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10 Best Free Cloud Storage

Startups and entrepreneurs throughout the globe are taking advantage of cloud-based apps to manage everything from productivity and teamwork to resource communications and scheduling. The first apps out provided the ability to share and transfer files from the web that has now emerged into the omnipresent category of free cloud space, covering dozens of apps.

The capacity to use cloud storage service with reliability and safety assurance can be one of the smartest moves you can make.

With that in mind, here is the list of the 10 best free cloud storage platforms in the USA.

1. Google Drive

If you own a Google account, you also have 15GB of free cloud storage on Drive that lasts forever. It works particularly well with documents, letting real-time collaboration and editing in plain text, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Emails and other files received via Gmail will count against your storage, but keeping the inbox under control can keep more of the flattering 15GB of storage open for use.

Its tools, such as Docs, Sheets, and Slides, completely erase the need to pay for an MS Office license. Your consumption may vary depending on if you’re a power user, but beyond storing images, videos, and music, this solution has the load of extra features stacked you can use.

Google Drive best free cloud storage

Google free cloud storage is available as an app on Android and iOS, and it’s easy to access, edit, as well as share files with others.

On a desktop, you can edit files in your browser, and Google’s Backup and Sync app automatically moves files (and whole directories, including your PC’s documents folder) over to the cloud storage.

Users can back up their Android smartphone with SMS messages, apps, and call settings, to Drive, which is excellent if you ever have to factory reset your device.


  • Largest free cloud storage space;
  • Fantastic productivity-suite collaboration;
  • Features desktop-to-desktop file synching;
  • Cross-platform applications;
  • Numerous third-party integrations;
  • Easy to use with no problem with switching devices.


  • No password protection for shared data;
  • Productivity tier less capable than Microsoft Office.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

Cloud storage solution offered by Microsoft is pretty similar to the Google Drive, integrating cloud storage with Microsoft’s ever-popular Office and Outlook services, you’ll get 5GB (20GB file-size limit) of cloud storage for free.

You can use this storage with Microsoft’s mobile and desktop apps, or through its direct integration with Office apps. For instance, you can save Word documents straight to your storage.

Microsoft OneDrive best free cloud storage

OneDrive is embedded in the OS by default for Windows 10 users. It’s an excellent feature for subscribers that minimizes the chances of losing precious documents due to forgetting to back them up.

OneDrive is available on Android, iOS, and Windows Phone mobile operating system. If you pay $6.99 per month, you’ll get access to an app like Microsoft Word on the tablet and phone, as well as on the PC or macOS computer, where this solution automatically saves your files.


  • The simplicity of use;
  • Close collaboration with Microsoft Office;
  • Excellent file-sharing and document co-editing;
  • Quick sync;
  • Great online support;
  • Tight integration with Windows 10.


  • Just 30 days of versioning.
  • Less available storage than Google Drive.

3. Dropbox

Dropbox is a Tom Brady of the business cloud storage game, with a web interface that stays streamlined and easy to use. Regardless of its popularity, the platform has one of the least generous free packs for new users (2GB).

Still, there are several ways to push up space with no paying, such as – inviting friends to join (500MB per referral up to 16GB), completing the Getting Started guide (250MB), and contributing to the Dropbox forum (1GB per Mighty Answer).

Dropbox - best free cloud storage

It includes an excellent collaborative tool called Dropbox Paper that acts as a group workspace, and if you install the desktop app – you can back up photos instantly. The File Requests feature also lets you request another user to upload a file to your Dropbox account.

Additionally, a Dropbox Rewind feature allows you to restore folders on your entire account on a specific point in time.

There’re desktop apps for Mac, Linux, and Windows, as well as mobile applications, including iOS and Android. It gives Dropbox broad appeal, as does the support for third-party services and apps. Plus, its web version enables you to edit files without needing to download them.


  • User-friendly interface;
  • File syncing/sharing/versioning;
  • 256-bit AES/SSL encryption;
  • Ability to share files with multiple staff through a link;
  • The unique History feature lets you access previous versions of their files;
  • Lock folders from editing.


  • Only 2GB of free online storage;

4. pCloud

If you’re hunting for a decent piece of the most secure free cloud storage, pCloud could be the right solution. To start with this platform, you’ll get a quite generous 10GB, and there’s a bandwidth allowance of 50GB of downlink traffic per month.

The starting 10GB free offering can be expanded up to 20GB through an additional 4GB for completion of offers, along with referrals that add 1GB each. It offers well-design mobile and desktop apps that will facilitate everyday usage of pCloud.

pCloud best free cloud storage

Without a limit on file sizes, and seamless sharing options, this solution is an excellent way to send hefty files to coworkers and friends – it’s even possible to share with people who aren’t using the service. Its drive has a feature that helps you automatically lock the crypto folders each/whenever you log off.

With this platform, you’ll be able to back up the photos from your social media profiles such as Instagram, Picasa, and Facebook. Also, you can use pCloud on iPhone, iPad, Windows, and Android devices.


  • 10GB available online storage;
  • Elite-level security;
  • Fast file syncing;
  • Great media streaming;
  • No data loss on the cloud side;
  • Ease of use.


  • No collaboration tools;
  • Customer support is only via email.

5. MediaFire

With MediaFire, you’ll get 10GB of open space, but you can increase this by an extra 40GB through activities, including referring friends and following MediaFire’s social media profiles. Free accounts bring ads, but this’s a small sacrifice to make.

Since there’s no desktop app, you’ll to interact with this solution via the web and mobile apps. The web app is user-friendly and modern, with a great layout. You can navigate the files, along with the trash for deleted files through the tree structure that’s visible on the left.

MediaFire best free cloud storage

Also, the platform offers mobile apps for convenient uploading and downloading on Android and iOS. Apps make it easy to access your cloud files and include a suitable feature like automatic photo sync.


  • 10GB of free storage;
  • Share files and folders with anyone;
  • Non-users can upload to your account;
  • Account never expires;
  • Multiple upload types, including Basic, Flash, and HTML5;
  • Quick downloads.


  • No desktop app;
  • It includes ads.

6. FlipDrive

New FlipDrive users acquire 10GB of primary storage with a possibility for more with each friend you can refer to begin using this storage.

You can share files with everyone, even if they don’t have a FlipDrive account. Still, accessing shared folders requires a registered account. You’ll be able to write, edit, delete, and share permissions in addition to read rights for folders. You may create up to 10 shared links and upload files as large as 25MB.

Its website isn’t most comfortable to use when compared to most other cloud storage services, which is a big downside.

FlipDrive best free cloud storage

There’s a mobile application that can be used for uploading files to FlipDrive. If you choose the web version, you can upload whole folders via the site, which is excellent. Its downloads are available for Android, Windows 10, and iOS devices.


  • 10 GB of free online cloud storage;
  • 24/7 support;
  • Android and iOS apps;
  • Shares files and folders;
  • 25MB file size limit;
  • Lifetime free account.


  • No sync and client app;
  • Poor security.

7. Sync

Sync offers only 5GB of storage on its free plan. That’s enough for a start, but once you begin using it, you may find it hard to resist the temptation of upgrading to 500GB ($49 per year) or 2TB ($98 per year) of storage. Still, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn more free space by referring friends.

It includes Sync Vault, which helps you to save files and documents in a special storage space known as Vault, which is different from the Sync folder – you only need to choose a file and select the option of Copy to Vault, and your data gets a backup.

Sync best free cloud storage

The solution also features a clean, streamlined, easy-to-use interface. You can easily send files to recipients without Sync accounts — they can access your data through a link.

File size and bandwidth aren’t capped, and the company doesn’t care how many devices you use to access your account. Plus, you’ll get full file version history, preview, and restore functions.

Available as iOS and Android mobile apps, and Sync allows you to access your data from any web browser – no downloads necessary.


  • Speedy syncing;
  • File and folder sharing;
  • File restoring;
  • Sync Vault feature;
  • Access to the account from anywhere;
  • Embedded with Windows 10.


  • Limits data transfer the amount you can upload, download, or share with links;
  • Sync rare updates the mobile apps.

8. Amazon Drive

Anyone with an Amazon account will get 5GB of free storage. For Prime subscribers, Jeff Bezos offers unlimited photo storage even at the $8.99-per-month that grants access to Prime Video. Still, it doesn’t involve expedited shipping and other benefits.

Unlike Microsoft or Google’s services, Amazon Drive doesn’t allow you to edit documents beyond renaming them. So, real-time collaboration isn’t possible here. For now, this’s just a barebone cloud storage solution, which might be all you need.

Amazon Drive best free cloud storage

The platform is available as an app for Android and iOS, providing you fast access to the files stored in the cloud storage. If you’re working on Windows or macOS, a version of the app behaves similarly, but it also permits you sync folders to automatically upload them to the cloud.


  • Easy to install;
  • Baked into Amazon devices;
  • Save, organize, share, and access all the files on the desktop, tablet, and mobile;
  • Cross-platform compatibility;
  • Great for photographers.


  • No productivity apps;
  • Only share files, not folders.

9. Box

Signing up for a single account at Box offers you 10GB of storage, which is a head start. It natively permits its users to make text documents that can be edited in real-time with collaborators.

This cloud storage also offers the ability to edit text along with other sorts of documents with Office tools integration, which are like Google’s suite of productivity apps, but more related to the legacy desktop applications that some are used to running.

Box for desktop gives you access to the cloud storage and automatically updates what’s stored in the cloud if you edit a file.

Box best free cloud storage

The apps for Android and iOS enable you to make items available for online access, and it carries over the helpful in-browser feature to edit files through Google’s free productivity apps as well as Microsoft’s.


  • 10GB of free cloud storage space;
  • Mobile version is easy to use;
  • Runs large uploads well;
  • Syncs files over a desktop with ease;
  • Supports all the major platforms;
  • Functional integration with 3rd party apps.


  • Slow syncing when creating new folders;
  • It lacks some collaboration features.

10. iCloud

If you have an Apple ID, 5GB of cloud storage is available for use. It can be accessed via the iPhone or through the iCloud site. Apple’s platform is good at the basics if you just keep on storing your documents, photos, and videos.

Like Microsoft’s service, Apple offers its suite of productivity apps (Page, Numbers, Keynote) to all iCloud users, complete with real-time collaboration across devices.

iCloud best free cloud storage

Besides, online workspace capability, iCloud can also store backups of the iPhone and iPad, if you ever have to restore your information to a new device. Bear in mind that doing so will probably take all, or much of, your 5GB of free file storage will quickly fade away.

You can use iCloud on iOS devices, as well as macOS and Windows, though no Android application currently exists.


  • Smooth app and web interfaces;
  • Compatible with Windows along with macOS and iOS devices;
  • All Apple apps can seamlessly sync through iCloud;
  • iCloud keychain;
  • Real-time device syncing;
  • Critical personal data storage.


  • No Android app;
  • Subpar compatibility;


If you’re ready to recover hard-drive space and send your files into the cloud, you’ll have a wealth of choices, even if you don’t want to spend a single penny to get started. Any of the free cloud services above are top choices.

Consider how much it will cost to upgrade to a paid plan if you reach your storage limit. It’s definitely worth the cost of a cup of Starbucks coffee to skip the hassle of transferring your data over and over again. After all, your time is valuable, and making data storage as easy and quick as possible is the chief reason to use it in the first place.

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