Bitdefender vs. Avast: The Ultimate Comparison Guide

The more the choices we have, the harder it is to make a final decision. The differences we find between Coca-Cola and Pepsi may be insignificant. Still, someone will notice a huge variation in taste, which will help them determine what drink to buy. The same is with antivirus programs.

A typical home user probably doesn’t care much about antivirus software. He or she may find no difference between free and paid versions, included features, or between Bitdefender and Avast, which are among the most popular antivirus programs.

On the other hand, tech-savvy and business users will find it crucial to choose an anti-malware that can protect their computer entirely. If you are among them, check out the ultimate comparison guide that will answer one of the most asked questions, Is Bitdefender better than Avast?

Avast vs. Bitdefender: Key Factors that Impact the Quality

The primary purpose of antivirus software is to provide enough protection to a user’s computer and network. Knowing that cybercrime will never stop spreading its malicious power, a user must be ready to implement the latest defense from threats that could damage something they’ve been building for years.

Still, we shouldn’t neglect the other components of antivirus. The factors such as system performance, interface, pricing, and included features also impact the overall quality of the program, which is why we are going to list them and explain their importance.

Bitdefender vs Avast: Which One Offers More Options?

Both Avast and Bitdefender offer packages for home and business users and endpoints, as well as the versions available on PC, Mac, Android, and iOS.

However, Bitdefender is the one that has more options, especially for small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises. Users find it more convenient when a product offers various options between which you can choose – that way, it provides better value for money.

This time we’ll focus on home products only.

Bitdefender for Windows vs. Avast for Windows

Bitdefender offers two packages that are explicitly created for Windows OS and two that can be used on multiple platforms:

  • Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2022
  • Bitdefender Internet Security 2022
  • Bitdefender Total Security 2022
  • Bitdefender Family Pack 2022
Bitdefender antivirus

Apart from the mentioned features, all three packages provide an intuitive and easy-to-use user interface, safe online banking, and a fast and reliable VPN connection.

The most affordable plan is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus ($24.99), which is the entry-level premium product offered by this company. It includes various useful features, such as:

  • Password manager
  • Limited-use VPN
  • File shredder
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Anti-fraud module

If you want a plan that offers more features than the previous package, you can check Bitdefender Internet Security ($34.99). It has the same options as the entry-level plan, plus the following:

  • Two-way firewall
  • Fire vault feature
  • Parental control
  • Webcam shield
  • Vulnerability checker

As you can see, Bitdefender Total Security 2022 is the most advanced and the most expensive plan in this series of products. It’s suitable for those who seek an enterprise-level of security and want to experience the following functions:

  • Anti-theft module
  • Performance optimization tools
  • Extendedffers security to Android, iOS and Mac
  • The options included in the two previous plans

If you want to protect many devices at your home, you can opt for Bitdefender Family Pack 2022. It can secure up to 15 devices per household, which makes it a cost-effective and practical solution.

Bitdefender Prices

When it comes to Avast, it offers three premium packages, which are:

  • Premium Security, Single Device
  • Premium Security, Multi-Device
  • Ultimate
Avast prices

The most affordable of the three plans is Premium Security, Single Device ($69.99). It provides protection from all kinds of online threats, including phishing, ransomware, and other types of malicious programs. It’s suitable for protecting one device on the platform that you choose.

The only difference between this and Multi-Device Security is the fact that the latter can be installed on up to 10 devices, regardless of the chosen platform. Accordingly, the price is higher – $89.99 a year.

The features these two plans have in common are:

  • Ransomware shield
  • Web shield
  • Wi-Fi inspector
  • Sandbox
  • Webcam shield
  • Data shredder
  • And more.

As for the Ultimate plan ($99.99), it represents the mix of different safety features, which makes it suitable for those who seek top-notch protection. The most prominent options it provides are:

  • VPN
  • Clean-up tool
  • Password manager
  • And more.

Although both products offer diverse choices, Bitdefender can still offer more. The fact that some of its plans are created for multiple platforms makes it convenient for many users who want to protect devices that work on different operating systems.

Avast is still worth considering, even though it offers fewer choices.

Bitdefender vs. Avast: Mac Versions

Both programs offer a version that is compatible with macOS. These are sold as separate products, and they provide more or less basic anti-malware features.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac delivers remarkable results regarding Mac security, without affecting the system performance. Accordingly, you can keep working on your device no matter whether the program is checking for potential security issues

Bitdefender Products

This table is showing the three possibilities regarding Mac security. If you want the one that’s created specifically for Apple computers, you can opt for Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac ($29.99), but if you have multiple devices with different platforms, you can choose between multi-device options – Bitdefender Premium Security ($74.99) and Bitdefender Total Security ($39.99).

Apart from VPN and anti-phishing protection, Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac provides the following:

  • Top-notch ransomware protection
  • Speed enhancing features
  • Traffic light browser extension
  • Cross-platform protection
  • And more.

Avast has also developed a Mac-specific product – Avast Security for Mac.

avast products

Avast Security for Mac comes in both free and paid versions. A free version offers more or less basic malware protection, but the other features are quite limited. A Premium plan ($47.99), on the other hand, provides more options, including:

  • In-depth malware protection
  • Wi-Fi security scan
  • Wi-Fi intruder alert
  • Ransomware shield
  • Web and email shields
  • And more.

Bitdefender and Avast deliver a high-quality Mac protection, but if we had to choose a winner, it would be Bitdefender. Still, since Avast offers a free version as well, some users may find it more convenient.

Bitdefender Free vs Avast Free

Free versions are something that users love to see. The good thing is that both Avast and Bitdefender will generously offer their services at no cost, but the truth is that your experience will be limited.

That’s, however, normal with free products. Still, our task is to find software whose limitations are lesser and whose protection is a bit more robust – let’s start.

Bitdefender Free Edition is quite fast, reliable, and easy-to-use software, which is suitable for those who still aren’t ready to purchase a Premium plan. Some of the features offered by Bitdefender Free are:

  • Anti-phishing protection
  • Protection from dangerous URLs
  • Real-time scan
  • And more.

As for Avast Free Antivirus, it offers a bit more options than its competitor. Even though it’s free, it comes with the features typical for premium versions, such as:

  • Network security inspector
  • Password manager
  • Protection against malicious URLs
  • And more.

Besides, the features included in Avast Free Antivirus are less limited than those provided by Bitdefender. It’s more detail-oriented than its competitor, which is why home users tend to choose Avast over Bitdefender.

Therefore, this battle wins Avast!

Bitdefender vs Avast: Which One Provides Better Malware Protection?

The most crucial aspect of any antivirus is the level of protection it provides. Despite its broad set of features that will attract the users, a particular antivirus can’t be considered if it can’t deliver enough security.

When it comes to comparison between Avast Free Antivirus and Bitdefender Internet Security, we’re about to show you the results provided by AV-Comparatives. The results will show how both programs responded to malware and whether they removed it successfully.

One of the tests was Enhanced Real-World Test 2019, and it was used to show the program’s ability to detect and respond to the most advanced threats, attacks and exploits.

There were fifteen different attacks (phishing and script attacks mostly) implemented in order to test various antivirus programs, including Bitdefender and Avast, as well as the C2 channel, used to give the attacker full access to the compromised system.

Below are the results:

avast or bitdefender

The numbers 1-15 refer to different attacks that were used for testing, and the symbols show how the products responded to them.

We can see that Avast has scored better than Bitdefender here. However, if we take a closer look, we will see that Avast has established an unstable C2 session even in three cases, which could have opened the door to system exploit. Besides, there was no alert.

Bitdefender, on the other hand, successfully detected malware before it was executed almost every time. Still, it failed to protect the system in two cases.

The good thing is that neither of them showed false-positive scores. When an antivirus program keeps blocking even the files that contain no malware, it affects the user experience and overall efficiency.

To conclude this section, we can say that the score is tied. Both antivirus programs provide top-notch security functions, and they will protect you from even the most advanced threats. Besides, they have been awarded an ADVANECED+ certificate by AV-Comparatives this year.

Avast vs Bitdefender: What about System Performance?

System performance is another factor that will impact the user’s decision about purchasing a particular program.

Antivirus programs can be quite robust, which is why they may affect the system performance significantly. Therefore, you’re advised to check the system requirements provided by any vendor and see whether your computer can handle it or not.

If your machine is a bit older and doesn’t have much RAM or processing power, you should go for lightweight or cloud-based software since they won’t require a lot of energy.

To see how Avast and Bitdefender function in this field, we have prepared the results based on the testing performed by AV-Comparatives. The goal of the test is to evaluate the impact of antivirus on system performance, especially when programs are running in the background – for example, during real-time protection.

The test has been performed on a robust machine with 8GB of RAM, Intel Core i7 CPU and SSD disks, where users were copying files, archiving and unarchiving files, installing and uninstalling applications, launching programs, downloading files and browsing websites. The objective was to see whether these actions can be seamlessly performed while antivirus was running in the background.

Have a look at the ranking system:

bitdefender vs avast ranking
Bitdefender vs. Avast, comparison9

The system performance test has given the following results:

bitdefender vs avast

Based on this information, we can see that the score is tied again. Both programs have proven that they have a pretty low impact on overall system performance, which is a great outcome. Still, the results will depend on your hardware, too – make sure you keep your system updated, clean up unnecessary content regularly, and upgrade the outdated hardware if possible.

Avast vs Bitdefender: Which One is More User-Friendly?

An intuitive interface provides an outstanding user experience, which is vital for home users who may not have much knowledge about the software’s options and structure. Accordingly, an antivirus interface should provide a simplistic and functional design that won’t cause problems and complications.

Let’s compare the interface of Avast and Bitdefender:

Bitdefender interface

We’re looking at Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition, which happens to have a quite intuitive and user-friendly interface. You can do the system scan as soon as you launch the program, and if you need additional options, all you need to do is to click on a gear icon and choose the preferred section.

If you want to scan a single file, you can simply drag and drop it.

As for the data about detected malware and other attacks, it appears as you open the app. You can see what threats were detected and stopped, as well as the webpage URL where the threat came from.

Let’s see what Avast has to offer:

better antivirus than avast

Avast Free Antivirus’ interface also seems intuitive and straightforward, mostly because of a vertical rail on one side and a screen on the other. It’s well-organized, and users won’t have trouble using it.

However, the free version keeps displaying advertisements, which can be quite annoying.

The truth is that both platforms look nice, but the advertisements may be one of the reasons why Bitdefender wins this time. Besides, Bitdefender places all the offers in one place, which may be much more convenient for users.

Bitdefender or Avast: Which One is More Cost-Effective?

Price is another factor that shouldn’t be neglected. No user would like to pay for the program that doesn’t provide them with good quality and advanced features, which is why you should check for various plans at different vendors.

Let’s see what Avast and Bitdefender offer at what price.

The most affordable Bitdefender premium package is Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, which costs $24.99 for a one-year license and covers 3 devices. As for the most expensive one, Bitdefender Premium Security, it costs $74.99 and includes even 10 devices that run on multiple platforms.

Avast’s tiers are a bit more expensive. The cheapest package, Premium Security Single-Device, will cost you $69.99 a year, and it will protect only one device. If you want to cover 10 devices, you will have to pay $89.99, which is more expensive than the same Bitdefender’s offer.

Consequently, we can conclude that Bitdefender wins the pricing battle. It provides a better value for money than its competitor, which is why users may prefer it.

It’s vital to mention that both products offer a 30-day free trial, which is convenient since it allows you to try the program before you decide to purchase it.

Verdict: Avast or Bitdefender?

According to our comparison guide, the winner is Bitdefender. However, that doesn’t mean that Avast has no value.

As you could see, both products have shown remarkable results regarding malware detection, prevention and blocking, as well as the minimum impact on system performance. Pricing plans, interface and included features might be some of the reasons why users may choose Bitdefender over Avast. Still, the truth is that both of them can do a great job.

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