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Top 10 iPhone Games in 2022

Mobile gaming goes perfectly with lazy afternoons when all we want to do is lay on the couch and relax. Games are available on App Store where you can download and play them immediately – still, we are not always sure which games are worth buying and what we can play without getting bored too quickly.

Game reviews can help you learn about the best iOS games you can play on either your iPhone or iPad (if you need more room to maneuver). Although they are not free, they are quite cheap, which means that you won’t regret it even if you don’t like what you see. However, it’s always better to consider the reviews and lists that recommend specific iOS games worth trying. If you want so, you’re in the right place – let’s start!

1. Florence – One of the iOS Best Games

Florence ($2.99) is the right choice for all the players that enjoy good storytelling filled with interactive minigames. This game consists of 20 chapters of engaging stories about Florence Yeoh’s life. The game is focused on providing a player with a more narrative-focus experience, but it’s filled with puzzles to keep players engaged. You’ll need about 30 minutes to finish the game, but you’ll have fun for sure.

The game follows the life of a 25-year-old girl, Florence, who meets a cellist in the park and starts a relationship with him. While playing, you’ll see Florence’s growth and actions transmitted only with the gameplay. The game has a complex story behind, and some players may even identify with the main characters.

The audience criticized the game-ending since it includes an unpleasant surprise, but the game generally achieved enormous success and won many awards. It’s affordable, and it’s definitely worth trying if you want to meet the girl who decides to pursue her dreams and become successful in it.

2. Fortnite Battle Royale – One of the Best iOS Adventure Games

Fortnite Battle Royale (Free) lovers must be happy knowing that the game has finally come to the App store. It’s one of the best iOS adventure games that allows you to enter a universe of endless possibilities and compete to be the last one standing in the battle royale genre. The game requires a stable Internet connection and iOS 11 or above to be played.

Fortnite for iOS is free to download, but it includes some in-app purchases you can consider if you need enhancements. The game is perfectly adapted to the iOS, and you can have a full experience as if you were playing on a console or PC. You can invite friends, team up with them, and play the game on the go, using voice chat. Fortnite is also one of the best free iOS games that provide a bunch of opportunities players can enjoy.

3. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition – One of the Best iOS Survival Games

If you love the games where you can prove your resourcefulness and life skills, Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition ($4.99) is the right iOS game for you. It was primarily released for Microsoft Windows, OS X, and Linux, but it shortly expanded to Android and iOS devices.

Your objective in this game is quite clear – you’re found in an amazing landscape where you’re about to reveal a lot of secrets and danger. In order to survive in a place like that, you must apply your skills to find the food and remain healthy. You can use a variety of weapons, traps, machines, and similar tools to fight many obstacles you’ll find as you play.

Apart from challenging you to survive, the game is full of mysteries you should reveal and complete. Such details keep the player enthralled and curious to find what’s behind the shady landscape.

4. Need For Speed: Most Wanted – One of the Best iOS Racing Games

When you want to release your adrenaline and hit the streets with high-end engines, Need For Speed: Most Wanted ($4.99) is the game you should give a shot. You can choose and customize over 40 unique cars and race the way you want.

The game is filled with amazing graphics and authentic landscapes – you’ll even see the images of intense full-car damage. Buy racing on the street, you will have the opportunity to earn speed points and unlock many new cars. Some of the vehicles you can choose are Viper GTS, Porsche 911 Carrera S, Hummer H1 Alpha, and more.

Need For Speed: Most Wanted is quite an intense game, especially since you should run from the cops and outsmart your rivals. That said, being fast is not enough – you’ll also need to include some strategy and thinking in the racing challenges.

5. Clue: The Classic Mystery Game – One of the Best iOS Board Games

The perfect mixture of the classic murder mystery theme and board game concept is found in Clue: The Classic Mystery Game ($3.99). Your task is to resolve the murder mystery and answer the following questions – Who killed, With What weapon, and Where.

You will get the answer by winning board games that you can play with either AI or your family and by getting the pieces of the puzzle that will lead you to the necessary answers. You can also use the innovative virtual clue sheet to take notes and facilitate your investigation.

This game will help you improve your deduction skills and practice your strategy. It’s quite engaging, and you won’t stop playing it until you find what you seek.

6. The Room 3 – One of the Best iOS Puzzle Games

The Room 3 ($3.99) is the third part of the famous game The Room, which won various significant awards due to its magnificent design and compelling gameplay. The third part is considered the most advanced because it offers a physical puzzle game with a tactile world you’ll truly enjoy.

The game is placed on a remote island, and your task is to use your puzzle-solving abilities to navigate a series of actions navigated by The Craftsman, a mysterious figure that appears in the game. The game is enhanced with stunning audio effects and excellent graphics that make you feel as if you were inside the game.

Apart from numerous options you have, you’ll also be able to change your fate in the game – that said, alternate endings are another amazing feature that distinguishes this game from the others with a similar theme.

7. The Sims Mobile – One of the Best iOS Simulation Games

The Sims Mobile (Free) is one of the most famous simulation games you can play on almost every device. Therefore, you can enjoy it on your iPhone and iPad as well. You can download the game for free and take advantage of all the features included there – create homes, meet new friends, throw a party, fall in love, and more. You also have various customization options, which means that you can create Sims with different appearances, outfits, makeup, and personality traits.

The Sims is famous for its unspecified objectives, which means that you’re the one that chooses the life path of your Sim. The game allows you to create a virtual life and distract yourself from real life a bit.

8. Marvel Contest of Champions – One of the Best iOS Fighting Games

Marvel Contest of Champions (Free) is one of the best iOS action games you can get on the App store and play as much as you want. No matter whether you’re a Marvel fan or not, you’ll enjoy the intense and well-thought-out fights, which are the focus of this contest.

You can participate in weekly quests and solo objectives to earn extra rewards, depending on the faction you choose. Also, you will have the opportunity to see what life is on the other side of the war and swap your allegiance to get different rewards. Cool, right?

This game is a perfect choice for Marvel fans who want to gain control of many beloved heroes and villains. Still, they’ll need some strategy and tactics so that they can outsmart their opponents and win the match.

9. Hitman GO – One of the Best Strategy Games iOS

Hitman GO ($4.99) is a stunning reinvention of a famous videogame franchise, which includes already known elements of assassination and reinterprets them as an innovative and stylized boardgame. The game requires a well-planned strategy that will help you distract the enemy and find a useful place to hide – and a lot more.

Since it’s about a puzzle game, it’s not enough to shoot the obstacles most of the time but take advantage of the surroundings that may help you win the level. The levels are in the form of maps, where each of them has its own objectives you’re expected to accomplish. Hitman GO is generally quite an interesting and challenging game that stands out in the world of mobile gaming.

10. Sniper 3D Assassin – One of the Best FPS Games for iOS

If you enjoy being in the role of the first-person shooter (FPS), we recommend you go for a Sniper 3D Assassin (Free). It’s such a fun and addictive shooting game, which allows you to become the ultimate shooter by fighting against the crime.

The game is characterized by ultra-realistic 3D graphics and stunning animations that hook the player into a fantastic scenario. You can try hundreds of thrilling missions to save the city from criminals, assassins, terrorists, zombies, monsters, and other villains.

It’s a free game that has a lot of exciting content inspired by 13 amazing cities. Besides, the content is frequently updated, which means that you’ll never get bored. It’s definitely worth trying.

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