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Top 10 Glass Washers for 2022: Efficient and Quick Glass Cleaning Every Bar Needs

Commercial dishwashers differ from residential dishwashers due to their speed. They can wash a load of dishes in less than 2 minutes. That way, you will have a constant supply of clean glasses, not to mention you need to comply with the sanitation codes in your area.

Choosing the best commercial glasswasher or dishwasher is not an easy job. It differs immensely from choosing one for your house.

Your commercial equipment must be of the right type for your wares, correct temperature, size, and space that you have in your kitchen. It also needs to fit within your budget, considering upfront and ongoing costs.

Glasswashers are gentler on fragile glass and have a special soft start to prevent glass breakage. This list will provide you the best bar glass cleaners available on the market to help you make the right choice and save you time, money, and stress.

1.      Bar Maid A-200 Upright 5-Brush In-sink Electric Glass Washer ($339.99)

This is the first in sink, upright commercial bar glass washer on the list. Bar Maid A-200 Upright 5-Brush Electric Glass Washer has a durable stainless steel construction, enclosed motor with sealed lower bearing, and splashguard canopy. The 1/3 hp motor has an easy on/off toggle switch makes it very easy to use.

It is the perfect choice for bars and other foodservice businesses that cycle through many glassware daily but do not have a spacious kitchen.

Bar Maid A-200 Upright 5-Brush In-sink Electric Glass Washer

2.      Adcraft GW-120 The Redhead Upright Electric Glass Washer ($411.75)

This type of bar sink glass washer is easy to install without any special plumbing or electrical hook-ups. It has rubber feet for greater stability, and the base is made of heavy-duty stainless steel. It is very compact; it can fit in any commercial sink, with the casing preventing motor water damage.

You will have crystal clear glasses; it removes all soil including lipstick and fingerprints. Adcraft GW-120 The Redhead Upright Electric Glass Washer comes with 5 electric brushes, one bigger central brush, and 4 outside brush heads.

Adcraft GW-120 The Redhead Upright Electric Glass Washer

3.      Glass Maid Upright Electric Glass Washer Champion AA 67250 ($345.11)

Glass Maid Upright Electric Glass Washer Champion model AA 67250 will save you time and effort. Its motor is out of the water, and there is no need to clean it constantly of the hard water stains.

It is durable, withstanding a busy bar weekend full of glasses with the perfect result. It is quiet and powerful, fitting nicely into any bar sink.

Glass Maid Upright Electric Glass Washer Champion AA 67250

4.      Bar Maid SS-100 – 5-Brush Submersible Electric Glass Washer ($529.82)

This type of bar glass washer has a particularly submerged motor that maintains a warm water temperature, allowing for use in establishments with less clearance under the bar. It is durable, reliable, and cleans glasses faster than by hand and without breakage.

Bar Maid (SS-100) – 5-Brush Submersible Electric Glass Washer installs easy in any sink, has 5 spinning and replaceable brushes. It is made of 11 gauge stainless steel and is UL, CSA, NSF, and ETL certified.

Bar Maid SS-100 - 5-Brush Submersible Electric Glass Washer

5.      Bar Maid AA-SUB 5-Brush Electric Submersible Glass Washer ($459.99)

Another great Bar Maid product of the submersible type. Its 1/3 HP electric motor with automatic overload for protection from overheating and bronze bearings ensures long life.

Bar Maid AA-SUB 5-Brush Electric Submersible Glass Washer has stainless steel construction and a hermetically sealed motor. It also has standard ground fault protection.

Bar Maid AA-SUB 5-Brush Electric Submersible Glass Washer

6.      Jackson Delta HT-E-SEER-T Freestanding High Temperature Glasswasher ($6,141.00)

Now we have come to freestanding glass washers. Jackson Delta HT-E-SEER-T Freestanding High Temperature Glasswasher cleans 20 racks per hour and accommodates standard 20”x 20” racks.

Soft start prevents glassware from chipping and breaking. The energy Recovery System is designed to collect the hot water vapor inside the machine and uses it to preheat the incoming rinse water. Built-in booster heater ensures the proper rinse temperature.

It is also available in an underbar (short) design.

Jackson Delta HT-E-SEER-T Freestanding High Temperature Glasswasher

7.      Blakeslee UC-18 Commercial Restaurant Undercounter High Temperature Glass Washer ($2,899.00)

This undercounter glass washer is designed to do its best in a compact foodservice environment using less than a gallon of water per rack. Blakeslee UC-18 Commercial Restaurant Undercounter High Temperature Glass Washer is easy to install, with built-in detergent and rinse-aid pumps.

Its top-mounted controls are easy to read and simple to operate, with a capacity of 1080 glasses per hour. In addition, customers say it is a very quiet appliance due to its double skin construction.

Blakeslee UC-18 Commercial Restaurant Undercounter High Temperature Glass Washer

8.      Jet Tech 727-E High Temp Commercial Cup/Glass/Dishwasher ($3,299.00)

Jet Tech 727-E High Temp Commercial Cup/Glass/Dishwasher has a reinforced door hinge system and a safety micro-switch on the door to interrupt wash pump action. In addition, the wash pump is protected with double-strap filters, plus an additional filter for the overflow tube.

Front-mounted electronic control panels with digital temperature displays are easy to operate and easy to read.

External housing, body, wash tank, and all chassis components of this glass washing machine are made of brushed 304 steel (18 gauge).

Jet Tech 727-E High Temp Commercial Cup - Glass - Dishwasher

9.      Jackson WWS Delta Glass Washer ($5,547.00)

Jackson WWS Delta Glass Washer can wash up to 1200 glasses per hour. It is a rotary type, which means it has a composite carousel conveyor that prevents glassware chipping. It features a 12″ clearance for the taller glassware, mugs, and stemware.

It is a low-temperature chemical sanitizing unit with built-in chemical pumps and onboard chemical storage. Adjustable rinse control allows for hot or cold water final rinses, which provides a flexible sanitizing method.

This excellent wine glass washer fits perfectly under the bar, with adjustable bullet feet.

Jackson WWS Delta Glass Washer

10.       MVP Group F-16DP Cup and Glass Washer ($3,299.00)

With a capacity of 24 racks per hour, MVP Group F-16DP Cup and Glass Washer have a 0.5HP motor pump with thermal overload protection. It is perfect for small coffee shops and restaurants.

The complete cycle lasts for 160 seconds – 145 seconds for wash and 15 seconds for rinse. The wash phase is at 150oF, and the rinse phase is at 185oF. The sanitary labyrinth door eliminates the need for a gasket, with the door opening will overall clearance of 10″. Safety micro-switch on the door interrupts wash pump action, and individual analog thermometer gauges displays wash and rinse temperatures.

It comes with one angled glassware rack and one combination rack. It is a versatile glasswasher because of the possibility to use other types of racks in this unit, not just glass racks – which is a very convenient feature.

MVP Group F-16DP Cup and Glass Washer

Dishwashers vs. Glasswashers

Although used interchangeably, these two terms are not the same. Commercial dishwashers and glasswashers differ in construction and how they perform.

A dishwasher is designed to clean a wide variety of dishes, including those made of stainless steel. However, there is a difference between washing a wine glass and a cooking pot. For the wine glass, it will take far less time and a low temperature for washing.

Commercial glass washer is made to fit glasses, with the combination of the gentle, short cycle, lower temperatures, and a mild detergent for streak marks-free washing. This is good for your glassware in the long run.

The level of flexibility in a bar glass cleaner machine is almost impossible to achieve in a full-fledged commercial dishwasher.

glass washing machine

Types of Commercial Glass Washers

When talking about bar glass dishwasher types, both the design and the way it operates are equally important.

In Sink Glasswashers

These units are small and designed to fit into every standard sink. They are the perfect solution for small establishments with a low turnaround.

Highly portable, they use a combination of hot water with detergent and effective brushing to thoroughly clean glasses. Multiple brushes rotate and remove any impurities more efficiently than usual manual glasses washing.



Easy installation

Long service life


Slow pace

Under Counter Glasswashers

The glass washer for the bar is the most recognizable item because it looks like the type of dishwasher you would use at home.

With the capacity of 35 racks per hour, it is a highly efficient piece of equipment. Therefore, it is a perfect option for the mid-sized establishment or the one with happy hour or busy mornings.

It uses a high or low-temperature sanitizing method for cleaning glasses.



Works fast


Can be expensive

Conveyor Glasswashers

Larger than undercounter type of glasswashers, they require extra space for installation. Fit up to 400 racks per hour and are perfect for large establishments like hospitals, cafeterias, or schools. This industrial-sized kitchen equipment is rarely in use in regular coffee shops or bars.


High capacity

Very fast


Take up a lot of space

Use more water and energy than other types

Very expensive

How to Choose a Commercial Glass Washer

You must consider these 4 elements to ensure you stay on course.


Probably the most significant factor that dictates the type of glasswasher. Consider the space needed for the glasswasher installation, together with the electrical and plumbing fixtures.


When talking about performance, clear expectations is the best place to start. Here are some guidelines to think about:

  • How many glasses per hour do you need to wash?
  • Do you have any oddly shaped glasses?
  • Do your glassware need to come out dry inside and out?
  • Do you have extra delicate glassware like champagne glasses together with beer glasses?

Water and Energy Saving

Look for energy efficacy or Energy Star certification. It indicates that the machine uses 40% less water and is 40% more energy efficient.

You must know how much water and energy you need for a cycle in a busy food establishment. Maybe you are not green-oriented, but you can still enjoy the benefits of low utility bills.


Saving the time and money with a glasswasher is your goal, right? You can eliminate the need for an employee dedicated to glass washing by having a glass washing machine for the bar.

On the other hand, the cost of the glass washing machine depends on its size and capacity. The more you need, the higher the price. Therefore, it is essential to determine the upfront and ongoing cost to avoid losing the customers if your demand is higher than your capacity.

Tips on How to Use Your Glasswasher Properly

With these tips, your machine will wash your glassware efficiently for many years.

  • Read the glasswasher user manual carefully.
  • Make sure your machine is set at the right temperature during washing and rinsing.
  • Wipe out the lipstick stains before loading the glasswasher.
  • Use suitable detergent.
  • Adhere to the maintenance schedule.
  • Avoid interrupting the machine.
  • Leave the door open overnight.