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14 Best Mini Drones for Your Ultimate Flight Experience + Buying Guide

Mini drones are small flying machines, like toy aircraft, and can offer you a lot of fun. Small drones are bigger than nano but smaller than machines that require FAA registration. They are trendy gadgets for indoor and outdoor races, photography, or videography. Kids love them as well.
The world of mini-drones has improved immensely during the last few years. They have so much to offer – from improving your piloting skills to having full-blown races for an affordable price.
What is the best mini drone? Look at the list below, with mini drones reviews to help you choose the best for your budget and usage.

1. Best Overall : DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo GPS Quadcopter Drone

DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo GPS Quadcopter Drone

The best overall mini drone on our list is undoubtedly DJI Mavic Mini Fly More Combo GPS Quadcopter Drone. It will offer you an immersive flight experience, allowing you to capture the moment whenever you find it appropriate.

With excellent image quality, your creativity is challenged. Its simple controls using the remote controller will help you create the best aerial photos and videos.

The mechanical gimbal stabilization together with UltraSmooth technology will dramatically reduce shake, keeping shots detailed and stable.

Weight: 1.5 Pounds

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 30 minutes (1 battery)

2.      Best Mini Drone for Kids : SNAPTAIN H823H Portable

SNAPTAIN H823H Portable

This drone is the best mini drone for beginners because it is easy to control with a well-responsive remote control. SNAPTAIN H823H Portable Mini Drone for Kids also has a protective case that ideally decreases the impact of the falling aircraft collision and avoids body injury during the flight.

The ultra-bright LED light helps in identification the direction easily. The 3-speed mode meets the need of pilots in different skill levels. They come in tons of spare parts, and some parents used them as a safe indoor activity during the pandemic.

Weight: 11.2 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 21 minutes (3 batteries)

3.      Best User-friendly Mini Drone : Potensic A20

Potensic A20

Potensic A20 Mini Drone is the best user-friendly drone, with simple function buttons to make the drone easy to handle. Many customers bought it for their kids, with the small remote control designed for little kid’s hands to hold.

A manufacturer used a shock absorption material to avoid product damage when the drone is falling to the ground. In addition, the integrated design provides safe playing without getting hurt by rotating motors and propellers.

Altitude hold will lock the drone at the desired height, making the controlling so much easier than other models. Finally, an emergency stop will prevent losing the drone due to the strong winds or electronic interference.

Weight: 9 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 18 minutes (3 batteries)

4.      Best Lightweight : Ryze Tech Tello Mini Drone Quadcopter

Ryze Tech Tello Mini Drone Quadcopter

Ryze Tech Tello – Mini Drone Quadcopter with a quality image processor will shoot incredible photos and videos. The best lightweight drone on the list, weighting only 2.88 Ounces, will enable you to see the world from the sky and experience exciting new perspectives.

Tello drone can hover in one place on its own, so it is also suitable for beginners. It is very precise during the take of and landing, with a single tap for lift or landing. With components from DJI and Intel, it flies with great effectiveness and responsiveness.

It also has electronic image stabilization, allowing it to capture consistently clear images. In addition, this mini cam drone has two antennas that make video transmission extra stable.

Weight: 2.88 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 13 minutes (2 batteries)

5.      Cheapest of All : Holyton HT02 Mini Drone

Holyton HT02 Mini Drone

The best cheap mini drone is certainly Holyton HT02 Mini Drone is super easy to carry around, with the storage place within the transmitter. The drone will take off and land with only one hit of the button; it also has an emergency button to make it land on the ground immediately.

The headless mode will make this small drone fly in the direction of the right control stick directs, which is helpful in situations where you cannot tell which way is front. 3-speed modes (low, medium, and high) help pilots practice flying skills step-by-step.

3D flips mean a drone can flip forwards, backwards, left, and right at the touch of the button. However, due to how light it is, the handling is more precise indoors than outdoors.

The package includes 4 spare propellers, 2 guards, 2 USB chargers, and 3 drone batteries, which is excellent for the price.

Weight: 0.67 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 24 minutes (3 batteries)

6.      Best for Racing : EMAX Hawk Pro FPV Racing Drone Quad

EMAX Hawk Pro FPV Racing Drone Quad

Being the best racing drone, EMAX Hawk Pro FPV Racing Drone Quad has a comparatively lighter canopy, with a more aerodynamic profile which enables faster speeds and improved power to weight ratio.

It is built very well, with a fantastic camera and a LED Performance Pulsar brushless motor system; it still retains the rigidity and durability to handle any situation.

The FPV transmission system and camera offer pilots will navigate any terrain with a clear view. But this fast flyer is not recommended for beginners to avoid severe damage from the constant crashes because it can speed up to 100MPH.

Avan Flow Propellers are very responsive because of the way they are centered around the hub. You also have an option to mount the battery top or bottom.

Weight: 1.36 Pounds

Battery: not included, but recommended 1550mAh

7.      Best Deal : DEERC Mini Drone with Camera

DEERC Mini Drone with Camera

This mini drone quad copter is the best deal, with plentiful valuable characteristics for the price. DEERC Drone with Camera provides smooth FPV transmission within a range of up to 80m. In addition, you can control the drone with a built-in G-sensor, adjusting the position on a smartphone without a remote controller.

Waypoint flying is the newest technology that offers you the option of drawing a flight course on your smartphone, and the drone will fly accordingly.  When you show your palm or V-sign in front of the camera, it will automatically take a photo or video. Also, you can control your drone with simple voice commands like “left,” “right,” “landing,” “take off,” “backward,” “forward.”

Following the mini drones review, this one is considered very good for the price.

Weight: 0.33 Pounds

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 20 minutes (1 battery)

8.      Best Foldable Mini Drone : Parrot ANAFI PF728000

Parrot ANAFI PF728000

Parrot Mini Drone ANAFI PF728000 features an ultra-portable design with a lightweight carbon frame. It unfolds in less than 3 seconds, making it compact enough to fit most bags, with a durable case included for better protection.

Foldable mini drone is perfect for traveling; it will make perfect images thanks to a 180o vertical tilt camera ideal for the dive shots. In addition, the three-axis image stabilization allows for smooth, sharp images and great 3x zoom.

Anafi is controllable from your smartphone with the Freeflight application.

Weight: 0.71 Pounds

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 25 minutes (1 battery)

9.      Best Noiseless Mini Drone : Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS

Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS

This noiseless mini drone is equipped with brushless motors, which are more powerful and less noisy than the brushed motor. It also enables stable and fast flights.

Holy Stone HS720E 4K EIS Drone has an anti-shake camera with a Sony sensor and electric image stabilization; 5 GHz FPV transmission guarantees longer and smooth image transmission. GPS location and Auto Return to Home are also available, together with the advanced flight modes enabling the drone to fly automatically and free your hands for picture or video creation.

This drone is heavy enough to withstand severe winds and is perfectly controllable up to 16mph winds.

Some users noticed that this model lacks blade guards, so it is advisable to pay extra attention during landing and check the blades regularly.

Weight: 17.46 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 46 minutes (2 batteries)

10.      Best Camera : DJI Mavic Mini Drone Combo

DJI Mavic Mini Drone Combo

Although many drones on this list have a camera, DJI Mavic Mini Drone – Combo is categorized as the best mini drone with the camera because DJI is a global leader in aerial imaging technology, making photography and filmmaking easier for creators around the world.

Its fantastic features offer you a simple and intuitive user experience, enabling you to create cinematic shots with just a few taps. In addition, the Flight Tutorial helps you get started with Mavic Mini safely.

A 3-axis motorized gimbal provides superior camera stability and ensures precise and smooth footage. It supports 12MP aerial photos and 2.7K HD videos.

Weight: 8.78 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 30 minutes (1 battery)

11.      Best for Selfies : Ruko U11 GPS Drone

Ruko U11 GPS Drone

The best selfie mini drone allows the user to take photographs and videos of themselves in the context of location; it can hover and capture images automatically while their users do other things.

Ruko U11 GPS Drones with Camera for Adults has a 90o adjustable gimbal camera, with excellent 4K Ultra HD picture quality. Moreover, it is rock-solid, stable in the air, light, and easy to carry around wherever you want to take selfies.

Auto Return, Find the Lost Drone, One Button Take off/Landing, Waypoints Fly are very convenient features in this model. Follow Me mode is where the drone automatically follows and keeps you in the frame for capturing precious happy moments anytime.

Weight: 9.52 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 40 minutes (2 batteries)

12.      Best Indoor Mini Drone : Holy Stone HS210

Holy Stone HS210

Holy Stone Indoor Mini Drone HS210 is the best indoor drone, with motor protection that allows them to stop running when hitting obstacles, protecting motors from burning out. The low battery alarm is constantly beeping, preventing losing the drone. It has 3-speed modes for pilots with different skill levels.

The protection guards protect the pilot from injuries and protect the drone from damage around the house. Even the youngest pilots will fly it quickly with little instruction, with fun 3D flips to do the tricks. Headless mode is used to tell directions with ease – the front is always where you face.

Weight: 1.55 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 21 minutes (3 batteries)

13.      Best Toy : Tomzon A31 Mini Drone for Kids

Tomzon A31 Mini Drone for Kids

Tomzon A31 Mini Drone is the best toy drone and the perfect gift for your kids. LED lights are also a cool feature, especially when it gets darker. It is not hard to control, even as a beginner. The drone is so fun and easy to fly, especially in headless mode for most children.

Safety design allows the protection from body injury from propellers; emergency stop avoids the damage of the furniture and offers double protection for the kids.

The remote control is just the right size for the small hands, and the actual controls are straightforward to learn and use.

Weight: 0.15 Pounds

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 15 minutes (2 batteries)

14.      Best Wind-Resistant Mini Drone : DJI 2 Fly More Combo

DJI 2 Fly More Combo

This ultralight drone supports up to 10 km of HD video transmission, with excellent anti-interference capabilities, which allows you to fly farther and see clearer.

With DJI mini Drone 2 Fly More Combo, your footage will be stable even when flying along a windy coastline due to the level 5 wind resistance, making it the best wind-resistance mini drone on the list.

The 4K/30fps/12MP 3-axis gimbal camera will provide a stunning image quality that is consistently smooth.

Weight: 8.78 Ounces

Flight time with fully-charged battery: 31 minutes (1 battery)

How to Choose the Best Mini Drone

When considering buying the best mini drone for you, you need to think about a few essential features and make a choice based on your flying skills and budget.

Rules & Regulations

You need to check your local regulations to fly legally, wherever you are located. In the US, when your drone exceeds the weight limit of 0.55 Pounds (250 grams), you need to register it with the FAA. National parks are also off-limits, regardless of the weight. Most counties have their own rules and regulations regarding remote-control aircraft, so it is highly advisable to check them first.

The general rule is not to fly the mini drone within five miles of an airport.

GPS Support

Drones with GPS support often have a Return to Home feature, which can recall them automatically if you are stuck somewhere or your battery is low. In addition, GPS (or GLONASS, a Russian variation) will help you to avoid crashes during landing or taking off and will make your mini drone more stable during the flight.


Most drones are powered by Lithium-Ion batteries that usually run for 15 to 25 minutes per charge. Therefore, it is always convenient to order spare batteries to extend the flight time.


They can make your flight much more manageable, like the air pressure sensors that will “hold” your drone at a certain altitude, so you can concentrate on taking photos or videos.

Tips for Mini Drones Flying

With these basic tips, you will avoid making mistakes that can be costly. But, on the other hand, you will have a greater enjoyment of flying mini drones.

  • Practice will make you better, so do not attempt to do the tricks right away. Instead, take time to get familiar with your drone.
  • Go easy on the throttle to avoid losing control over your drone. Sticks are usually extremely sensitive to sharp moves.
  • Buying extra parts, like batteries or even “crash packs,” will make your pilot life so much easier.
  • Repairs – if you are a beginner, you will crash a lot. So, be prepared to spend some additional time and money repairing it. If it is beyond your ability, find a hobby shop that will do that instead of you.

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