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10 Best Dental Software Solutions  – 2022 Edition

Running a prosperous dental practice takes a lot of time. A dental practice doesn’t include only handling and treating the patients.

Managing patients is an integral part of dental practice. But there are also many other responsibilities that are associated with running a smooth business.

A great dentist practice management software can make easy for you to smoothly manage the day to day activities such as scheduling appointments, employee information billing, and insurance information, while the dentist and dental technicians can enter all clinical work performed.

The proper dental software satisfies both the clinical and administrative requirements of dentists with pre-integrated practice management and clinical platforms.

What is Dental Practice Management Software?

Practice management (PM) software is a solution that covers four main areas: administration, charting, billing, and communications.

  • Administration: it’s used for scheduling, to track which appointments have been made, and which need to be added;
  • Charting: Great tool for patients that involve the form of graphics or modeling software to make it clear what treatments have already been performed, and which ones are pending;
  • Billing: It’ll cover fees and charges, as well as automating claims with insurance companies;
  • Communications: Best communication tool is the patient portal, that allows self-service and provides a point of direct contact with patients. It ensures that appointment dates are precise and provide reminders to patients.

Dental Software Types

Dental software is also known as electronic health records (EHR), electronic dental records (EDR), dental office software (DOS dental practice management). It can be organized into 4 main types:

  • Clinical: It’s a software specially designed for dental practitioners. It provides user-friendly and comprehensive features covering standard image-enabled patient records.
  • Administrative: It offers administrative support distinct to dental practices. It’s similar to other medical office management tiers, offering features like prescription support electronic claims, and document management, etc.;
  • Imaging: Dental imaging software is usually developed by manufacturers of digital dental radiography sensors.
  • Patient engagement: The best patient engagement systems integrate with other dental software, and offer an online interface where patients can fill out registration forms, schedule appointments, request prescription refills, pay bills, and more.

What is Dentrix Dental Software?

Dentrix is the first dental practice management software for Microsoft Windows. It’s designed to automate as many of the features within the dental office as possible.

More than 30,000 dental practices rely on this dental management platform. It leads the dental software market by delivering solutions for both the business and clinical parts of your practice.

Dentrix also offers imaging software, patient education software, computer-based training software, voice recognition software, and other products designed to improve the dental office experience.

10 Best Dental Software Solutions

When you’re managing a dental practice, the management software you select can make the difference between an efficient practice and a disorganized one.

Choosing dental office management software can be tricky. With so many options, how to know which one is best for your practice?

Therefore, our IT professionals make the list of the top 10 dental software programs.

Dentrix Ascend

dental practice management softwares

Dentrix Ascend is a web-based software solution for dental care. This platform provides tools for scheduling, e-prescribing, appointment booking, and monitoring continuing care, along with different chart types.

You can enter clinical notes and allow pop-up alerts that appear when a patient’s chart is accessed. Treatment planning tools track patient to set appointment schedules.

Users can also manage accounting and billing, revenue, and insurance processing. Reports can be used to track payments, payer utilization, and Medicaid reimbursement.

Permission controls enable users to restrict access for groups or individuals. The platform can be integrated with other apps such as eClinicalWorks, Allscripts, SuccessEHS, and Epic.

The app is suitable for multi-location practices, large medical groups, hospitals, community health centers, government organizations, and correctional facilities. It offers user support via live chat, email, and by the phone.

Pricing isn’t available on the website. Contact the vendor for more information.


Denticon open dental software

Denticon is a cloud-based practice management platform for dental labs of all sizes. It includes clinical and business features, along with advanced modules for patient communications/reporting, imaging, and analytics.

Denticon provides dental care functionality and manages patient experience using cloud-based practice management and communication tools. It’s also ONC certified and HIPAA compliant.

Its practice management can be customized for single and multi-location labs, making it convenient for dental practices of all sizes.

It can accommodate mobile dentistry practices, too. This solution offers additional options for patient relationship management, as well as integrated image management.

Denticon doesn’t publish pricing info and is only available upon request.


DentiMax dental software program

DentiMax provides a complete digital sensor and dental software program. The solution can be installed locally on any Windows-based device or hosted in the cloud as a SaaS app. The combined tier offers features such as patient billing, patient scheduling, period charting, auto clinical notes, and insurance/claim management.

With this platform, dentists and their staff can send medical bills, X-rays, prescriptions, and other insurance attachments electronically to patients. The clinical note builder enables dentists to create and record clinical notes.

Clinics can use its imaging tool or integrate existing digital sensors to generate digital x-rays of the tooth. This software supports over 25 third-party sensors, including Eaglesoft and Dentrix.

It also features the ability to schedule appointments, verify patient insurance online, electronically send prescriptions, appointment reminders, process credit card payments, maintain accounting ledger, electronically store documents, and track employee time.

DentiMax Pricing

  • Starter plan: $49/month + $199 one-time setup fee – online backup, 1-hour online training, VIP patient, patient journal, single/multiple, prescription writing tool, payment plans, etc.;
  • Standard: $99/month + $199 one-time setup fee – everything in Starter suit, plus 63-hours online training, payment plans, patient care notes, lab case tracking, auto clinical notes, and more;
  • Complete: $199/month + $199 one-time setup fee – everything in Standard plan, plus 6-hours online training, payment plans, electronically organize patient docs, etc.;
  • Max: $299/month + $499 one-time setup fee – everything in Complete tier, plus 8-hours online training, DentiMax texting, web kiosk for new patient registration, and cloud imaging package available.


cloud based dental software

Eaglesoft is an ONC-ATCB certified and meaningful use of on-premise dental office practice management software. Suitable for practices of all sizes, this platform includes patient scheduling, clinical chart, billing/accounting apps, and periodontal templates.

Its patient scheduling apps enable users to block off different segments of time, from 5 to 60 minutes, depending on the necessary length of the appointment. Double booked appointments are displayed side-by-side so they can be identified before a problem occurs.

The treatment planning module allows users to present treatment plans to patients and collect consent forms with a digital signature. The solution gives financial information based on insurance coverage estimates.

This platform offers a SmartDoc that stores and manages documents that have been imported from paper charting systems.

Pricing isn’t provided by the vendor.

Open Dental

Open Dental software

Open Dental is an open dental software that includes practice management, on-premise electronic charting, billing, and imaging apps that are suitable for all size dental practices.

Prescribing features include printed prescriptions and e-prescribing, which can be filled in by predefined templates. Prescriptions are logged automatically and reviewed via a specially created report.

The treatment plan module collects all needed treatments for a patient, organized in order of priority. Users can send, add, modify, and send preauthorization treatment forms and modify fees for specific procedures.

This platform offers a patient portal to view treatment plans, view appointments, make payments, and send/receive webmail.

The appointment calendar can be checked in daily/weekly mode. Appointments are color-coded to distinguish between providers.

The solution is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. Support is provided by phone and via chat.

Open Dental Pricing

  • Monthly Support Fee: $169 per month per location or office (6-month contract, after 12 months, the monthly fee goes down to $119) – full telephone support, all software releases, covers all devices per office for up to 3 dentists, and more.

Dentisoft Office

Dentisoft Office lab software

Dentisoft Office is a cloud-based dental platform that enables dentists to connect with clients. It provides basic office features such as billing, clinical charting, image storing, radiography integration, and treatment planning.

This software implements social media into its patient marketing features, enabling users to connect with their patients on social media channels.

Along with social media, this solution also permits dentists to connect with their patients through email. The solution also has a client portal where patients can pay bills and view appointments online.

This platform is suitable for any size clinic and can be scaled across multiple offices. It integrates with iPads and mobile devices, so dentists can view their schedules and patient info on the go.

Dentist Office Pricing

  • Cloud Starter (free): patient records, appointment book, free confirmations, patient portal, secure messaging between patients, and more.
  • Cloud Pro: $249/month – all Cloud Starter features + complete single/multi-office management system, clinical patient records, hard/soft tissue charting, billing, insurance, e-Claims, advanced reports, mobile access, and apps.

Dental EMR

dentist practice management software

Dental EMR is a cloud based software solution for small to midsize endodontic dental practices. This platform offers employee training, customer service, SEO best practices, reputation management, integrated websites, and other services.

Along with the standard practice management features such as  payments, scheduling, charting, imaging, analytics, and others, it also includes a patient relationship management, fully integrated referral system, appointment reminders, patient reviews, medical alerts, at-home/in-lobby self-service electronic patient paperwork, in-app support, follow-up reminders, and more.

Customer service is installed in the Dental EMR app and also offered via email or phone. It comes with e-payments integration, e-claims, e-eligibility, and e-consent. Also, Dental EMR is HIPAA compliant with multiple levels of encryption and security.

Starting price isn’t provided by the vendor.

Curve Dental

Curve dental software

Curve Dental is a web-based practice management platform designed for small to midsize dental practices.

The software manages every aspect of the dental practice, from patient appointment to patient charting, imaging, reporting, and billing.

It provides an interactive interface that processes digital images and creates charting. A web-based dashboard enables viewing of key metrics and monitors daily schedules. The built-in native analytics tool builds custom reports with interactive charts and graphs that can be shared with supported medical facilities or patients.

This solution also serves as a cloud-based app for dental group practices. The information is fully secure as the platform manages all backup and security at their end, ensuring regular upgrades and server maintenance.

Curve Dental doesn’t publish pricing information online.

MOGO Cloud

MOGO Cloud dental software

MOGO Cloud delivers dental solutions for dentists and specialists, including oral surgeons, orthodontists, endodontists, pediatric dentists, and periodontists. The platform is secured with Microsoft Cloud for HIPAA-compliant security and protection.

The solution offers patient scheduling, billing, and digital imaging apps to support practices of all sizes. Main features include online patient registration, clinical documentation, electronic signature capture, diagnostic reports, and an office messaging system.

The solution offers an automatic appointment reminder features that automatically send appointment confirmations, recall cards, birthday cards, and more to patients’ cell phones or email addresses.

This platform tracks patients who respond to these outreach methods. Other features include treatment/patient history, appointment book, check distribution, accounts receivable, auditing, security,  and time clock.

It provides training/tech support and customized training workshops/webinars for specific needs.

MOGO Cloud Pricing

  • MOGO Cloud is available at $250 a month – all modules, features, and functions included, multi-user licenses, unlimited tech support, and more.


iDentalSoft open dental software

iDentalSoft is a dental lab software that provides integrated charting, scheduling, treatment planning, billing, and imaging features.

The solution enables practices to select whether to host data and backups in the cloud or in the office. It also manages schedules of employees working at various locations.

The iDentalSoft’s scheduler permits administrative staff to search openings by time, operatory, or provide. Its color-coding allows users to define patient status and see confirmations and no-shows.

Users can also categorize, scan, and upload the documents for access. From the patient portal, patients can register, request appointments, sign consents, and make payments.

The platform includes HIPPA compliance and two-factor authentication, which protects email attachments with a password. It can be used by general dentistry, endodontics, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, and periodontics.

Contact the vendor for full pricing quote.

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