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6 Best CRM Software to Rock Your Small Business

Small business is often presumed as less demanding than the enterprise and corporations – it’s true that there is a difference in some segments, but all businesses share the same goal – bringing customers and making money.

Imagine your customers as support columns of your business – if you don’t dedicate to them from time to time, don’t expect them to provide you with the same amount of reliability. And since you don’t want your business to fall, consider using CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

CRM is a business technology dedicated to meeting customers’ needs, helping you to build a stronger relationship with them at the same time. Instead of going deeper into its definition, let’s go through 6 best CRM software which will enhance your small business in 2022.

Characteristics of the Best CRM Software

When looking for a CRM software for your small business, consider some of those characteristics which are vital for maintaining high-quality relationships with your customers:

  • User-friendly interface – even though many people see complicated technology as more efficient, the truth is that user-friendly apps are way more popular. If you and your employees don’t know how to use the CRM, consider it useless – you don’t want to waste your time on figuring out where to click.
  • Seamless integration – the purpose of the CRM is helping you store your customers’ data in one place – hence, you need to find a CRM that allows integration with other apps, so that you can easily import data from one place to another, avoiding unnecessary duplications.
  • The capability of “growing” – when you decide to purchase the CRM system, make sure it will serve you when your business starts developing and improving. So, the best CRM should contain features like multiple modules and possibilities of integration.
  • Positive impact on customers – the CRM should perform its primary function, which is providing the customers with satisfactory feedback. So, find one which allows you to communicate with your customers efficiently since that’s the way of making yourself look professional and reliable in your customers’ eyes.
  • Enhanced reporting features – as your business grows, it’s essential to have an insight into the customers’ and employees’ activities – in that way, you can have an idea of your future plans which can bring benefits to your company. Therefore, look for the CRM that offers tracking and reporting features.

These are some of the features of the best CRM, but in the next chapter, you’ll get a clearer picture of the benefits of using this system. Let us introduce you to the best CRM software for your growing business – you’ll see their advantages and limitations, and one of them might become your partner in establishing a long-lasting relationship with customers!

1.      Zoho CRM

best free crm

When mentioning Zoho, we see the wide spectrum of services regarding marketing and accounting. When it comes to customer relationship management, Zoho CRM offers the software with a solid number of features, useful integrations and affordable price – what else could you possibly want?


  • Live chat – this feature allows you to communicate with your website visitors via live chat – in that way, you can increase your sales and make your visitors your potential buyers.
  • Integration with Google G Suite – if you’re using Gmail, Drive or Calendar, you’ll find this integration quite useful, since it allows you to manage it using one app.
  • Lead management feature – this feature uses a set of methodologies and systems in order to generate new potential business clientele. In that way, you’ll have insight into consumer advertising and responses to that advertising.


  • Problems with workflow automation – many users complained about difficulty to set up workflow automation. Besides, this feature is limited to Professional edition, which is another drawback.

Price (annual subscription): Zoho CRM comes in three packages – Standard ($12 user/month), Professional ($20 user/month) and Enterprise ($35 user/month). There is also a 15-day free trial which you can “purchase” without credit card, and you can see if this CRM software meets your needs. Besides, it offers a Free Edition which includes 3 users, and it’s suitable for home business.

2.      Salesforce Sales Cloud

best crm for small business X2

When it comes to CRM system, Salesforce is considered the most successful company which is dedicated to its developing. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a platform which brings a large field of possibilities, and it’s suitable for businesses of all sizes – so, have a look at some of its advantages and drawbacks:


  • First 10 licenses are free – this is useful for those who run small and nonprofit business, and this feature is the reason why this software is considered the best CRM for nonprofits.
  • Artificial Intelligence features – You can add this feature to automate time-consuming activities, such as data entry, forecasting, and lead scoring.
  • Walkthrough – this CRM software comes with the Getting Started tab and walkthrough which are helpful for those who have never had an opportunity to use the software before.


  • Expensive – this would be the only disadvantage of the product. The price is high compared to other software, and it gets more expensive if you need more sophisticated features.

Price: You can choose among Salesforce Essentials ($25), Lightning Professional ($75), Lightning Enterprise ($150), and Lightning Unlimited ($300). The difference lies in the number of features included and in the number of users – all the packages require an annual contract, except Essentials edition where you can opt for monthly pricing. You can also use a 30-day Free trial and get to know the features before you buy the software.

3.      Pipedrive


Pipedrive is considered the best CRM for startups – it’s simple, easy to use, affordable, and it provides you with all the necessary features. Besides, it’s fully mobile optimized which means that you can track and manage your sales no matter where you are.


  • Full e-mail sync – Pipedrive has recently developed full e-mail sync which means that the e-mails you send from Pipedrive will also appear in your e-mail tool.
  • Easy-to-use lead management – you can quickly move contacts from one column in the pipeline to the other by dragging and dropping; as a result, you get a better insight into your contact list and contact info.
  • Powerful mobile app – Pipedrive app is available for both Android and iOS, and it comes with a variety of useful features, like identify if an incoming call is related to a potential sale, access your to-do list and contacts instantly, start calls and send emails with one tap, and other great options.


  • Poor third party integrations – Pipedrive lacks more 3rd party apps integrations, and, for instance, many customers would like to see full integration with LinkedIn or Twitter.

Price: You can opt for Silver ($12.50), Gold ($24.20) or Platinum ($49.17) package and the prices mentioned here are applied for an annual subscription. You can also go for 14-day Free trial and explore the key features this software has to offer.

4.      HubSpot CRM

best real estate crm

Believe it or not, HubSpot CRM is free of charge! And it’s not a free trial, but a full software version with an unlimited number of users and possibility of storing about 1 million contacts and companies. Are you still suspicious? Let’s see the features of the best free CRM:


  • Free version available – that’s excellent for smaller companies which are at the beginning of their growth and which don’t want to spend money on software yet.
  • Top-notch e-mail integration – HubSpot comes with great e-mail integration which facilitates your everyday communication with contacts and potential customers.
  • Easy task management – you can easily assign tasks to your teammates, set the time and due date, which is extremely useful when it comes to monitoring various activities, yours or your employees’.


  • Not “permanent” – we’ve already mentioned that the best CRM software should grow together with your business. However, when your business starts developing, free version of HubSpot won’t be enough, and you’ll need to purchase one of the packages which are a bit pricey.

Price: Besides there’s a free version, you can choose Starter ($50), Professional ($800) or Enterprise ($3,200) which are billed annually. Paid versions offer more features than the free one, but if you’re at the beginning of your business, it’s better to start with cost free option.

5.      Follow Up Boss

Follow Up Boss

If you’re a realtor who is looking for the best real estate CRM, have a look at Follow Up Boss – it’s intuitive and easy to use, it helps improving lead conversation rates, and it has developed automated text and e-mail notifications – and there’s more:


  • Excellent third-party apps integration – Follow Up Boss the integration with popular apps, such as Facebook, Brokermint and Mailchimp which allows easier connection and communication with agents and customers.
  • Well-organized leads – real estate agents must keep everything in one place – so, Follow Up Boss’ well-structured interface makes sure you have a clear insight into your clients’ info anytime.
  • Real-time push notifications – Follow Up Boss is mobile optimized, and you can use it on your Android or iOS. When using the app, you can activate push notifications which inform you whenever someone texts you or when you get a new lead.


  • Lack of reminders – real estate agents care about birthdays or 1st home anniversaries, and most of them need such reminders in order not to forget to send cards or gifts.

Price: After your 14-day free trial has expired, you can choose for packages like Start ($49), Grow ($69), Dominate ($99) and Platform – these are monthly prices per user, and if you go for annual subscription, you get 2 months of software using for free.

6.      Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Another of Microsoft’s “child” is Dynamics 365, which is among the best CRM for small business. It’s one of the CRM platforms which is cloud-based, and it represents modern software which keeps developing and bringing new, more sophisticated features to everyday use.


  • Full Office 365 integration – Dynamics provides you with the full integration of the apps like Outlook or Excel, which is quite an advantage comparing to other CRM systems
  • Cortana integration – can you imagine any Microsoft product without Cortana? Well, nobody can – Dynamics 365 comes with Cortana integration which allows you to give voice commands and manage the system in that way.
  • Outstanding customer support – Dynamics 365 is considered the CRM software with the best customer service. They are ready to help you find the solution whenever you feel stuck or when your system is not working.


  • Poor mobile app – even though this CRM software is optimized for smartphones, many users find the app slow and unresponsive, which doesn’t allow them to use this CRM out of office.

Price: You can sign up for a 30-day free trial, or you can choose among Customer Engagement Plan ($115), Unified Operations Plan ($190) and Dynamics 365 Plan ($210) – the prices are set per user, and the services are billed monthly.

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