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7 Proven Ways to Get Free Business Phone Number

Having a business phone number adds a level of credibility to your company. Typically, you can get a business number only when you pay for a phone landline service, when you activate a cell phone or a SIM card, or when you register for a VoIP Service.

Your business number is the most important contact clients have for your company. While there has been an increase in the use of other points of contact channels like chat and email, there is nothing more reassuring than having an actual person answering your call.

For example, phone number for business can be a toll-free number or local phone number to establish a local or national presence. Or, maybe you want to offer two different numbers to give the customers a choice.

Where to Find Free Business Phone Number?

Before the setup process, you’ll need to choose a phone system. As a small business or startup, one missed call could make the difference between entrepreneurial failure and viability.

A virtual phone system may be a reliable and affordable solution for your business. Not only you can benefit from extensions and online phone management tools, but you can also complete setup without spending hundreds of bucks for professional installation services.

There are many places you can find a free business number. You’ll have the opportunity to get a local number or a toll-free number.

Depending on the service provider, you can either have the incoming calls forwarded to your own cell phone. Or, you can also use a computer or desk phone to receive calls or make outbound calls too.

In reality, you can get a free phone number for business always. Business phones can be a significant expense for businesses, and these tips make it possible to make unlimited business for free.

For that reason, our IT experts round up the 7 most effective ways on how to get a free phone number:

Google Voice

free google phone number for business

Google Voice offers freelancers, individuals, consultants, or anyone wanting to separate business from private calls a second phone number for incoming and outgoing calls with no monthly fee. Almost all calls to the USA and Canada are free, while international calls cost cent per minute.

Google Voice brings you a free phone number through which you can get multiple phones to ring simultaneously on an incoming call. It means that when you sign up for a free Google number for business, and the customers call that number, you can have your phone, tablet, and computer all ring simultaneously to ensure that you won’t miss the call.

With Google Voice you can get transcribed calls, so you can read voicemail instead of listening. Plus, you can port your real phone number to the Google Voice service.

Google Voice enables you to make local calls within the USA to any phone number, such as businesses, other cell phones, and home phones. International calling is available, also, but you need to pay for it.

You can use the Google Voice app to make free phone calls and texts on computers, Apple and Android devices. Google Voice features include the following:

  • Google Voice 800 number;
  • Automated attendant;
  • Call management;
  • Extensions & call routing.


free business phone number app

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system that delivers basic business phone features without any equipment to install on any professional device.

It’s an excellent service for small business owners or remote employees who need a business number with an added functionality for their cell phone and landline.

Grasshopper offers 3 business plans. Each plan includes phone numbers and extensions:

  • Solo Plan – One number and three extensions for $29 by month;
  • Partner Plan – Three numbers and six extensions for $49 by month;
  • Small Business Plan – Five numbers and unlimited extensions for $89 by month.

This system includes several features that give entrepreneurs or remote employees the same tools that many traditional business phone systems provide, like call routing, voicemail, and fax.

It also features customizable call management, extensions & call routing, auto-attendant, hold music, a dial-by-name directory, business texting, and voicemail-to-email.

Freedom Pop

business phone number

FreedomPop is one of the leaders in the free cell phone niche. You can start with their Basic Free Plan that includes the following benefits when you’re not connected to a Wi-Fi network:

  • 200 minutes,
  • 500 text messages,
  • 500MB LTE (long-term evolution) data.

There’s a one-time activation fee at $19.99, FreedomPop’s plan can be entirely free for every month going forward. Since this is technically a “personal” cell phone plan, you’ll only get a local phone number and a separate cell phone.

This provider uses the Sprint carrier network for voice, text, and LTE data. It’s possible for FreedomPop to offer free service every month since your calls are made via public Wi-Fi network instead of cellular towers.

Although you get 200 minutes each month, you can technically make unlimited calls, texts, and internet surfing if you stay connected to a public Wi-Fi network.

If you require additional business phone services, FreedomPop offers add-on business services too. When you want to give your small business a more professional look, you don’t need a toll-free 1-800 number, since their Basic Free plan is a great starting point.


phone number for business

Phonebooth isn’t completely free business phone number app since you pay $20 by the month for each user. You get 2 free phone numbers, and the monthly fee pays for the following unlimited services:

  • Nationwide local and long distance,
  • Auto attendants,
  • Voicemail transcriptions,
  • Groups,
  • Group conferences.

Other applications charge an additional monthly fee for some of these features, and you only have a finite amount of minutes. Although this plan costs $20 upfront each month, you’ll spend significantly less than with other business phone number solutions.

Plus, you don’t have a contract so that you can pay month-by-month for additional flexibility. And, Phonebooth doesn’t charge setup fees and other hidden fees that you might not know about during the registration either.


free phone number for business

Nextiva offers telephony services for small businesses with functionality that eliminates the need for a traditional phone system. Nextiva provides virtual phone numbers, more robust business phone features, and affordable service plans.

Nextiva is an excellent choice for small companies and entrepreneurs wanting an affordable virtual phone number to use with a complete and integrated business phone system.

Nextiva offers three price plans:

  • Office Pro starts at $19.95 per user, by month. This plan includes local or toll-free virtual phone numbers, unlimited calling, voicemail-to-email, on-hold music, and virtual faxing;
  • Office Pro Plus begins from $20.95 per user, by month. Pro Plus adds one professionally recorded greeting, conference calling, and access to the mobile app;
  • Office Enterprise starts at $27.95 per user, by month. It includes three professionally recorded greetings as well as a set of analytics and reporting tools. This tier also provides access to Nextiva’s full suite of CRM features, which include customer journey mapping and advanced call recording.



It’s an internet phone service provider that utilizes either your telephone adapter or a computer to make calls through the internet. CallCentric enables free calls to other CallCentric users and low-rate calls to conventional phones.

CallCentric provides VoIP-based broadband phone services for both business and residential users. Their services include all of the essential features, free local numbers, and much more.

As long as you’re calling another CallCentric customer, with the properly installed software (or an IP-adapted phone), the call is free. The only drawback is that you can’t call anyone on a landline.

CallCentric offers seven different paid calling plans:

  • IP Freedom – Unlimited in-network calling to CallCentric customers and other VoIP networks;
  • Pay Per Call – Anywhere, low per-minute rates on the calls you make;
  • North America Basic – 120 minutes to the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico. Worldwide at low per-minute rates. A monthly fee is $1.95, plus setup fee for $1.50;
  • North America 500 – 500 minutes to the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico. Worldwide at low-per minute rates. The monthly payment is $6.95, while the setup fee costs $1.50;
  • North America 1000 – 100 minutes to the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Worldwide at low per-minute rates. Monthly fee costs $12.95, plus setup fee for $1.50;
  • North America Residential – Unlimited calling to USA, Canada, Puerto Rico for residential users. The monthly payment is $19.95, and the setup fee is $1.50;
  • World Select Residential – Unlimited calling to over 35 countries and destinations for residential users. Monthly fee starts with $29.95, while setup fee costs $1.50. is a cloud-based PBX (private branch exchange) business solution that suits fantastic to small business in industries such as retail, technology, lifestyle, services, education, and health. offers three pricing plans:

  • Base – $12.99 per month for 300 calling minutes or $22.99 for unlimited calling;
  • Plus – $19.99 per month for 500 calling minutes or $24.99 for unlimited calling;
  • Pro – $33.99 per month for 1,000 calling minutes or $27.99 for unlimited calling.

This virtual phone number provider offers customizable call management, unlimited extensions, automated attendant, voicemail-to-email, dial-by-name-directory, texting, and faxing.

Plus, offers entrepreneurs and small business owners most of the same tools traditional business phone systems provide.

This solution provides a self-service platform. Once your signup is complete, the virtual number is ready to use. Most functions are executed with a few simple clicks, and as your business grows, you can buy the additional adapters or phones directly from this provider.

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