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11 Ideal Property Management Software for SMBs


Property management software is a program designed to help real estate and property management firms oversee their properties, including advertising rental properties, gaining new occupants, collecting rent payments, and property maintenance.

It supports the automation of processes such as transaction management, lease management, portfolio management, and project management for real state owner and occupiers.

A tremendous amount of various solutions is available on the market, and the same ones don’t work for every business.

Read these 11 comprehensive property management reviews and choose the best solution.

SimplifyEm Property Management Software

best property management software

SimplifyEm is a rental property management solution designed to serve small and mid-sized property managers and landlords.

The web-based platform provides features such as vendor management, tenant management, property accounting. Lease tracking, maintenance scheduling, and bank reconciliation.

It’s also capable of generating monthly statements and exporting the rent records to integrated applications like Excel and QuickBooks.

With this software, property owners get better visibility of their vacant and occupied units. The platform offers tools to collect online rent payments, track deadlines, monitor insurance, capture tenant details, create invoices, and store lease agreements.

This solution is suitable for single-family residential communities, property managers, and landlords with up to 500 units.

You can access SimplifyEm from anywhere. The solution comes with a free of cost training and support, available through email and phone calls.

SimplifyEm includes two plans.

  • Basic – 10$/month/10 units; $20/month/30 units,
  • Premium – $40/month/50 units; $60/100 units; $90/200 units.

SimplifyEm charges $30/month for each additional 100 units and offers 15-day free trial.


  • Bank account management;
  • Tax reports;
  • Tenant screening;
  • Tenant billing;
  • Vendor, owner, and tenant payments;
  • Owner reports and statements;
  • Rental forms.

Yardi Voyager

Yardi Voyager

Yardi Voyager is a cloud-based commercial property management solution. The platform is designed for small portfolio real state owners as well as large businesses.

It features correspondence management, lease management, and lease administration. The solution offers integrated accounting and property management function, role-based dashboards, and critical date notifications with real-time analytics.

The platform’s commercial analytics includes commercial portfolio and property reporting. Apart from providing real-time key performance indicators for lease management, recovery reconciliation, and performance statistics.

Yardi property management software also provides financial reporting, which uses Voyager’s accounting system by directly importing general ledger transactions.

You can create monthly, quarterly, and annual reports and perform real-time comparison and analysis supporting GAAP, IFRS, and other accounting standards.

Pricing isn’t available on its website. Contact Yardi representatives for more information.

Yardi Voyager Features

  • Empower accounting;
  • Centralize data;
  • Lease management;
  • Facility management;
  • Navigate smarter;
  • Real-time analytics;
  • Automate workflows.


commercial property management software

Buildium is a property management software that enables residential and association property managers to control completely every aspect of their business, including the vacancy, rent, and maintenance cycles.

Buildium property management software streamlines management operations with useful features such as lease and tenant tracking, automated rent and late fee reminders, automated rent collection, on-demand reports, and full general ledger accounting. Plus, property managers can receive online payments through Buildium’s tenant portal.

Management of the vacancy cycle starts with syndicating vacancies to Buildium’s listing partners, including Craigslist, Zillow, and Trulia. It also offers online tenant screening services for running background checks.

Landlords and occupants can submit a request online via Buildium’s owner and tenant portal. All requests are timestamped with an option to attach a photo.

Pricing for Buildium starts at $47 per month, for up to 20 units (Core plan), with incremental increases for each tier above that.

Buildium’s most expensive tier listed is $5,200 per month for up to 5,000 units (Pro plan). Managers with more than 5,000 units can contact Buildium for custom prices. You can also sign up for a free 15-day trial.

Buildium Features

  • Online rental apps;
  • Electronic payments;
  • Tenant portal;
  • Tenant and credit screening;
  • Marketing website;
  • Reporting tools;
  • Online rent collection.


property management software reviews

Avail is cloud-based landlord software that enables independent proprietors to find tenants view their credit history, and collect rent. Main features include social sharing tools, affiliate syndication, automated reference checks, digital signatures, and applicant communication.

It allows landlords to make a rental listing and publish it across the web. Property owners can also request a rental app with information such as contact information, employment verification, and residence history.

This property management software provides credit checks, criminal verification, and eviction reports for applicants as well.

The solution enables landlords to, send automatic email reminders, create payment requests, and track payments. Occupants can submit a maintenance request, upload photos of the issue, and track resolution progress.

Avail offers a free solution and three paid plans: Landlord ($10/month/one unit), Landlord Plus ($25/month/5 units), and Professional ($50/month/15 units).

Avail Features

  • Online rent payments;
  • Digital leasing;
  • Rental apps;
  • Rental listings;
  • Maintenance tracking;
  • Tenant screening;
  • Credit, criminal, eviction reports.

Property Manager Cloud

buildium property management software

Property Manager Cloud is a cloud property management platform specially designed for property managers and landlords. It’s suitable for a range of properties including, yet not limited to, apartments, condos, and affordable housing.

This solution provides several tools to automate daily processes, including apps, accounting, notices to tenants, and maintenance requests. Property managers can set up an automatic debit system with their residents for processing monthly payments.

You can run multiple background checks on potential tenants to make decisions and finalize allotments. Property Manager Cloud provides a tenant portal where tenants can submit maintenance requests, make payments, view payment history, and track deadlines.

It also features an owner portal with a real-time view of properties in multiple locations and report generation capabilities.

Property Manager Cloud includes a free 60-day trial and 5 plans.

  • Basic: $15/month/1-10 units;
  • Professional: $25/month/11-50 units;
  • Premier: $35/month/51-100 units;
  • Elite: $55/month/101-200 units;
  • Enterprise: $75/month/unlimited units.

Property Manager Cloud Features

  • Accounting;
  • Property advertising;
  • Owner and tenant portal;
  • Tenant screening;
  • Online rental app;
  • Automated rent collection;
  • Automatic email reminder.

Condo Control Central

simplifyem property management software

Condo Control Central is a property management platform that offers a management platform and online communication for condominiums. The solution provides amenity booking, concierge management, and online forum discussions.

An online file library allows residents to store documents, including financial statements, by-laws, and HOA (homeowners association) meeting minutes. Property managers can create a public website for their condo that enables them to publish event calendars, poll, and share community details with residents.

The platform offers a concierge and security console that lets security stuff to track authorized entry into a condo. The package tracking allows you to keep a log of packages received at the front desk and record signature upon pick up.

Pricing is available by quote. Contact the vendor for detailed information.

Condo Control Central Features

  • Reporting;
  • File library;
  • Mobile app;
  • Resident portal;
  • 24/7 monitoring;
  • Package tracking;
  • Online payment.


Propertyware - property management software

Propertyware is cloud-based, an end-to-end property management platform that aids property operators to scale their business with various property types, including mixed portfolios.

It allows property managers to post and market vacancies and adds the lead-to-lease feature as well as tenant screening. The solution also provides owner and tenant portals with online payments, instant access to custom statements/reports, and accrual accounting.

Plus, the platform offers mobile-responsive sites, along with leasing and maintenance contact calendar that has automated vendor dispatching for emergencies.

Propertyware integrates all core functions, eliminating the need for multiple software and apps. It means you can manage property management in real time without having to exit the platform.

Propertyware offers three paid subscription options:

  • Basic – $250 monthly minimum ($1/unit/month),
  • Plus – $350 monthly minimum ($1.50/unit/month),
  • Premium – $450 monthly minimum ($2/unit/month).

A minimum of 50 property units is required for users.

Propertyware Features

  • Property management;
  • Tenant portals;
  • Owner portals;
  • Payments;
  • Screening;
  • Accounting;
  • Unlimited storage.


AppFolio - property management software

AppFolio is a web-based, SaaS (software as a service) property management app that offers efficient accounting and management tools. It’s an excellent option for property managers who want to modernize process and work flow.

The app centralizes all property management processes such as online rent payments, online lease agreements, accounting, applicant screening, marketing, and more.

With an intuitive and clean user interface, this platform streamlines all property management-oriented workflows.

The software is designed to work smoothly with different types of properties (commercial, residential,  student housing, and HOA).

With this solution, property owners can easily manage their properties, marketers can increase their online visibility and property listings, landlords, and residents get a clear communication channel and more.

AppFolio offers four plans with a minimal $250 monthly fee.

  • Residential – $1.25/per unit/month;
  • Commercial – $1.50/per unit/month;
  • Community Associations – $.80/per unit/month;
  • Student Housing – $1.25/per unit/month.

AppFolio Features

  • Online payments;
  • Accounting;
  • Utility management;
  • Tenant debt collections;
  • Bulk tenant charges;
  • Automated late fees;
  • Security.

Rent Manager

Rent Manager - property management software

Rent Manager is the most customizable property manager platform on the market. It’s also a CRM, accounting, and work order management solution that integrates mobile apps, accounting, VoIP phone system, online portal tools, open API, and electronic payments into Rent Manager’s umbrella.

Rent Manager is offered in two versions: a stand-alone and online version. The online version includes the same of the stand-alone version, but with differences such as bi-hourly data backups operations and automatic updates immediately upon release.

The online version includes web-based modules that are unavailable in the stand-alone version. It provides mobile admin, web access to service managers, and web access provided to residents. Another critical aspect of the online version is technical support, where users share their screen with support.

Rent Manager doesn’t list prices. Request a price and go through a quote process for further info.

Rent Manager Features

  • VoIP phone integration;
  • Enterprise accounting;
  • Mobile apps;
  • Electronic payments;
  • Online portal tools;
  • Open API;
  • Prospect manager.



TenantCloud is a cloud-based property management solution designed to meet the needs of property managers, real estate professional, and landlords.

The platform provides property management, accounting management, tenant management, and marketing features.

It provides a dashboard that enables you to add new tenants, transactions, properties, messages, work requests, and apps.

Also, the dashboard shows, payments, outstanding rent payments, lease expirations, total occupancy, and recent property listing. You can also view properties in a list form, with images and financial information for net cash flow, income, and expenses.

The platform allows you to view rental applications, which displays the status of each rent amount and contact information.

Support is provided through an online portal.

TenantCloud includes three plans.

  • Free trial – 75 units;
  • Standard – $9/month/150 units;
  • Advanced – $35/month/500 units.

TenantCloud Features

  • Android and iOS apps;
  • Free for basic use;
  • Online payments;
  • Free listing website;
  • Applicant screening;
  • Payment tracking;
  • Payment and rental history.


Entrata property management software

Entrata is a free property management software that combines property accounting, resident management, and facilities management.

The platform also features vendor management, lead management, work order management, invoice creation, bank reconciliation, and intercompany transactions. Plus, Entrata offers open APIs for integrations with third-party solutions.

Its system helps accountants make payments or adjustments in real time, and they can make balance sheets and income statement using current data.

The platform enables leasing agents to collect rent, send bills to residents,  track rentable units, and assess late fees.

You can export documents, store documents, and locate relevant documents. It allows you to create work orders and track progress via a mobile device. Support is available by email and phone.

Entrata Features

  • Property management;
  • Insurance management;
  • Mobile leasing app;
  • Resident portal;
  • Messaging portal;
  • Digital signatures;
  • Applicant screening.

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