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Top 9 Best Work Order Software to Save Money & Meet Success


Have you already had a growing enterprise, and it becomes difficult to maintenance orders? Find the best work order software, and improve the company’s potentials! You will help your operating team or field techs, simplify the working process and make it easier to co-cordinate teams without downtime.

We prepared a guide on choosing the best order software and the list of 10 best solutions on the market. Different systems bear different characteristics, but they all have in common simplifying task execution. Consider features that matter to you and revel in progress.

What Is a Work Order?

A work order is a printed or electronic file used to set and track maintenance. It is a business communication channel, and it is essential not to have obstacles on this path. Managers can create these files ad-hoc, from work requests or preventive maintenance procedures.

What Is Work Order Software?

It is an operating system that helps maintenance departments to improve the abilities and possibilities of managing a business. Software engineers created it to enable the management team to deal with clients and work reports easier and save time for the real action. Companies use it mostly to deal with the interior company’s maintenance demands. It brings excellent results and always comes as a godsend to the business processes.

What Is Its Purpose?

It is programmed for constituting, assigning, and tracking work orders across a corporation. Simple work order software handles clients’ requirements and internal job requests from audits, inspections, preventive maintenance, or breakdowns. The maintenance team does not have to seek how to arrange tasks and communicate with each employee. The software does it for them!

How to Choose Best Free Work Order Software?

Consider relevant details about your company before contacting a vendor. Collect data about the company’s activity, number of employees, company’s and clients’ needs, actual communication paths, business targets, and needed improvements.

  1. At first, you must form a team with at least one member from each department.
  2. Determine the targets.
  3. Define the needed features.
  4. Select the provider and dedicate the time to train.

6 Things Should Be Kept in Mind When Implementing

  1. It would be best if you built an organizational culture that appreciates and values data.
  2. The data you import is valid.
  3. Be sure everyone is involved.
  4. Devote enough time to learn processes within the firm.
  5. Begin with the most ordinary situations.
  6. Focus on business’s future and ensure everything you import into the work order system has its value.

Top 9 Work Order Software

Here’s a list of the top 9 work order systems on the market. Check out and consider characteristics that work for you.

1.      MIE Trak Pro (MIE Solutions, Inc.)

MIE Trak Pro (MIE Solutions, Inc.)

MIE Trak Pro provides software for different types of business. If your organization grows in competitive manufacturing industry, the mentioned provider has experienced many cases and created a program that answers similar businesses’ requests. It supports companies in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom.

2.      eWorkOrders CMMS (Information Professionals, Inc.)

eWorkOrders CMMS

eWorkOrders is a web-based system. Its key feature is no software to install and no hardware to purchase. Just import the valid information and let it handle your maintenance management. It comes with included technical support. You can request a free demo and get more information.

3.      Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS

Ease of use and customer support are its significant benefits. Hippo CMMS has flexible pricing options, and packages include an unlimited number of users and daily customer support. Created for companies in a variety of industries, it can be adjusted for every department’s needs.

4.      Invoice2go


Invoice2go is a mobile-first intuitive invoicing manager that helps small business owners get paid faster. You can create invoices from any device and still stay inside every action, even you are not in the company’s office. If you are prone to forgetting, set up payment reminders, and preserve liquidity.

5.      UpKeep (UpKeep Maintenance Management)

UpKeep (UpKeep Maintenance Management)

Turbocharge your maintenance team with UpKeep! A preventive maintenance checklist helps you reduce the company’s downtime and prioritize work orders. Execute scheduled tasks on the move! Robust data and metrics increase asset lifespan. It works on all devices, so you can manage everything ad-hoc or from your office without meeting the employees. Try the best way to enhance your team communication!

6.      OmTrak (WebFM) custom pricing plans

OmTrak (WebFM)

OmTrak is created especially for construction management. It is based on the cloud and designed by construction industry experts. OmTrak is easy to use and enables you to manage and track a construction project from the earliest planning stages to the final point. Request a free demo.

7.      WorkStraight (MindShare Design)

WorkStraight (MindShare Design)

WorkStraight software is a web-based, customizable system. It is made to get every employee on the same page. If you noticed obstacles in work processes, apply this solution, and enjoy effectively managing. Get training and how t use tutorials via online documentation. Free trial is available. Online support comes as a bonus.

8. Asset Essentials (Dude Solutions)

Asset Essentials (Dude Solutions)

Cloud-based programs come with on-going support via phone, email, or live chat. You can assign, change, and exit work orders from any place. Get a 24/7 application monitoring with this solution! Your inputs can enhance and update regular products. Asset Essentials creates the personal work order home page that varies for each user role, although the basic layout will be the same. The calendar tab enables you can view outstanding or completed work orders by different parameters (request date, target completion date, etc.).

9.      Noviqu Ensight

Noviqu Ensight

Using this platform, you can tag procedures or training to the work order. Noviqu Ensight makes it easy to assign your team to work on new tasks. Every employee can quickly request a maintenance team with the click of a button. You don’t have to waste time scheduling the same thing each month – schedule it once and the software will recreate it month after month. Set up preventative, reactive, and maintenance task types.

Who Uses Work Order Program and Where Is It Used?

Suppose you are a fleet or facility manager in manufacturing, health care, education, distribution, or manager in the office. Work order systems became a must-have tool for:

  • City and state government
  • Facilities management
  • Defense and military
  • Hotel, resort, and casinos
  • Retail
  • Non-profit
  • Manufacturing.

When looking for the solution that works for you, keep in mind the company’s type. There is a spectrum of opportunities, so consider your elementary needs and find a competent provider to figure out what solution is best for your management’s needs. Your requirements can modify almost every program. Good news: free work order software is available!

How Can It Improve Your Business?

Digital work orders became popular when the need to save time and energy in work order management arose. They came as a substitution of “paper and carbon copies”. Some research has shown that applying a work order system in business processes enhanced business performance and made it more successful. Paperless files arrive faster to their recipients, so everything is done with more efficiency.

The longer you use it, the more you obtain. The evidence it captures generates knowledge about your activities and business operations. It guides you to the mistakes and helps you eliminate them. You can reduce surprising and unwanted circumstances in a few clicks.

Experiments have shown digital managing decreases total processing time by 8.7 percent. You can implement free maintenance work order software and still take benefits. That is why more than half of companies use it. It helps you to make sure everything in your business procedure gets done.

Now it is possible to access your business from anywhere. You are enabled to produce, assign, and follow work orders in real-time. The great value is that every member of your company instantaneously can get the needed information when and where he needs it. Your data is up-to-the-minute.

Final Words

When you need the communication channel when assigning work duties, work order software is the ideal fit for you. You get an opportunity to warn your employees if you figure out some risks in work processes. You can make bright business plans because work order management software quantifies the numbers you need. If you’re wondering what solution is best for you, try to find free options or a competent vendor and choose the option.