Small Business Server in Detail

Small Business Server in Detail

Learn how to choose the right small business server and what are top servers for business deals in 2018. Server buying checklist. Cloud vs In-house? Pros and cons of server OS.

G Suite vs Office 365

G Suite vs Office 365

G Suite vs Office 365 – which option is better for your company? We compared them thoroughly to help you find the best fit for your business.

Best CRM For Real Estate

Real estate CRM is a platform designed especially for real estate agents, helping them engage with their clients and prospective customers.


5 Powerhouse NAS Storage Solutions

This NAS storage guide takes a deep dive into the capabilities and benefits of network-attached storage. Plus, you'll find which 5 NAS systems are best for small business in 2022.

5 Perfect Business Security Cameras

Learn how to choose the best solution for you, between many security cameras for indoor and outdoor usage. Also, find out what are the best business security cameras for 2022 with their benefits, pros & cons, and prices.

5 Best Free VPN Solutions

5 Best Free VPN Solutions

The advantages of using free VPNs exceeds browsing online with no protection. Learn how does virtual private network work, its pros and cons, differences between free and paid version, and what is the best free VPN for you.
Best Small Business Servers for 2021

Best Small Business Servers for 2022

It’s time to buy first small office server but you are overwhelmed with so many choices? Read this article and find out how to choose server and what type of server your business needs.

15 Best Penetration Testing Tools

15 Best Penetration Testing Tools

With the millions of everyday attacks on computer systems, proactively protect your vital IT infrastructure is key. And, one of the best methods for the businesses and individuals to safeguard themselves is via penetration testing (pen test).
Guide to DoS Attacks

Guide to DoS Attacks

A DoS or denial of service attack is used to bind a website’s resources so that users who need to access the site can’t do so. Many large enterprises have been the focus of DoS attacks.

What is Malware 2020

What is Malware ?

The widespread use of the Internet has impacted the onset of malicious activities that can significantly affect a user’s privacy and safety online. One such activity is malware ...
5 Best Malware Removal Tools

5 Best Malware Removal Tools

The more we use the Internet, the higher the chance to get infected by some kind of malware. Malicious software is widely present on the web, and it has developed a lot during the last couple of years.

how to prevent man in the middle attack

Man In The Middle Attack

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) is a cyberattack where a third party intercepts your online communication with someone, trying to steal data. Learn more about how to protect from it.

Best Ransomware Protection

Have a look at the 7 examples that will provide you with the best protection against ransomware and help you save your valuable files and folders from being locked.


Bitdefender vs. Avast

The more the choices we have, the harder it is to make a final decision. The differences we find between Coca-Cola and Pepsi may be insignificant. Still, someone will notice a huge variation in taste, which will help them determine what drink to buy.
Avast vs Kaspersky Which One is Better

Avast vs Kaspersky

People can be very indecisive when it comes to choosing the best antivirus software. Knowing that there is a plethora of more or less similar products on the market, it may be challenging to find a small detail that will prevail upon your decision.


Best Cloud Storage for Business

Today entrepreneurs increasingly want access to their data on the go, with no overhead for storage maintenance and no hardware maintenance costs. Cloud storage for business delivers an efficient solution and is rapidly gaining in popularity.
cyber security certifications

Cyber Security Certifications

Top-notch cybersecurity measures are essential for the digital era we live in. Secure network systems within organizations are critical for protecting the sensitive data of customers, clients, employees, and even CEOs who stand behind the most powerful conglomerates. That said, the implementation of antivirus software programs is not always enough, and ...

best cyber security schools 2020

Cyber Security Schools

Knowing that modern age brings modern inventions, such as smartphones, smartwatches, or the Internet of Things (IoT), many students-to-be often decide to dedicate themselves to researching the field of technology, computer science, or cybersecurity. All tech programs offered by universities are vital for today’s professions, but cybersecurity jobs are always in high demand.
cyber security analyst 2020

Cyber Security Analyst

Earning a cybersecurity degree, certification, or another valid diploma opens the door to many job opportunities. When you are at the beginning of your career journey, your preferences may be targeted at the cyber security analyst profession since that’s an excellent place to build your skills and make significant progress.


What is Ransomware

A decade ago, the prevailing type of cybercriminal was intellectual property theft, the stealing of industrial designs, and military top-secrets. But ransomware is different since it doesn’t destroy equipment or data. It locks it, making it inaccessible without a complex numeric key that’s provided only to those who pay the ransom fee.
The 7 Best Server Antivirus Solutions

The 7 Best Server Antivirus Solutions

You should observe the server as the heart of your entire tech environment. It’s essential for all the devices that you use, including desktop, laptop, smartphone, tablet, and others since everything circulates through it. Due to the fact that it plays a significant role in the tech world, it’s vital to provide it with appropriate protection. If malware or any other virus attack your server, you are at risk of compromising your entire network to an unauthorized source.

best antivirus for iphone

The 6 Top-Class Antivirus Software for iPhone

Smartphones are an essential part of both everyday and business life. They bring tons of advantages, and they can be more than helpful in certain situations – still, their misuse can jeopardize your security and privacy. Downloading apps from untrusted sources and using public, unprotected Wi-Fi, present potential threats that can hijack your sensitive data.
best antivirus for android

Best Antivirus for Android Smartphones

Android is the operating system that’s present on most of the devices we use nowadays. The reason lies in its practicality, straightforwardness, affordability, and a vast number of possibilities it offers for facilitating everyday tasks. Accordingly, Android antivirus is more than an essential program for those whose devices are based upon the mentioned OS, and many prominent antivirus developers offer solutions that may meet your needs.

best antivirus

5 Top Rated Free Antivirus

Cybercrime has spread its power, and if you are not armed with the latest protection, you may be the perfect target for hackers. Most Internet users aren’t aware of potential threats that usually come together with unsafe downloads, visiting unverified web pages, clicking the suspicious content or ad that leads to the malicious link that can jeopardize your system and delete or steal your data.
best antivirus for mac

The 7 Best Antivirus for Mac

It is assumed that Mac contains all the features that someone could dream about. That’s true, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be affected by many different threats that are present. Such threats and viruses are capable of jeopardizing even the Apple devices, which is why they should be protected with an antivirus for Mac, which is designed explicitly for defending your computer from potential malware and provide more security online.

Computer hacker or Cyber attack concept background

Types of Cyber Security Attacks

Ever since the release of one of the most potent and malicious computer viruses in August 2003, blaster, people started to wonder whether the biggest modern invention, the Internet, was safe. Although the initial idea of the Internet was to facilitate the data transmission within smaller, usually scientific groups, it surprisingly became available to a broader audience
cyber security tools

Cyber Security Tools

Although the entire idea of cybersecurity seems overwhelming to most people, it is vital to understand its importance to virtual data protection. Namely, most of our sensitive information is stored online, and with the help of some black hacking tricks, it can easily become available to individuals who’re not supposed to see it.

Most Secure Cloud Storage

Most Secure Cloud Storage

People increasingly use cloud storage for businesses or personally, thanks to its convenience. When you upload sensitive documents to the cloud, the providers you entrust with them must be taking steps to keep them safe.

10 Best Free Cloud Storage

Startups and entrepreneurs throughout the globe are taking advantage of cloud-based apps to manage everything from productivity and teamwork to resource communications and scheduling.

Avast vs AVG

Avast vs AVG

A widely-spread world of antivirus program has brought a lot of convenient features that protect the system from different kinds of viruses, malware and threats that could be destructive.
Best Cloud Storage

Best Cloud Storage

Dropbox released its cloud storage service in 2007, and the Internet’s transformations back then have redefined how everyone, from students to government agencies, stash, process, and create on the web.

A Complete Guide to SQL Injection Attack

Guide to SQL Injection Attack

Apart from sending phishing emails, intercepting the conversation between two entities, and hiding Trojans inside legitimate files, attackers may take advantage of poorly coded websites ...

What is Phishing

Phishing is one of the cyberattacks that’s commonly used by hackers who want to steal a user’s identity and access their confidential financial information.

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