Best Nintendo Switch Games

14 Best Nintendo Switch Games for Home and Traveling

The Switch is rapidly becoming one of Nintendo’s most prosperous and influential gaming platforms ever. There’s something special about carrying a home-console-quality video game device everywhere you go. Puzzling out what to Nintendo Switch game to play, though — that’s getting tougher every year, as the list of indie games and first-party grows hugely.

Exercise games, massive beat’ em ups, and even life sims where you feel as though you could delve right in and live a completely different life — the console has it all. Whether you just lifted up a Switch to play this wide variety of top Switch games while the world stays home during the Corona pandemic, or you want to enrich your roster, you’ll enjoy for sure.

What Are the Best Nintendo Switch Games?

Making a roundup of only the best and greatest titles to hit Nintendo’s hybrid console isn’t so easy since the Switch has had nearly 3 years in the game to build up a jam-packed library of games. Everybody knows about Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild, but there are many top Nintendo Switch games beyond core classics. Support comes with success, and the Switch has already got tons of support from both the independent developers and major third-party publishers.

Buckle up, because some of these Nintendo Switch best games will keep you entertained for quite some time.

Best Nintendo Switch Games for Adults

1. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

This title, perhaps more than any other game in this roster, the biggest exhibit for what the Switch can do. Breath of the Wild takes conception originally introduced in the first Legend of Zelda game along with ideas expanded on by Skyrim and other top-notch open-world RPGs and Nintendoizes them, purifying them into purest parts, and catapults the hell out of them.

It’s a land of wonder, and for the first time what feels like ages, it actually allows you experience that wonder without beating you over the head with hours of tutorials and incessant text boxes re-explaining everything you already know. Playing it on the TV is the icing on the cake, but being able to pull the Switch from the drawer and take a game of this size and play wherever you want is an ideal sum of the Switch’s potential – one of the best games on Nintendo Switch and period.

2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the best new switch games, giving you your own getaway island that you’ll live in, customize, and look out flourish during the time. The game builds on the already addicting gameplay of Nintendo’s popular life simulator, letting you design your own items and earn rewarding Nook Miles as you plant trees, catch bugs, interact with the neighbors and find household items and cool clothes for your personal villager.

With the bulk of creatures to collect, a museum to curate, and new facilities and shops to finance, there’s always something to work towards in Animal Crossing, making every moment feel fruitful as you build up your dream island. Whether you’re customizing your perfect home or visiting friends online to exchange gear and fruit, New Horizons is the relaxing, enjoyable game that every Switch player needs right now.

3. Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Sword and Shield get all of the addicting monster fighting, catching, and exploring that makes the game excellent while doing some large evolutions to Junichi Masuda’s beloved RPG formula. The game’s London-motivated Galar region highlights the most dynamic environments the series has seen yet, with open-world-style Wild Areas loaded with wild Pokémon that transcend a real dare for seasoned trainers.

Further cementing Sword and Shield as some of the best Switch games are Dynamax battles, which enable you to temporarily make your Pokémon giant complete with new mighty moves for legendary, large-scale gym brawls. You’ll also like Max Raids that have you take on giant Pokemon with other players, tons of online social features, and some of the best Pokemon designs so far.

4. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a fighter detailed that it’s worth purchasing a Switch for it alone. The latest universe-melding crossover fighting game casts every character ever involved in the series’ nearly 20-year history, and more than 100 stages available once you start it up for the first time.

Nostalgic for Nintendo of the past without feeling dated, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate plays with the speed of a competitive fighting game. Still, it’s easy enough for less-experienced players to enjoy, too. The character roster has something for any gaming style, and new stars such as Simon Belmont and Incineroar seem perfect alongside classics like Jigglypuff and Mario. A powerful single-player campaign mode and new local multiplayer combos are the main reasons why the Ultimate is one of the best games for Switch.

5. Celeste

In the ocean of marvelous indie platformers on Switch, Celeste stands out as one of the absolute best games for Nintendo Switch currently available. This pixelated, ultra-tight 2D sidescroller is simple yet extremely satisfying, as you’ll use your dash, jump, and wall grab to escape pits, spikes, and all manner of ghostly specters in the screen.

Celeste’s first-in-class 2D action is enhanced by a touching and smartly told a story about dealing with mental illness, and the whole packet is bundled up in an unforgettable synthesizer soundtrack that alternates between haunting and serene. If you have a Switch, Celeste is one of the must-have Switch games.

6. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a role-playing simulation game that looks so simply, you’ll wonder how you just lost five straight hours clicking it. It tasks you with turning a messy field into a thriving farm, one filled with vivid characters, amazing pixel art, and no shortage of fun activities. Game’s many city people are charming and memorable, and whether you’re meticulously planting crops for a big payday or are exploring the mysterious mines, it’s easy to get completely lost in the developer’s 16-bit world.

Thanks to a recent multiplayer update, you can even play the game with friends and family. If you’re waiting for the Switch’s upcoming title Moving Out or just want a game that’s both relaxing and captivating, Stardew will make your day.

7. Kentucky Route Zero

Kentucky Route Zero is an iconic title that concentrates more on story than on gameplay. Originally released in 2011, this adventure game finally reached its conclusion in January 2020 when the last of its promised 5 acts arrived next to the full edition port to other machines.

Through a traditional point-and-click style, the game follows truck driver Conway as he tries to make one final trip for his antique shop. Losing his way while passing over the fictitious highway running through Kentucky’s mountains, Conway takes up with eccentric characters who accompany him on this exciting and weird trip. 8 years of development across sporadically-released acts means there’s a high chance player reception ultimately had a part in the conclusion of the tale.

8. Octopath Traveler

Octopath Traveler is quite possibly one of the best switch eShop games. The Square Enix-developed retro RPG utilizes a blend of 3D polygons and high definition 2D sprites to make an aesthetic that honestly looks like it’s jumping off the screen. While Octopath Traveler‘s eight standalone short stories leave much to be desired, the turn-based combat system is magnificent.

During random combats, you’re tasked with finding rival weaknesses to disable their shields, along with handling your boost points, which let you strike multiple times with one character in a single turn. The combat system winds up making tactics more crucial than grinding, a rareness within the turn-based strategy genre. If you’re even miserably interested in role-playing games, Octopath Traveler’s fights and aesthetic is worth the lengthy 60-plus hour journey.

9. Overland

Set across the landscape of post-apocalyptic USA, Overland leads you with traveling from East to West coast in whatever beaten-up vehicle and hurriedly-found comrades you can muster. It plays as a turn-based strategy game, pitting you vs. poor supplies and baleful insect creatures that look prone on tearing you to pieces, across procedurally generated levels that feel creepy and more familiar the more you move through them.

Although the characters are procedural, so anytime they die, you’ll keep playing with their companion forasmuch as you’ll last – or resume with a brand new character whenever your whole party has been eliminated. Clever, challenging, and a bit brutal, Overland is an exquisite addition to any Nintendo Switch games collection.

10. Fire Emblem: Three Houses

The latest in the Fire Emblem sequences, where you must prepare students of one of 3 prestigious houses by their studies to strategical, turn-based battles across the continent that’s on the brink of war. The future of Foodland reckons on the decisions that you make, and that solely works as quite the selling point.

Still, if you’re already a fan of the title, Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the best to date. It adds a new, more worthwhile direction for the series where stories are prioritized over the battle. The tricky, tight, turn-based combat is still there, but it’s like the old Fire Emblem used to be. This’s one of the must-play Switch games from the franchise.

11. Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite: Battle Royale is one of the best games on Switch for free from Epic Games – which catapults you into an online battle where you must combat and build to be the last guy standing. The title was announced and launched on the Nintendo eShop during E3 2018.

If you’ve not had the chance to play the Battle Royale sensation, the Switch offers one of the most convenient ways to do it – especially if you find a smartphone screen just a little bit too small to really play at your best. In case you have an account, you can move without problems between your Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC console.

12. Minecraft

Even if you’ve played it before, Minecraft via Switch means uber-portable, buildable pleasure. You can sit down with a son to play together on the local network, which is super simple to set up – just put one of Joy-Cons on your Switch as soon as your world is loaded up, press +, and hand it back to them. Plus, you can play online if you’re not keen to go exploring alone or try out one of its mini-games: Glide (get to the end of the course asap), Tumble (a race that involves shovels or snowballs), or Battle (straightforwards PvP).

Lots of achievements make Minecraft as one of the best games for the Switch. However, you never feel like you’ve completely beaten the game even if you’ve been playing for several hours. It’s a workout in discovery and ambition, with structures that previously only existed in your craziest dreams suddenly feasible – as long as you get the resources.

13. Super Mario Odyssey

Leveraging the building blocks of Super Mario 64, Super Mario Galaxy, and its sequel, Super Mario Odyssey brings in a new range of movements for your favorite plumber. By mixing jumps, dodges, and a springboard-esque hat named Cappy, Mario is as agile as ever. The title from the top 10 Switch involves Mario tucking up in a tight ball and tumbling through the world like a small rock.

But the real twist to Mario Odyssey is the capacity to take command of foes, including the sneaky Pokio, a bird that uses its nose to stab into surfaces before flinging itself upward. It feels so real that you would fully support a Pokio-led spinoff. This game is a reminder that Nintendo can still reinvent Mario in attractive ways, almost 40 years since he first battled Donkey Kong.

14. Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze

The Switch has a reputation as a console for game ports, and there’s nothing wrong with that. The Wii U wasn’t the hit like the Wii was. However, it still had several great games that went underappreciated in their era.

Tropical Freeze is one of them, a follow-up of Donkey Kong Country backs with even more variety and challenge. The Switch version of this title includes Funky Kong Mode, an easier setting and new playable character that makes the unexpectedly cruel platforming feel a little less demanding.

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