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11 Best Veterinary Software in 2022  – Reviews, Features, and Pricing


Veterinary software fulfills the demands of veterinary professionals and optimizes practice management workflow.

It runs the gamut of operations, including surgical or dentistry tools or integrations to animal clinics and hospitals, monitoring a drug database for veterinary-based pharmacies.

Vet software creates productivity and efficiency within any aspect of animal care delivery so veterinary professionals can concentrate on their work.

Veterinary platforms are standalone systems or designed to integrate with other similar software solutions.

How to Choose Right Veterinary Software?

There’s an abundance of software available to veterinarians that each advertises ”fabulous’ features in an attempt to draw new clients.

In order to choose the best software for the practice, consider the following tips.

Budget – Before starting the search, think carefully how much you’re able to invest in vet software. So, always ask the software company about the different features their solution includes. Compare features as well as prices between different software systems to ensure that you’ll get the most out of your fund.

Staff – Veterinary practices may have secretaries, receptionists, technicians, and multiple veterinarians who’ll be using the software. Talk with each employee to understand what needs they would like the platform to achieve.

Where you will use the software – Do you travel outside of the practice to meet with patients? Do you need access to the platform in areas that don’t have a good connection to the Internet? Consider where and how the software will be used and ensure to buy a compatible platform.

Vets Software Features

Veterinary practice management software is used in to help in daily operations of a veterinary clinic or hospital.

Here is the list of the key features.

  • Cloud-based;
  • Mobile friendly;
  • Easily accessible;
  • Customer care;
  • EMR;
  • Pet owner portal;
  • Financial and patient reporting system;
  • Control of wellness plans;
  • Appointment reminders;
  • In-house lab integration platforms;
  • Integrated payment processing;
  • Microchip registration;
  • Automated employee tasks
  • Inventory management;
  • Generate reports;
  • Organized scheduling system.

11 Best Veterinary Software Platforms

Finding software can be overwhelming. Our IT experts research dozens of vet software platforms to show 11 great solutions for 2022.

Cornerstone Practice Management Software

Cornerstone Practice Management Software

Cornerstone veterinary software powered by IDEXX is a practice management platform designed for veterinarians.

Main features are a health network, a payment portal, data backup and recovery, client communication, and automatic reminders.

The Pet Health Network of Cornerstone Practice Management offers medical reminders, appointment management, text messaging, mobile websites, automated surveys, and marketing campaigns.

It also permits facilities to send newsletters to clients with customizable content. Online pet pages give access to pets’ appointment details, prescription, vaccination records, and more.

Plus, it provides regular software updates, free online training, and 24-7 customer support. Support includes phone, live chat, and email.

Pricing isn’t provided by the vendor. Visit official website and get quote.


AVImark Logo

AVImark veterinary software is designed for practices of all sizes that provides patient records, prescription plans, appointment booking, and treatment management features within a tier. The platform is available both in cloud-based and on-premise deployment solutions.

It features appointment management, which enables the staff to schedule clients’ appointments based on their availability.

Once an appointment is confirmed, it reflects in the booking stuff calendar. AVImark also sends automated email and text message reminders to the clients before their appointments.

The software offers SOAP notes, which helps customers track problems and prepare treatment plans based on the condition of the pet. It delivers patient estimates so that clients can estimate the cost of treatment before starting the process.

Pricing information is available only upon request.

Hippo Manager

Hippo Manager

Hippo veterinary software is a cloud-based management system for hospitals, clinics, specialists, and independent contractors. Key features are appointment scheduling, POS, reporting, inventory, reminders, and more.

The software can handle all the clinic appointments with adding resources, use color coding for a different type of appointments, modify appointment schedules, and more.

Its inventory management lets clients check on stock levels, add or remove quantities, and track margins. Customers can send SMS, appointment reminders, and e-statements directly to vet stuff.

The platform includes an integrated POS system, which allows users to enter transactions, make invoices, and accept payments.

It can manage discounts, email receipts, gift cards, and coupons. Hippo Manager can be accessed by any device with an Internet connection.


  • Free trial – (one month); free/unlimited users, free/unlimited patients, free/unlimited data storage, free/unlimited tech support, free/unlimited training, and unlimited use of Hippo Manage;
  • Per Month – $119 per vet; unlimited staff, unlimited patients, unlimited data storage, unlimited tech support, unlimited users, unlimited locations;
  • Non-Profit Program – $99/month/vet; free/unlimited users, free/unlimited patients, free/unlimited data storage, free/unlimited tech support, free/unlimited training, and free trial;
  • Enterprise – volume pricing available per vet; unlimited staff, unlimited patients, unlimited data storage, unlimited tech support, unlimited users, and unlimited locations.


Provet - free veterinary software

Provet is a free veterinary software for clinics and hospitals of all sizes. Basic features are client communication, online bookings, patient records, resource management, and imaging/laboratory device connectivity.

The platform enables you to create and export work schedules. Health check-up, vaccination/laboratory reminders, and appointment can be automated.

You can send personalized messages via email or SMS. Additionally, the software also allows you to create price, track inventory, and control stock levels.

You can generate custom reports on different metrics, including medications, financial reports, and client ratings.

Users can make templates for clinical notes, discharge instructions, and standard procedures. Data is encrypted with HTTPS connection and backed up automatically.



ezyVet is a cloud-based veterinary software that helps clinics and hospitals manage daily operations. The software comes with a calendar management feature to book appointments using color-coding and status flags. The calendar management allows staff to make last-minute changes in appointments.

It also enables staff to gain quick info about the patients without clicking their record. The platform features different billing icons to indicate whether the payments are pending receipt or approval.

The app includes a structured clinical module to store animal records, prescription details, treatment history, and appointments in one place. The clinical module enables multiple teams to see and edit patient records simultaneously.

It integrates with Xero banking and accounting apps so that all client/supplier details, invoices, and payments automatically replicate in Xero.


  • 1 user/$150/month;
  • 2-9 users/$250/month;
  • 10-19 users/$450/month;
  • 20-29 users/$650/month;
  • 30-49 users/$950/month;
  • 50-74 users/$1250/month;
  • Additional blocks of 25 users – $+250.



eVetPractice is a cloud-based veterinary management software that features appointment scheduling, communication tools for veterinarians, and electronic medical records (EMR) management.

Features also include test history, lab forms, and document storage. A pet owner portal permits users to access personal info, appointments, payment history, and account balances. Clients can request appointments on desktop and mobile devices.

The practitioner dashboard offers the medical records, configurable appointments calendar, along with lists of daily appointments and surgeries.

Reports include daily/weekly billing, inventory, billable items, and controlled substance logs. Clients can create long-term wellness plans that include multiple appointments.

The software can integrate with IDEXX reference labs and ANTECH diagnostics technology for test code population, retrieval of test results, and electronic order submission.


  • Mobile Practice – $100/month/per mobile vet + $15 per additional vet;
  • Stationary Practice – $200/month/per mobile vet + $15 per additional vet;

Vetter Software

Vetter Software

Vetter Software is a cloud-based veterinary solution for animal clinics of all sizes. Main features include scheduling, client management, electronic vet records, inventory management, a customer community, and custom form templates.

Its electronic vet record tools enable clients to review consolidated patient histories, import lab results, and share them by fax, email, or print. Customers can manage inventory through custom alerts, electronic ordering, and automatic updates.

The software also provides templates that users can customize for reminders and different appointment. Integrations include Antech, Abaxis, VetSource, Stripe, Embrace, and MWI Animal Health.

The customer community features provide video tutorials, a knowledge base, a discussion board, and surveys.


  • A La Carte – $40/month/one user + 100 patients;
  • Unlimited: Mobile – $119/month/3 users + unlimited patients;
  • Unlimited: Hospital – $349/month/10 users + unlimited patients.



VETport is a cloud-based app for vet clinics designed to match the demands of universities, large veterinary hospitals, groups of vet clinics, specialty-referral clinics, equine practices, and mobile clinics.

Main features are online appointment booking, electronic medical records, inventory management, analytics, and reporting.

It allows internal communication with chat tools and digital bulletin boards that display public messages and information.

The software also helps in inventory management by linking vendor items with payment plans. Its marketplace integrates third-party apps like labs and payment gateways with the solution.

The solution can generate reports on a clinic’s performance, including financial, accounting, inventory, and marketing reports.

Reports can be exported in HTML, CSV, PDF, JPEG, and PNG formats. The dashboard tool has widgets such as appointment and boarding schedules. Clients can also assign tasks and set their priority levels.


  • Basic – $69/month/one veterinarian + unlimited clients, unlimited staff, and free support (call, email, or chat);
  • Plus – $129/month/2 veterinarians + unlimited clients, unlimited staff, and free support (call, email, or chat);
  • Premium – $199/month/2 veterinarians + unlimited clients, unlimited staff, and free support (call, email, or chat);
  • Enterprise – Request a quote.

Note – All plans include a free trial of 30 days.



Digitail is a cloud-based customer relationship management platform designed for veterinary clinics.  The software helps with client/staff communication, appointment management, patient management, Inventory management, lead tracking, and billing/invoicing.

Its contact management feature allows clinics to create and monitor a database of their patients and staff records. Records can include info such as personal details, scheduled check-ups, medical history, and more.

A timeline enables staff members to view scheduled appointments, upcoming events, and reminders. Clinics can use mandatory follow up schedules which can have regular vaccinations, check-ups, and more.

These schedules can be customized for specific pets or customized for different breeds. The automated invoicing functionality produces invoices after patients visits and sends them to clients by email.


  • Starter – $59/month/user + 10 per extra user; patient management, electronic health records, treatment/health plans, appointments calendar tools, online appointments system, and invoicing;
  • Growth – $139/month/user + $20 per extra user; everything from Starter + product registries, stock management/inventory, pharmacy/POS, barcode scanner integration, and payment statistics;
  • Enterprise – $299: everything from Growth + integrations included, locations sync, dedicated account manager, premium technical support, and access to partners’ deals.

Note: You can save 20% when paying annually.



VetBadger is cloud-based veterinary computer software that helps small to large clinics manage check-ins, front-desk operations, appointments, workflows, follow-ups, confirmations, patient information, and more. The solution enables users to assign role-based tasks and restricted access.

Basic features of the solution are exam details reporting, data entry, task-based workflow, referral tracking, and email/SMS appointment confirmation.

Plus, the platform supports QuickBooks integration that lets users send financial info directly to their accounting software.

It delivers SOAP (simple object access protocol) that allows users to capture examination details along with visitor info.

VetBadger features referral tracking that permits clients to track advertising cost. Also, the software enables visitors to confirm upcoming appointments through SMS and email reminders.


  • 1-2 users: $99 per month; complete feature set,
  • 3-10 users: $249 per month; complete feature set,
  • 11-20 users: $449 per month; complete feature set,
  • 21 – 40 users: $599 per month; complete feature set.



VETLINKSQL is a veterinary practice software that helps different types of veterinary clinics. Main features include appointment booking, reminders, billing, inventory management, e-forms, reporting, a client portal, and cloud backup.

It enables clients to set up their appointment-book layout, look, and functionality. Customers can book appointments online through a booking website provided by the software.

Text-message communication tools allow customers to receive notifications about pets’ post-surgery status, appointment reminders, vaccination reminders, special offers, and more. The document interface lets users work in multiple windows at the same time, launching numerous tasks.

It also supports third-party integrations with data-facilitation providers and e-commerce programs. Reporting feature offers users generate reports on clients, staff-performance reports, and sales.

The platform is available both as an on-premise solution and cloud-based solution. VETLINKSQL includes mobile apps for both Android and iOS.

For more info about pricing plans, contact the vendor.

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