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7 Best Projectors Under 200 Bucks to Buy in 2022

Big screens provide a more enhanced experience than any laptop or TV. Instead of investing a considerable amount of money on buying the ultimate models of TV screens or monitors, it’s better to start planning something even more exciting – the best projector under 200 dollars.

If you enjoy watching movies and playing games on big screens, buying a projector under 200 is the right choice for you. It’s an affordable solution that will allow you to enjoy your favorite free-time activities, which include watching movies, camping, or playing games. They are also suitable for office use and class presentations.

If you’re already planning on buying a projector under 200 dollars, check out the list we have made just for you – let’s start!

What to Look For in the Best Budget Projector?

Before we jump into the list, we should mention the features of the projector that require your attention. Even though the cheaper models cannot provide as many features as the pricier pieces, you should still find a device that fulfills your expectations and allows you to enjoy the big screen to the fullest.

That said, focus on the following aspects:

Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio refers to the difference between the darkest black and the whitest white, which means that you will want your projector to show both the pure white snow and the deep black color of the sky above it.

The best would be to look for high contrast ratios since they deliver better contrast between dark black and pure white color. A contrast ratio of at least 1,500:1 will be quite suitable.

Color Accuracy & Adjustments

Accurate colors are essential for a projector, and you will want to see red as red, blue as blue, green as green, etc. Projectors sometimes fail to show the colors the way they are, but the truth is that most of them come with color adjustments, which allow you to set the color features and adjust them so that you can see the picture clearly.

Lens Zoom

Almost all the projectors come with a zoom lens, which allows you to enlarge or minimize the image. This feature is essential since you can adjust your image and fully enjoy the view; still, make sure you don’t zoom the image too much since it can become blurry and less sharp, but listen to the manufacturer’s throw distance suggestions to get the right view.

Light Output (Brightness)

Light output is the feature essential for those who plan on using the projector in rooms with a lot of light. If you need a projector for classes or business presentations, you should look for a model whose brightness is at least 1,500 lumens since that’s the way to get a clear picture that does not fatigue the viewers. The good news is that you can find a projector under 200 that sports brightness in the 1,000 to 2,500-lumen range.

best budget projector


Cooling fans, color wheels, and other critical parts of the projector can cause a lot of noise, which can be annoying, especially when you’re watching the movie in a quiet environment. That said, look for the model that doesn’t produce too much noise.


Resolution is another crucial factor that you should consider since it impacts the quality of the projected image. If you want a seamless view, you should go for 1080p (1920×1080), but the models offered in 720p are also convenient. The affordable projectors often come in 720p, but there are some cases where you can find those in 1080p without breaking the bank.

There are other factors worth considering, such as a type of projector (LCD or DLP), connections, compatibility, etc. These will be later explained in the actual examples.

How to Find Projector Under 200 Dollars: Top 10 Affordable Picks in 2022

We have found the 7 best budget projector examples that you may find convenient and in line with your needs. Let’s take a look at them:

1.      APEMAN NM4 Mini Portable Projector: The Best Mini Projector Under 200 Bucks

APEMAN NM4 Mini Portable Projector

APEMAN NM4 Mini Portable Projector is an excellent choice for all the users that want a device that they can carry with themselves anywhere they go. It’s compact and lightweight, making it convenient for professors and business people who frequently travel for business presentations or lectures. It can also be suitable for home use and quiet movie nights with friends.


Projection type: DLP | Resolution: 800×480| Brightness: 50-100 ANSI lumens| Contrast ratio: 1000:1| Connections: HDMI, Audio Output | Item weight: 1.23 pounds

Reasons to buy:

You’ll want to buy this projector primarily because it’s portable and convenient for bringing it with you on the go. You can connect it to a laptop, DVD, camera, PS3/4, smartphone, and other entertainment devices that you like. It comes with an advanced DLP technology that provides a 70% brighter image and a 50% sharper image. It also supports full HD and has an excellent battery life that allows you to use it for up to 45,000 hours.

Reasons not to buy:

It’s not very bright (50-100 lumens), which is why it can hardly be used on daylight and bright rooms.

2.      GooDee HD Video Projector: The Best HD Projector Under 200

GooDee HD Video Projector

If you want to enjoy movie nights outside, GooDee HD Video Projector should be your pick. It comes with an enhanced brightness, which means that it can work correctly even on daylight. It supports full HD and an excellent aspect ratio of 16:9 and 4:3, which enables you to see things clearly on the big screen. This projector is enriched with a broad range of connections that you will find convenient at any time.


Projection type: LCD | Resolution: Full HD (1280×1080) | Brightness: 300 ANSI lumens | Contrast ratio: 3000:1 | Connections: 2xHDMI, 2xUSB, VGA, AV | Item weight: 5 pounds

Reasons to buy:

This marvelous piece is the best 1080p projector under 200 for users that want to enjoy outside and watch exciting content under the stars. It comes with significantly enhanced features that offer vivid video quality with minimum noise and distractions. It’s very convenient for broadcasting video content, including gaming, and what users love the most is the ability to connect it with TV Box, PS3, PS4, Xbox, Android, and iOS smartphones.

Reasons not to buy:

Many users complained about the instruction manual, for which they claim that it’s quite unclear.

3.      DBPOWER RD-819 Projector: The Best Home Projector Under 200

DBPOWER RD-819 Projector

An affordable projector that can do a lot is DBPOWER RD-819. It’s one of the best LED projectors that deliver an enhanced experience due to many upgraded features that users love. We can say that RD-819 is an excellent choice for home entertainment since it provides a realistic stereo sound and bright, clear projections that bring a significant dose of excitement.


Projection type: LCD| Resolution: 1280×800 (supports HD) | Brightness: 3,200 lumens| Contrast ratio: 2000:1 | Connections: VGA, USB, HDMI | Item weight: 8.28 pounds

Reasons to buy:

If you need a home projector that works ideally outside, you won’t go wrong with RD-819. It’s convenient for gaming, watching movies, and listening to music since it’s enhanced with excellent sound capabilities and bright screen. It’s compatible with Amazon Fire TV Stick, Chromebook, PCs, laptops, tablets, smartphones, Blue-ray DVD players, and even SD cards. It produces minimal noise, while a dual-fan cooling system prevents the device from excessive heat.

Reasons not to buy:

This projector can’t always provide the clearest picture due to its low contrast range.

4. ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable LED Projector: Best Mini Projector Under 200 for Music Lovers

Enhanced with the ultimate JBL speakers, ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable LED Projector is an excellent choice for all the users that enjoy the high-quality sound and immersive technology that brings a fantastic watching experience. Its pocket-sized design makes it suitable for travel and weekend trips that you want to boost with a dose of joy and a pleasant atmosphere.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Portable LED Projector


Projection type: DLP | Resolution: 640×480 (supports HD) | Brightness: 120 LED lumens| Contrast ratio: 120,000:1| Connections: USB, micro USB, HDMI| Item weight: 0.66 pounds

Reasons to buy:

You’ll want a projector like this one primarily because it’s tiny and convenient for carrying it wherever you go. It comes with a smart stand, which enables easy placement in different positions and angles, and its premium audio options make it suitable for movies at home and enjoying the music. There is also a built-in battery, vertical keystone correction, and decent connectivity, including PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Reasons not to buy:

ViewSonic M1 Mini doesn’t include as many connectivity options as most of its competitors, it doesn’t have internal memory, and it doesn’t provide the best value for money.

5.      Artlii HD Projector: The Best Movie Projector Under 200 Dollars

Artlii HD Projector

If you want to watch movies on the large screen and enjoy the immersive display technology that enhances your overall experience, Artlii HD Projector is your cup of tea. Although it’s quite affordable, this projector comes with all the advanced features that you usually find in some more high-end models, and they include a bright image, HiFi stereo, low noise, long lamp life, and broad compatibility with many other devices.


Projection type: LCD | Resolution: 1920×1080 (full HD) | Brightness: 5,500 lumens| Contrast ratio: 3000:1| Connections: VGA, USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi | Item weight: 5.5 pounds

6.      Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector: The Best Portable Projector Under $200

Vamvo L4200 Portable Video Projector

Vamvo L42000 Portable Video Projector is an affordable projector with decent features suitable for home use. It is an excellent solution for all the users that want to enjoy a bright and clear picture without breaking the bank. It’s also enhanced with unique sound and portability, which is why it’s an excellent device for watching movies indoors and outdoors.


Projection type: LCD | Resolution: 1280×720 | Brightness: 3,800 lumens| Contrast ratio: 2000:1 | Connections: HDMI, USBx2, VGA, AV | Item weight: 2.75 pounds

Reasons to buy:

The projector that provides a wide range of features at a reasonable price is something you need. Vamvo L4200 delivers an enhanced experience for those that want to use it for home entertainment (video games, movies, etc.). It offers a broad range of connectivity options, such as PS3/4, Xbox One, Wii, as well as HDMI and USB, which allow you to play your favorite movies and TV shows anywhere. It’s very bright and convenient for rooms with a lot of light, but it’s also the best outdoor projector under 200.

Reasons not to buy:

You won’t like this device if you seek a full HD since this one is featured by 720p. It’s not bad at all, but it can’t provide the same experience as a more potent projector.

7.      TAINDI Home Theater Projector: The Best Home Theater Projector Under 200

TAINDI Home Theater Projector

To turn your home into an actual theater, and seamlessly enjoy your favorite visual content without leaving the room, get the TAINDI Home Theater Projector. It’s featured by superior clarity and contrast, which provide a sharper and much better image that can be displayed on the big screen.


Projection type: LCD| Resolution: 1280×800 (supports HD) | Brightness: 3,600 lumens | Contrast ratio: 2000:1 | Connections: USBx2, HDMIx2, AV, VGA, 3.5mm headphone jack, USB flash drive | Item weight: 4.85 pounds

Reasons to buy:

This projector is convenient for those who need a high-quality and affordable device for displaying visual content at their homes. This model has a broad range of connectivity options, and it’s compatible with most of the devices that people use today – laptops, PCs, TV Box, Chromebook, tablets, DVD players, Android, and iOS smartphones, and more. Its sound capabilities are also excellent, which takes the home theater atmosphere to the next level.

Reasons not to buy:

This TAINDI’s model is not convenient for PPT presentations, so it may not be the right choice for those who need a projector for such purposes.

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