black friday cell phone deals 2020

Best 2022 Black Friday Phone Deals

Black Friday is a great opportunity to pick up a brand-new iPhone, Samsung, or Google Pixel for a great price. Here are the best Black Friday phone deals for 2022 we've found so far.
Amazon prime day cell phone deals

Amazon Prime Day Cell Phone Deals

Here are the 15 best phone deals Prime Day 2022 will offer. Find your favorite one and save extra money.

Best Budget Android Phones

Best Budget Android Phones

This list of best budget Android phones gives you all the features you need for a good price. Here’re our 7 top picks on the radar.
how to remove malware from android phone

How to Remove Malware from Android Phone

With more than 2.5 billion Android devices on the planet, chances are high that you have one. If your phone is running slower than standard and there are all types of mysterious apps on it, you probably have malware.

best android flip phone

The 6 Best Android Flip Phones

What do Kim Kardashian and Larry King have in common? They both use Android flip phone.Also, younger kids don’t need the added responsibility of holding an expensive phone when a $20 basic phone (feature phone) enables the parent to call their child when necessary.Feature phone tends to get the basics right, with decent call quality, the ability to send text messages, and perhaps the most important thing – multi-day battery life.

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