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Top 10 Portable Projector Solutions to Enjoy Your Content on the Big Screen (2022 Edition)

No matter what the occasion is, a big screen is always welcome. It can be a class, a business trip, or a lazy Saturday night when your plans imply Netflix and chill. A laptop or a desktop display can’t provide the view we can seamlessly enjoy, which is why we need an ultimate piece of hardware that will fulfill our expectations – a portable projector.

A couple of years ago, the very thought of having a portable projector that small that you can carry it in your pocket sounded silly. Still, the times are changing, and so are the tech amenities. Projectors have become smaller eventually, allowing you to broadcast your data anywhere you go – that said, you can find the model that you like and bring it with you effortlessly.

The best portable projectors in 2022 are enhanced with useful features, which include size, brightness, connections, and other essential options that will boost your watching experience. The following post will present you with the 10 most prominent models on the market – consider their good and not so good sides and choose the one that meets your needs.

But before…

How to Choose the Best Mini Projector?

But before we get to the best models, we should comment on some of the most valuable aspects of portable projectors, which should be your guideline to choosing wisely. Here are the seven critical elements to consider when buying a mini projector.

1.      Price

Price is, in most cases, the aspect that impacts our choice and determines whether we buy something or not. When it comes to portable projectors, you can expect the price that varies from $100 to $600. If you’re looking for an entry-level model with some essential functions, you can go for the cheaper devices, while some more advanced features come with a hefty price tag.

2.      Image Quality

Picture quality may be the most important factor to consider when shopping for a projector, which is why you should check the two essential features – general resolution and color ration.

General resolution determines the clarity of the projected image based on how many pixels can be displayed in a certain space. The best resolution will be based on your needs, and it can vary from 800×600 pixels to up to 3840×2160.

As for the color ration, you should look for the higher one if you want, the better color production. Of course, the way a physical screen displays the image and the way it does the light is quite different, but you can expect to see that most of the portable projectors come with HD in image quality.

3.      Brightness

Your needs determine the exact amount of brightness that you need. Projector brightness is measured in lumens, and the brighter the room where your project is, the higher amount of lumens your device should have. That said, if you use the projector in the rooms with windows (conference rooms, classrooms, etc.), you may consider the model with a minimum of 2500 lumens, while home theatres and similar ambient won’t require more than 1500 lumens.

4.      Portability

Although a device is described as portable, it’s not always the case. Some projectors may be too heavy and difficult to carry, which may be a problem if you travel frequently and need a device that can fit your bag without causing much trouble.

best mini portable projector 2020

5.      Connections

Connections depend on your needs and the devices you want to connect your projector with. Therefore, make sure your device has all the ports that you need, including HDMI, VGA, USB, or even the oldie RCA composite connectors. The choice is yours, and make sure your new projector has all the functions that you find convenient.

6.      Throw Distance

Throw distance refers to the size of the projected image, depending on the distance from which it’s displayed. The throw distance and the size of the projected image are proportional to each other – as you increase the distance between the projector lens and the screen, the image will also increase. Some projectors have a zoom lens, which is a convenient feature, as well.

7.      Speakers

Portable projectors come with built-in speakers, which means that you don’t need to carry additional ones wherever you go. These speakers are usually less potent due to space restraints, but they are still convenient for everyday use.

8.      Battery Life

Battery life is an essential detail of the portable projector, and it mostly depends on the projector’s main features, which include brightness, speaker size, resolution, and weight. Most devices have different power settings, which means that you can adjust them to prolong their use without charge. You can expect to watch one or two movies per charge.

Basic Types of Small Projector: What’s the Difference?

There is no one single type of mini projector, but the manufacturers have created many different models that come in diverse sizes, weights, and features. You’ll pick a particular one based on your needs and the options that will help you perform your job much more accessible.

Here are the two basic types of the best projectors; let’s see what their features are:

Pico and Palmtop Projectors

Pico projector is also known as a pocket projector, and as its name says, it’s a little larger than a smartphone. It’s suitable for classroom presentations and projects that require frequent travel since it is easy to be carried. You can store videos, photos, and other types of multimedia on it, but there is a slight problem – although such a device is convenient for many things, its brightness is a bit low, and the price is high for its performance.

Palmtop projectors are larger and brighter than the pocket projectors, and although they can’t actually fit in the palm of your hand, they are lightweight and convenient for moving from one place to another in a bag or a backpack. These devices are generally better than the pocket ones since they are brighter and have more connections compared to their tiny friends.

Still, both options are convenient since they can help you save space. You can run files on them from a USB drive or SD card, which is why you don’t need to bring a laptop with you. Some of these projectors come with an additional 1GB of internal memory for storing media files, and most of them can even project the content from a smartphone or tablet either wirelessly or via an HDMI port. Other features include built-in rechargeable batteries that you can use them away from a power outlet.

LED Projector

LED-based mini projectors are considerably larger than the pocket and palmtop projectors, but they are still portable and convenient for bringing them with you. They come with more advanced features, better resolution, more physical ports, and they are significantly brighter than the smaller picks.

Some larger portable models come with a more or less similar set of features. However, they often have a limited set of connection choices and can weigh in about 4 pounds.

Mini Projector Reviews: Top 10 Devices to Consider in 2022

Now that you’ve become more familiar with the projector basics, we can dive into our ultimate list of the 10 mini projector reviews.

1.      Epson EB-S41: The Best Mini Portable Projector for Big Classrooms and Conference Rooms

Epson Powerlite S41 projector (V11H842021) 2020

Epson EB-S41 (463.85 on Amazon) is a small piece with incredible power. It’s a convenient business projector that comes with fantastic features that allow you to project your image with enhanced and high-quality brightness.

This projector is small and lightweight, which makes it suitable for business trips or class presentations.


Projection type: LED | Resolution: 800×600 | Brightness: 3,300 lumens | Aspect ratio: 4:3 | Contrast ratio: 15,000: 1 | Connections: USB 2.0, Wi-Fi, VGA, HDMI, Composite, S-Video | Item weight: 5.5 pounds

Reasons to buy:

Thanks to its 3,300 lumens brightness, EB-S41 can project top-notch images even in the brightest rooms. You’ll also like a large projection size, which goes up to 300 inches. It’s convenient for business trips, and you can easily carry it in your backpack.

Reasons not to buy:

One of the significant drawbacks of this small projector is the lack of high-definition video and a 4:3 aspect ratio, which is in line with a standard TV display that’s no longer the best pick.

2.      ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector: The Best Home Projector

ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector - The Best Home Projector

ViewSonic has developed a projector featured by maximum portability and longevity. ViewSonic M1 Portable Projector ($289.99 on Amazon) is an excellent choice for home use, but it can also be useful for business or class projects. It’s easy to set up, and it will work correctly in almost any environment.


Projection type: DLP | Resolution: 854×480 | Brightness: 250 lumens | Aspect ratio: 16:9| Contrast ratio: 120,000:1 | Connections: HDMI 1.4, USB 3.1 Type C, USB 2.0 Type A | Item weight: 1.65 pounds

Reasons to buy:

The main reason why users love this projector is its outstanding battery life, lightweight, and plenty of ports that allow you to connect it with PC, Mac, smartphone, and other devices. It provides an extremely big screen projection and great audio features thanks to the high-quality built-in speakers. It also has 16GB internal storage, which allows you to accommodate a lot of files.

Reasons not to buy:

The biggest downside of this pocket projector is its lower brightness of 250 lumens, which won’t allow you to watch your content in the ambient with a lot of light. Besides, the resolution is not the best. However, it’s OK for outdoor movie nights and smaller classrooms.

3. Anker Nebula Capsule II: The Best Portable Projector for Gamers

Anker Nebula Capsule II - The Best Portable Projector for Gamers

Gamers enjoy compelling game environments on their walls, which is why they will need something like Anker Nebula Capsule II ($579.99 on Amazon). It’s a top-notch smart device convenient for home entertainment such as gaming and movie nights.

It’s enhanced with immersive functions that provide top quality audio and video, and the best of all is that you have a variety of connectivity options.


Projection type: DLP| Resolution: 1280×720 (HD)| Brightness: 200 lumens| Aspect ratio: 16:9 | Contrast ratio: – | Connections: HDMI, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Chromecast | Item weight: 1.60 pounds

Reasons to buy:

Anker Nebula Capsule II is an excellent choice for displaying multimedia; no matter whether you want to use it for watching movies, playing games, music, or watching the images from your last trip, this portable projector will complete the task successfully. It has excellent audio features, and it can serve as a stand-alone Bluetooth speaker.

Reasons not to buy:

Unfortunately, Anker Nebula Capsule II doesn’t have the best brightness. Therefore, it can’t be the best choice for bright rooms, but you can only use it in a darker environment. It may not be your pick if you need a portable projector for work.

4.      Asus F1: The Best Portable HD Projector

Asus F1 - The Best Portable HD Projector

Asus F1 ($899.99 on Amazon) is a potent device that can project images from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet using a wireless connection.

Projected images are sharp and clear, and your experience will be additionally enhanced with immersive audio provided by built-in Harman Kardon speakers.


Projection type: LED | Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD) | Brightness: 1,200 lumens| Aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9/16:10 |Contrast ratio: 3500:1 | Connections: HDMI, VGA, USB | Item weight: 8.08 pounds

Reasons to buy:

The reason why you may want to buy this projector is its full HD that allows you to watch video content seamlessly. Besides, the device comes with horizontal and vertical keystone adjustment and autofocus, which will enable you to set the best image possible and enjoy your movie without distortion, even if it’s projected from an angle. It’s convenient for home entertainment, but you can also use it for work in bright places thanks to its 1,200 lumens in brightness.

Reasons not to buy:

The truth is that Asus F1 is not as portable as it seems. It doesn’t have the battery, which is why you’ll have to project the content while charging it at the same time. These are the main reasons why F1 may not be the best pick for those who frequently go on business trips and need to carry the projector.

5.      VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector: The Best Home Projector for Beginners

VANKYO Leisure 3W Mini Projector The Best Home Projector for Beginners

If you want an entry-level mini projector, VANKYO Leisure 3W ($129.99 on Amazon) is an excellent choice for you.

It’s affordable and convenient for beginners, who don’t need some advanced features but want to enjoy the basic yet potent functions that can provide a great entertainment experience. Overall, it’s quite a decent pick for all the users that buy a projector for the first time and don’t want to break the bank.


Projection type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 (Full HD) | Brightness: 3,600 lumens| Aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9/auto | Contrast ratio: 2000:1 | Connections: HDMI, VGA, AV, TF Card, TV Box | Item weight: 2.10 pounds

Reasons to buy:

If you want to buy an incredibly great projector at a reasonable cost, then you should try Leisure 3W. It’s enriched with top-class functions that provide a fantastic home entertainment experience that both adults and kids will love. This mini portable projector can be seamlessly connected to smartphones and gaming consoles such the PS3, PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Wii.

Play the best games on PS4 and Xbox One on big screen now!

Reasons not to buy:

Although it can support HD, its standard resolution is not the best.

6. Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Mini Projector: The Best Laptop Projector for Home Theaters

Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Mini Projector -The Best Laptop Projector for Home Theaters

A sleek design and reasonable price of Kodak Ultra Mini Portable Mini Projector ($199.99 on Amazon) are the reasons why this particular model is on our top 10 list.

This portable projector allows you to view the content right from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop, making sure you get the best experience possible. It’s convenient for both the home environment and a small office when you host staff meetings or project presentation.


Projection type: DLP | Resolution: 854×480 | Brightness: 150 lumens | Aspect ratio: 16:9| Contrast ratio: 1000:1 | Connections: USB, HDMI, DVI | Item weight: 1.00 pounds

Reasons to buy:

This projector is lightweight and compact, which is the main reason why you should consider it if you need it all the time. It’s also quite versatile and convenient for different types of use, which means that it can be ideally put both at home and the office. Its sound is extremely good, which is why you’ll hear everything clear despite any popcorn crunching or drink slurping.

Reasons not to buy:

It’s not very convenient for bright rooms and daily outdoor activities.

7.      Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector: The Best Mobile Projector for Presenters

Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector - The Best Mobile Projector for Presenters

The best micro projector you may need for your class or business presentations is Sony MP-CD1 Mobile Projector ($289.00 on Amazon). It’s lightweight and compact, which means that you can carry it even in your pocket and use it for up to two hours without a charger. It’s also pretty quick, which means that your presentation will be ready in no time.


Projection type: DLP | Resolution: WVGA 854×480 | Brightness: 105 lumens| Aspect ratio: 16:9|Contrast ratio: 400:01:00 | Connections: HDMI/MHL – Wireless (Microsoft Dongle) | Item weight: 0.62 pounds

Reasons to buy:

Although it’s tiny and sleek, this micro projector provides good overall image quality and excellent battery life. The key to its uniqueness lies in the incredible portability, which is the reason why it’s popular among students, professors, and business people that often present their work in front of the larger audience. Besides, it comes with a leather case, which is great.

Reasons not to buy:

The price of this mini projector may reject you since it’s pretty high compared to what the device delivers. The most noticeable downsides are relatively low brightness, limited connection choices, and the lack of a wireless dongle. All these features can be found in some other, less expensive models.

8. XGIMI Halo True Portable Projector: The Best Smart Home Projector

XGIMI Halo True Portable Projector - The Best Smart Home Projector

XGIMI Halo True Portable Projector ($799.00 on Amazon) is a device that provides an extraordinary watching experience, which includes 3D and full HD projection with the ultimate resolution and brightness.

It’s convenient for both indoor and outdoor activities, and users love it mostly because it allows seamless integration with more than 5000 Android native apps you can download and enjoy on your innovative device.


Projection type: LED| Resolution: 1920×1080 | Brightness: 800 lumens| Aspect ratio: 16:9| Contrast ratio: 20,000:1 (HDR) | Connections: Bluetooth, USB, HDMI | Item weight: 3.53 pounds

Reasons to buy:

True hedonists will love this projector for many reasons. The fact that it can project images in 3D and full HD is a key to its uniqueness, but there is more – XGIMI Halo is powered by the official and upgradeable Android 9.0 operating system, which allows you to download apps from the Google Play, watch YouTube, and do a lot more things. Its battery life is also amazing, which allows you to experience its portability to the fullest.

Reasons not to buy:

This mini projector is pricey, and it’s not convenient for those that don’t need the features included in this device.

9. Optoma ML750 Portable Mini Projector: The Best Travel Projector

Optoma ML750 Portable Mini Projector - The Best Travel Projector

Optoma ML750 Portable Mini Projector ($499.00 on Amazon) is an excellent travel projector that you can carry in your backpack to go anywhere. The best about it is the fact that you don’t need a laptop, but you can display your files directly from a USB drive. It’s excellent for conference rooms, training rooms, classrooms, and similar locations where presentations usually take place.


Projection type: LED | Resolution: 1280×800 | Brightness: 500 lumens | Aspect ratio: 16:10 | Contrast ratio: 20,000:1 (HDR)| Connections: HDMI, MHL, Wi-Fi, USB | Item weight: 0.80 pounds

Reasons to buy:

If you are a professor that frequently travels due to do presentations and lectures, you should stop at this projector. It’s tiny and lightweight, and you can bring it with you everywhere you go. It’s also PC-free; its features include image viewer and document reader, which enables you to display Office documents, PDFs, and images from USB devices. It saves your space and helps you present your work more straightforwardly.

Reasons not to buy:

Optoma ML750 doesn’t have significant drawbacks, but the price may be a bit steep.

10. Fangor 1080P HD Projector – The Best Small Projector for Big Screen Projection

Fangor 1080P HD Projector – The Best Small Projector for Big Screen Projection

If you’re looking for an all-in-one projector, Fangor 1080 HD Projector ($178.98 on Amazon) is the right choice for you.

It comes with all the essential features and connections that allow compatibility with a majority of other devices such as laptops, PCs, TV Box, iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, and more. It’s worth buying primarily because it provides excellent value for money.


Projection type: LED | Resolution: 1920×1080 | Brightness: 5,500 lumens | Aspect ratio: 16:9/4:3 | Contrast ratio: 5000:1 | Connections: HDMI, AV, VGA, SD card, Bluetooth, USB | Item weight: 5.39 pounds

Reasons to buy:

You’ll want to have Fangor for various reasons. Still, the fact that you can connect it with multiple devices and enjoy the big screen view are among the most prominent ones. This portable projector is compatible with TV Box, Chrome Book, Blue-Ray DVD players, and media players, allowing you to project any content and enjoy it to the fullest. It also uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Fangor HD projector is suitable for bright rooms, as well.

Reasons not to buy:

According to some reviews, image and sound quality are a bit poor.

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