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10 Leading Church Management Software  – The Complete Guide


Church management software is built to help churches and other religious organizations with structuring and managing daily operations.

Providing tools that work with all aspects of operating a church, church management software assists with membership acquisition and retention, fundraising, event planning, financial reporting, etc.

Religious institutions use it to reduce the cost of operations and track finances, inventory, and membership growth.

This software can include robust financial packages, including accounting and payroll features, specially designed for church use.

What Is Church Management Software?

It allows churches and religious organizations to automate management, administrative, and reporting tasks. These full-featured platforms help to speed up communications, streamline daily operations, and support collaboration.

Available as both standalone apps and comprehensive programs, organizations of any size and budget can benefit from the functions church management software provides. Each software is specific, but most have similar core features.

How to Choose the Right Church Software?

Before buying software it’s crucial to understand the organizational needs and how a church management solution can fulfill those requirements.

Small size churches

Everyone may know everyone else in your parish, but it’s still important for church administrators to securely monitor membership info, track attendance, and record contributions. Vendors offer affordable installed and SaaS membership management platforms to expedite the managing of administrative tasks.

Medium to large size churches

Churches with 250 to 2,000 followers have big enough budget that need sophisticated, double-entry accounting, and reporting systems. These platforms efficiently track spending by fund, department, and project, and automate payroll, taxes, fixed asset tracking, and member contributions.


Megachurch management requirements are quite different than those of smaller churches and demand an enterprise-level solution to meet the needs of a 2,000+ member parish. They may have multiple locations, so a system integrated with a single database that enables leadership to monitor and report from any site is pivotal for managing the constant outreach and events typical within large religious organizations.

Standard Features

Below is the list of the standard church software features.

  1. Membership management – Keep prominent member, volunteer, and visitor information, including phone numbers, addresses, and activity involvement, up to date. Search, and reporting functions allow you to create directories and customize lists for outreach.
  2. Contributions & donor management – Contribution management software offers secure collection and management of individual, planned, and significant donations.
  3. Accounting – Provides secure tracking and reporting of expenses and revenues for multiple funds.
  4. Event/facilities management – Event and activity planning reduces the administrative time needed to manage group activities and events. Scheduling features prevent double-booking of resources – rooms, vans, and video equipment. Other attributes are payment process support, event listing search, web-based registration, tracking, and reporting.
  5. Volunteer management – Volunteer management software assists churches to organize contact info, volunteer history, availability, etc. Scheduling functions have outreach tools to contact volunteers for future events.
  6. Outreach & communication – Outreach and communication tools increase member engagement by email marketing, direct mail, events, and activities.
  7. Check-in/child security – Check-in apps track member and visitor attendance at any event – seminars, camps, and retreats. Many check-in platforms integrate with touch screen tech for self-service check-in. Others include child check-in feature, which follows which children are present in specific church locations, such as nurseries and classrooms.

Pros & Cons

Churches that adopt the proper types of software may receive many advantages, including:


  • Monitoring a secure contact database of every church visitor and member with reporting features to collect the info necessary to make right stewardship decisions;
  • Efficiently communicating announcements to the entire parish or groups and select individuals for improved membership engagement;
  • Securely tracking donations and contributions with back-end processing and reporting for statement generation and audit purposes;
  • Empowering groups and members via automated event and activity scheduling.

There are a few reasons why some church software platforms may work less productive, such as:


  • The management system that doesn’t integrate with other membership, contributions, or accounting tools, or doesn’t scale for growth;
  • Poor infrastructure in place that can’ support integration of systems from different vendors;
  • Admittaturs fail to adequately train staff on how to leverage the solutions’ full scope of functionality and features.

10 Best Church Management Software

Religious organizations have dozens of church management software platforms from which to choose. Between standalone fund accounting apps to fully integrated tiers, there’re many effective solutions to streamline church processes and save time so pastors can stay focused on their mission.

Follow the checklist of the top 10 church software for 2022.


Breeze Web-Based Church Management Software

Breeze is a web-based church management software that supplies the needs of small and midsize churches across the USA.

It provides an interactive interface to access member info, communicate with them, track donations/ giving, build reports, manage volunteers, and more. The solution lets churches to categorize contacts into staff, volunteers, guests, and members.

The platform enables churches to track contributions made by guests and members. Using this functionality, users can supervise the donor’s gifts, and generate giving reports based upon a donor’s giving history.

The solution is fully customizable, so users can update custom fields and import existing data. Additionally, the system includes an event management module created to generate reports, track attendance, and more.

Users can use the software to print name tags for event attendees and analyze event attendance. Its communication feature permits church volunteers to send event info to individuals and groups through text messages and mass emails.

Other features include MailChimp and QuickBooks integration, access restrictions, and contribution reports.

All pricing plans are billed every 30 days in advance, automatically charged to the credit card you used when subscribing.


Excellerate Free Church Management Software

Excellerate is a free church management software (up to 50 members) designed for midsize and large churches and ministries that include visitor tracking, group management, attendance management, and reporting features within a platform. The software can be deployed either in the cloud or on-premise.

The platform allows users to view member check-ins in three different ways – express mode, touch-screen mode, or attendant mode. The express mode records attendance with the help of key tags and barcodes.

The touch-screen mode enables members to check their records on the tablet app and punch in their attendance, while the attendant mode permits attendants and volunteers to punch in attendance.

The platform features membership management, which enables users to create member records via customizable fields. By info in the records, users can send targeted emails and bulk messages according to members’ physical location and attendance.

Its volunteer management module lets users to send email, text notifications, access their assignments, and schedule volunteers based on their availability.


  • 50 members – free;
  • 100 members – $145 (one-time paying);
  • 250 members – $295 (one-time paying);
  • 500 members – $545 (one-time paying);
  • 1,000 members – $845 (one-time paying);
  • 2,000 members – $1.145 (one-time paying);
  • 3,000 members – $1.445 (one-time paying);
  • 4,000 members – $1.745 (one-time paying);
  • 5,000 members – $2.045 (one-time paying);
  • 7,500 members – $2.645 (one-time paying);
  • 10,00 members – $3.245 (one-time paying);
  • Unlimited members – $3.845 (one-time paying)


ChurchTrac Cloud Based Church Database Software

ChurchTrac is a cloud-based church database software made for churches of all sizes. It enables users to manage attendance, events, contributions, people, groups, and more.

Additional features such as messaging, processes, and accounting enable the software to be the hub of communication for multiple ministries.

ChurchTrac’s membership management module tracks contact data, baptisms, interactions, and other notes for members, visitors, and prospects. Search tools enable administrators to find individuals or families in the database and make lists of people who match custom search criteria.

Also, members can be organized into different groups, such as classes or committees, and their attendance and communication related to those groups are tracked.

The giving platform provides tools to record and track pledges, tithes, contributions, and payments for other expenses, including books or camp registrations.

Administrators can print tax statements for individual contributors and make comprehensive reports for reporting and reconciliation.


  • 75 members – $5 per month or $50 per year;
  • 125 members – $10 per month or $100 per year;
  • 250 members – $20 per month or $200 per year;
  • 500 members – $30 per month or $300 per year;
  • 1,000 members – $40 per month or $400 per year;
  • Unlimited members – $50 per month or $500 per year.

Planning Center

Planning Center tier of cloud-based apps

Planning Center is a tier of cloud-based apps that are used to support team leaders and members in planning, scheduling, and managing church events and programs.

The platform’s “Services” module includes tools to keep media organized. Users can upload and tag files/media to find the right video or song for the service, then schedule and remain in contact with team members overseeing or participating in that service.

The solution has a “Resources” module that enables members to reserve rooms and publishes event calendars to manage church resources.

The resources, rooms, and events have their own calendar feed that syncs with calendar programs, including Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal to remove scheduling conflicts.

Plus, calendar feeds can be set up to display on kiosks, so church members can see upcoming events displayed on tablets, touch-screens, and televisions in common areas.


  • Free plan – 30 days & unlimited members;
  • Small church – $70/month; unlimited members + 50 daily check-ins, 100 donations, 125 group members, 20 attendees, 2 rooms, and 25 team members,
  • Medium church – $234/month; unlimited members + 150 daily check-ins, 600 donations, 300 group members, 55 attendees, 25 rooms, and 150 team members,
  • Large church – $654/month; unlimited members + 1.250 daily check-ins, 1,250 donations, 700 group members, 500 attendees, 150 rooms, and 1000 team members.

Faithful Steward

Faithful Steward Church Management Software

Faithful Steward is cloud-based church management explicitly designed for small and midsize churches.

Its accounting feature helps users track and report expenses and revenues. The solution also offers church banking, which features the management of cash, checks, and saving accounts.

Faithful Steward’s accounting module integrates with church donation records, which aids users to maintain both outgoing and incoming church finances.

The solution’s membership management feature helps users create directories to record and manage member info, including addresses, phone numbers, and involvement in activities. The platform also helps track attendance and control activities for small groups.

The donor management feature helps users track/receive online donations, manage membership details, and record grants/gifts from each member. Plus, it helps users make and print donation reports.


  • One computer – $199;
  • Two computers – $398;
  • Three computers – $597.

Imagine Mobile Church

Imagine Mobile Church

Imagine Mobile Church is a church membership software built for churches of all sizes. The solution includes membership management, attendance management, donations, and event-scheduling features within a system. The platform is available for deployment in the cloud and provides mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

It features online training, which allows users to design and upload training material on the online portal, which can be accessed by staff, groups, and campuses. Users can also upload audio and video content on multiple sources like YouTube, iTunes, and Vimeo.

The system has an online calendar, which enables users to assign team and group resources based on their availability. Users can also send messages and notifications to groups, teams, and members.

The software includes online-donation management, which lets users run online donation campaigns and track the performance of donation efforts. It also permits users to create reports on donation efforts.

Pricing isn’t provided by the vendor. Visit the official website and for more information.

Church Windows

Church Windows Hybrid Church Management Software

Church Windows is a hybrid church management software that helps church administrations manage their day-to-day activities and interactions with members. The platform offers different modules to users such as scheduler, donations, membership, donations, payroll, and accounting. The software can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Membership features allow administrators to view/track individual and household records, create attendance/visitation reports, customize data fields, and record interaction notes.

Church rooms, volunteers, events, and resources are managed and tracked within the scheduling app while giving histories, and follower contributions are supervised in the donations’ module.

Its accounting module delivers fund accounting features with a customizable chart of recurring transactions, reconciliation, accounts, and more. The payroll module handles payroll transactions and generates reports on taxes, allowances, deductions, salary history, and more.

Support is provided through webinars, online videos, customized training sessions, and workbooks.


  • Web – one module/$379/annually or $58/month; two modules/$695/annually or $68/month; three modules/$995/annually or $79/month; all four modules/$1.070/annually or $84/month,
  • Desktop – one module/$379/annually (only); two modules/$695/annually (only); three modules/$995/annually (only); $1.070/annually (only).


Churchteams management software

Churchteams church management solution supports membership management, check-in, bulk communications, contributions, and assimilation for churches of any size. Web-based and optimized for mobile, the platform can be accessed via any device.

The system’s architecture is based on group membership. When a new follower is added to the platform, the member is assigned to one or more groups defined by the administrator. For example, a ministry team, home group, small group leader, event volunteer, and Sunday school. The follower then receives texts and emails sent to a particular group.

It also allows leaders to collect custom member details — birth dates, interests, and class attendance, for example—as well as take prayer requests and pastoral/coaching. This data is then used to create reports, maintain complete files, and track assimilation.

Check-in tools provide a secure way to streamline attendance at events, classes, and worship services with support for an unlimited number of barcode scanning, name tag printing, and check-in stations.


  • 200 members – $37 per month;
  • 500 members – $67 per month;
  • 2,000 members – $97 per month;
  • 6,000 members – $174 per month;
  • 10,000 members – $197 per month;
  • 20,000 members – $297 per month.

Servant Keeper

Servant Keeper Church Administration Software

Servant Keeper is a hybrid church administration software that caters to churches and religious organizations and manages their business operations.

The software allows churches to search by their parish to pinpoint specific skills among their members, track attendance, or communicate through email with their members.

When entering a new constituent or family into the system, standard information such as last name, address, and phone number are copied over automatically. The data can be edited to account for differences in family info, when applicable.

Customizable data fields give an additional way for churches to tailor this platform to meet their unique needs and specs. If an attendee is a visitor, they can be automatically excluded from member-only marketing collateral, such as mailings and emails.

Also, the software includes features for accounting, child check-in for security, online scheduling, and online giving.

Servant Keeper offers two pricing packages.


  • Small church – $9.99/month + $299 site license (one-time paying); unlimited users, track up to 50 families, unlimited seats, unlimited mobile devices, and more,
  • Level 1 – $29.99/month + $599 site license (one-time paying); up to 3 users, track unlimited families, unlimited seats, unlimited devices, and more,
  • Level 2 – $49.99/month + $599 site license (one-time paying); up to 30 users, track unlimited families, unlimited seats, unlimited devices, and more,
  • Level 3 – $29.99/month + $599 site license (one-time paying); unlimited users, track unlimited users, unlimited seats, unlimited devices, and more.



  • Small church – 299 (one-time site license); track up to 50 families, one seat + $50 for each additional seat;
  • Standard – $599 (one-time site license); unlimited families, one seat + $50 for each additional seat.


Chmeetings open source church management software

Chmeetings is an open source church management software designed for Catholic, Protestant, and Orthodox churches. Key features are small group management, event management, member directory, group text messaging, and attendance tracking.

The solution offers users a dashboard that permits them to add multiple user accounts, send mass messages to added members, and create separate accounts for church leaders and other staff members. The users can also assign and manage access permissions for specific members.

Additionally, it provides users with features such as data importing and periodic backups. The software can be accessed via multiple devices and also includes users’ apps for Android and iOS.


  • Free account – 100 members, members management, groups management, events management, follow-ups management, reports, and SMS;
  • Medium account – $10/month or $100/annually; 250 members + everything from Free account;
  • Large account – $15/month or $150 per year; 500 members + everything from Medium account;
  • Unlimited account – $20/month or $200 per year; unlimited members + everything from Large account.

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