounds,
  • One-year parts and labor warranty.


Electrolux Professional 502315 Dishwasher

This undercounter appliance is easy to use and includes some high-tech performance features that you can see below.

  • Dimensions 24.1 x 23.6 x 33.4 inches,
  • Washes 30 racks per hour,
  • High temp sanitizing with built-in electronic booster,
  • Provides 120/180/240 seconds cycles
  • Electronic controls,
  • Voltage: 208v/60/1-ph, 33.0 amps, 6.85 kW, standard, (n/c),
  • Includes soft start feature,
  • 304 stainless steel construction,
  • Energy Star rated,
  • Has a safe wash control,
  • Includes detergent and rinse pumps,
  • Item weight 165 pounds.


Ecolab ES-2000HT Dishmachine

It’s a high temp single door Ecolab commercial dishwasher with fast drying. A great appliance for busy cafeterias. Keep forward to see its properties.

  • Dimensions 67 x 25.25 x 25.25 inches,
  • Washes 55 racks per hour,
  • Use 1.25 gallons of water by a rack,
  • Normal operating cycle last 65 minutes,
  • Wash minimum is 150° F,
  • Sanitizing rinse minimum is 180° F,
  • Item weight 300 lbs.

Magic Chef 6-Place Setting Countertop

Magic Chef 6-Place Setting Countertop

An ideal countertop dishwasher for small bars. Read its features in the following list.

  • Dimensions 20.4 x 21.7 x 17.2 inches,
  • Includes 6 place settings,
  • Uses 3.5 gallons of water by cycle,
  • Contains 5 programs with a quick wash,
  • Stainless steel interior,
  • Has a floating switch anti-flood device,
  • Plastic material type,
  • Easy to use,
  • It’s quiet when operating,
  • Energy efficient,
  • Item weight 49,5 pounds.


Moyer Diebel 201HT

A useful countertop dishwasher for bars and small businesses. It’s a high-quality model with great features listed below.

  • Dimensions 26 x 25 x 40 inches,
  • Washes 27 racks per hour,
  • Uses 1.8 gallons of water by a rack,
  • Easy to use electronic controls with digital display,
  • Includes the stainless-steel top and side panels,
  • Item weight 198 pounds,
  • 1-year parts and labor warranty.
Miele PG 8061

It is a built under counter, freshwater dishwasher. Miele brand produces fast and quiet dishwashers. This model is safe easy for work. More features are below.

  • Dimensions 32 x 32 x 23 inches,
  • cleaning performance,
  • 152 plates per hour,
  • Flexible processing of two wire or plastic basket by cycle,
  • Patented auto open drying,
  • Auto close system,
  • Delay start and time left display,
  • Touch on metal,
  • High rinse temp.
  • Voltage 208 V & 3 Phase.


Jet-Tech Systems F-14

It is a good solution for small places, bars, guest house or espresso bars. It’s an efficient countertop dishwasher with many functions, such as:

  • Dimensions 39 x 23 x 24 inches,
  • Wash 20 racks of different items per hour,
  • Use 0.5 gallons of water per rack,
  • An ideal option for glass cleaning,
  • Automatic wash and rinse cycles,
  • Low emission of heat and noise,
  • The arms are craft from fiberglass for best performances,
  • Contains internal screen that protects the motor-pump,
  • Complete operating system for 3 minutes, 165 seconds wash and 15 seconds rinse,
  • Power supply: 110 Volt/60 Hz,
  • Item weight 68 pounds.


CMA Dishmachines CMA-180-VL Ventless Dishwasher

CMA Dishmachines CMA-180-VL Ventless Dishwasher

Due to its innovative ventless design, this CMA-180-VL single rack high temp dishwasher cleans soiled glassware/dishware and saves on energy costs! This 3-door appliance utilizes natural heat from the wash/rinse tank to preheat incoming final rinse water before it reaches the booster heater, decreasing energy expenses and removing the need for an independent hood system, too.

  • Dimensions – 25.5 x 29 x 86 inches;
  • Washes 40 racks per hour;
  • Uses 89 gallons of water per rack;
  • 90-second cycle period;
  • Ventless design with heat recovery system, for higher energy savings;
  • All stainless steel construction;
  • Fully automatic cycle for easy use; automatic heat exchange condenser wash-down;
  • 6 kW wash tank heater and built-in 12kW booster heater (40 degrees);
  • 8-gallon wash tank and 1 hp wash pump motor
  • Energy Star rated;
  • UL listed;
  • Voltage option – 208-240 V/60 Hz/3-ph;
  • Weight – 520 pounds.

Hobart LT1-1 Low Temp Door Type Commercial Dishwasher

Hobart LT1-1 Low Temp Door Type Commercial Dishwasher

The Hobart LT1-1 low-temp chemical sanitizing dishwasher is great for cleaning everything from delicate wine glasses to grimy pots. It can wash up to 37 racks per hour, using 1.7 gallons of water per cycle. It operates at 140° F, so it doesn’t need an expensive booster heater or a high voltage electrical outlet.

  • Dimensions – 24 x 26 x 68 inches;
  • Washes 37 racks per hour;
  • Uses 1.7 Gal of water per rack;
  • 90-second cycle period;
  • Quickly converts between straight-through and corner operation;
  • De-liming cycle removes mineral buildup;
  • 3 peristaltic pumps with individual priming switches to automatically inject the proper amount of chemicals for each cycle;
  • Stainless steel revolving upper and lower ball-bearing wash/rinse arms deliver a thorough distribution of water to all dishware;
  • Energy Star rated;
  • UL listed;
  • NSF certified;
  • Voltage option – 120 V/60 Hz/1-ph;
  • Weight – 349 pounds.

Jackson DishStar HT Undercounter Dishwasher

Jackson DishStar HT Undercounter Dishwasher

The Jackson DishStar HT is everything you want in a commercial dish machine! Equipped with features, this model provides superb performance. Each two-minute cycle features great Sani-Sure final rinse system, which ensures the built-in booster heater delivers hot rinse water to sanitize every rack of ware. Excellent for small restaurants, coffee shops, bars, and so on.

  • Dimensions – 24.19 x 25.38 x 33.31 inches;
  • Washes 24 racks per hour;
  • Uses 1.1 Gal of water per rack;
  • 60-second cycle period;
  • Built-in booster heater with Sani-Sure final rinse system;
  • Built-in detergent and rinse-aid pumps;
  • Automatic pumped drain for floor and wall drain installations;
  • Universal timer and deliming cycle;
  • Push-button instant start;
  • Energy Star rated;
  • NSF certified;
  • Voltage option – 208-230 V/60 Hz/1-ph;
  • Weight – 248 pounds.

Champion UH130B Commercial Dishwasher

Champion UH130B Commercial Dishwasher

The Champion UH130B high-temp under-counter commercial dishwasher is fantastic for small food-services with lighter dish-washing loads, such as smaller bars and coffee shops. At only 33.75″ tall, this model can be installed under most commercial counters. Plus, with an internal built-in booster heater with a 70° F rise, the UH130B washes and rinses the dishes efficiently and quickly using a 180° F final rinse.

  • Dimensions – 24 x 25 x 33 inches;
  • Washes 25 racks per hour;
  • Uses 0.63 Gal of water per rack;
  • 141-second cycle period;
  • Built-in electric booster for 180° F final rinse water;
  • Extends the cycle time to ensure 180° F final rinse;
  • Advanced digital temperature monitoring;
  • Automatic tank fill and prime switch on the control panel;
  • Quite double-wall protection;
  • Energy Star certified;
  • Voltage option – 208-240 V/60 Hz/1-3 ph;
  • Weight – 215 pounds.

Fagor Dishwashing COP-504W Evo Concept+

Fagor Dishwashing COP-504W Evo Concept+

The Energy Star certified Fagor Dishwashing COP-504W Evo Concept+ boasts an EFFI rinse linear system that includes the specially engineered Effi Wash, Effi Rinse, Soft Start, Multi-tension, and Multi-power systems. Perfect for establishments with low-pressure water network and high-production requirements, this commercial undercounter dishwasher features 3 wash cycles that run for 90, 120, and 180 seconds.

  • Dimensions – 33 x 23 x 23 inches;
  • Washes 37 racks per hour;
  • Uses 1.1 Gal of water per rack;
  • 3 wash cycles (90-120-180 seconds);
  • Built-in drain pump/pressure gauge;
  • Built-in 70° rise booster;
  • EFFI rinse linear system and ECO autofill system;
  • Counterbalanced insulated door and IPX4 electronic controls;
  • Detergent/rinse aid dispenser;
  • Energy Star qualified;
  • ETL listed;
  • Voltage option – 208-220-240 V/60 Hz/1-3 ph;
  • Weight – 170 pounds.

Commercial Dishwasher Types

Knowing what types of commercial dishwashers are on the market is first step when deciding which one is the best option for your businesses. There are 4 main sorts of commercial dishwashers: under counter commercial dishwasher, glass washer, door type commercial dishwasher, and conveyor commercial dishwasher.

Under Counter

It’s the right type of dishwasher for bars, coffee shops or small restaurants. Under-counter is easy to store and don’t need much space.

Still, it can’t wash a large number of dishes as a large dishwasher would. This type of dishwasher lies in the middle, since it’s bigger than a home appliance and smaller than a standard commercial device.

This kind of appliance is merely to install, provides counter space on top and its cheapest type of commercial dishwasher (with limited capacity).

Glass Washer

If you are a bar owner, there’re certainly have more glasses than dishes. Glass washer is more delicate on the breakable glasses and saves them from damaging.

Most of them are under counter type and are an excellent solution for bars.  However, it’s not a good option for cleaning a large number of big pots and pans. They’re similar in price to under-counter appliances.

Door type

They include a large door in the front so it may leave open until the rack is filled. Then, slide the rack in, close the door, and get clean dishes for one minute. It’s very pronto, and efficient model and is the ideal solution for busy and large restaurant’s kitchen.

Door type is larger than under counter device and requires extra space for storage. This type also needs more water and electricity. They are the most popular type of commercial kitchen dishwasher.


It’s the highest capacity commercial device. Conveyor needs much space and very useful in busy restaurants, hospitals, hotels or universities. This is the most expensive category of a dishwasher. Still, they provide more power, more capacity, and can clean lots of loads quickly and efficiently.

These appliances have the highest capacity of any commercial device but also need the most space. If business is high-demanded and you have extra space, this type of commercial dishwasher will do the job.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Commercial Dishwasher

There’re a lot of demands that industrial dishwasher has to achieve. A right one will run operations smoothly, which will boost your income. But, the wrong one can cause severe damage or make the kitchen less efficient.

The proper commercial dishwasher must have correct size and capacity, be easy to use, right temperature, adequate noise level, costs, and energy efficient.

Size and Capacity

Stay for a while in the kitchen and think twice how much space you need for a dishwasher. The size and capacity are essential because you want devices that clean all the dishes you need, with moving freely around the kitchen area.

Easy to Use

The appliance has to be easy for use because your kitchen operators will run kitchen dishwasher multiple times on a daily basis. On the other hand, if it’s hard or difficult for use that may be a problem. Some devices are complicated to use if placed in the wrong space.

For instance, the ideal door type dishwasher will not perform properly if it positioned somewhere that is hard just to open the door. Before buying a commercial dishwasher, “make a picture” of any possible issues that could occur.


Cleaning dishes at the proper temperature is also essential features when choosing a right appliance for a commercial kitchen. You can use high or low-temperature commercial machines.

High-temp machines sanitize dishes with heat, using a 180° rinse cycle. Low-temp models don’t provide that heat temp and sanitize dishes using chemicals instead.

High-temp models are more expensive and need more energy, but the dishes dry quicker, and that saves money on buying chemicals. Low-temp machines are cheaper than high-temp one, but you must obtain a chemical on a regular basis.

Noise Level

Commercial devices are typically loud. More powerful models are louder than other models. The smallest under counters are the quietest, which is ideal for small bars or tavernas that are positioned near the customer’s table.

If you choose a larger appliance, expect the highest noise level. Even so, certain brands are well known for producing quitter models than others.

Energy Efficient

In the food business, where dishwasher is continuously used, you must see how much water and electricity it need for a cycle. Regardless of how much you want the high performances of a commercial device, you also prefer the cheapest power and water bills.


Simple fact, the more you want from dishwasher the price is higher. But it doesn’t mean to destroy your affair due to appliances’ cost.

Commercial Dishwasher Price Scanner

A significantly small number of entrepreneurs can buy industrial dishwasher without second thoughts. Purchasing a restaurant dishwasher is like a teeter between prize and needs.

The budget for purchasing a commercial dishwasher must be realistic. You need to consider installation expenses and energy and water bills per month.

Specific models are more water and energy efficient, which will save money. But they are more expensive models.

Small bars or cafeterias can perform fine with under counter machines or glasswashers, which usually cost between $900 and $7,000. Bigger door models typically run between $3,500 and $13,000.

Conveyor models fall in the range of $11,000 (smaller models) to $65,000 (larger models) and more.

This price scanner provides a rad deal of range within each dishwasher category. Most businesses needed a commercial device that balance between affordable and necessary one.

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