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5 Best Online Backup Programs in 2022 – Launch Your Data to the Clouds

Most of our sensitive data is stored on electronic devices – smartphones, tablets, computers, and laptops. The reason for that is simple; why waste time and space on storing papers when all that can be saved in digital format and be available any time?

Still, as the papers can get lost, stolen, or burnt, so the digital data can disappear in a blink of an eye. Imagine that the computer you’ve had all your life on dies – if there’s no chance to retrieve the lost data, the first thing that the technician is going to ask is, do you have a backup?

If the answer is no, you’re screwed.

To prevent such situations where you’d want to die together with your computer, consider online backup solutions. That way, all your data will be saved to the cloud, and you can access it whenever you want, from any device.

In the continuation, you’ll see the broader explanation of the importance of having a backup, as well as the five most prominent solutions available on the market.

The Essence of Online Backup

Online backup is designed to make sure all your data is entirely safe in case of unforeseen events.

Online backup services will scan your hard drive, find the data worth protecting, encrypt it for more security, and upload it to the company’s servers found online. Once it’s done, you can access the files any time, from any device.

However, online backup shouldn’t be equaled to cloud storage systems, such as Dropbox, Box, or OneDrive. The thing is, they also save data on the cloud, but they don’t protect all the sensitive documents – instead, you can use cloud storage systems to save some academic files, schedules, or photos which don’t contain the critical info.

Is Online Backup Completely Safe?

Most online backup providers use AES 256 encryption standard, which is considered one of the most potent encryption technologies used today. That said, once encrypted, no one can read your data.

In addition, many backup services offer a private encryption key option. This means, you can manage your own encryption keys, which means that you are the only one who’ll know the password that decrypts your backup.

Still, make sure you don’t forget it – in case you do, the company won’t be able to help you reset the password.

What is the Best Online Backup Service in 2022?

You can find a lot of online backup solutions available nowadays. They offer more or less similar features, but they mostly differ in the amount of disc space they offer, a number of computers they cover, online backup pricing, and other things.

Let’s jump into online backup comparison and see the five programs that are considered the best.

1.      IDrive – The Best Free Online Backup

IDrive online backup

Among the variety of options dedicated to online backup, IDrive is one of the most popular. It’s quite easy to install, it’s compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, and it’s got three pricing plans – Basic ($0.00), IDrive Personal ($52.12), and IDrive Business ($74.62).

Amount of storage 2 TB
Amount of storage in a Free plan 5 GB
Number of users Unlimited
Private Key Encryption +
File Sharing +
Folder Syncing +
Subscription Period Monthly, Yearly
OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Linux

As you can see, IDrive offers a wide range of features suitable for every user. Speaking of the storage, it’s limited, but 2TB of data in IDrive Personal Plan is quite enough. On the other hand, 5GB you get for free might not be convenient for everyone.

The fact that you have an unlimited number of users per account is especially useful for business owners who want to provide backup to multiple computers.

IDrive brings an excellent layer of security – it uses 256-bit AES, but it also allows you to set your private encryption key that makes sure no one except you can read your data. Besides, this online backup system supports e-mail two-factor authentication for accessing the web and mobile apps.

Folder syncing and file sharing are also convenient features, but syncing requires a separate installation, which can be done via desktop or web app.

Speaking of the drawbacks, many users complain about the limited storage data (even though 2TB are OK, it’s frustrating the fact that you’re limited), as well as the slow file restoration process.

2.      Carbonite – The Best Online Computer Backup

Carbonite free online backup

Carbonite is a user-friendly online backup service, suitable for those who need basic backup features. However, it’s considered pretty expensively ($71.99/year for the Basic plan), and that’s why many people refuse to purchase it, despite its comprehensive features.

Amount of storage Unlimited
Amount of storage in a Free plan
Number of users 1
Private Key Encryption +
File Sharing
Folder Syncing
Subscription Period 1 Year only
OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

The thing that grabs people’s attention when it comes to Carbonite is the unlimited backup, which means that you can upload as many files as you want to the cloud. However, the fact that there’s no free version available is quite frustrating compared to IDrive.

Still, Carbonite allows you to download a 15-day free trial of all the plans it offers so that you can explore the features before buying it.

Also, what users don’t appreciate is the fact that each plan includes only one user per account – that said, if you want to add more computers, it’ll cost you a lot. Again, most competitors deliver better offers when it comes to this particular issue.

One of the best features of Carbonite is the possibility to back up your external hard drives, which is a pretty convenient option. Still, this feature is not included in a Basic plan.

Speaking of security, it is quite strong, and there is private key encryption – you won’t have to worry about potential risks.

Overall, although Carbonite offers unlimited storage and many other advantages, it’s still quite slow, limited, and expensive compared to other services that provide even more possibilities. So, try it first, because, once bought, you won’t be able to cancel it until the 1-year subscription has expired.

3.      iCloud – The Best iOS Online Backup

iCloud online backup for mac

Even though it’s not a full-computer backup, iCloud is still the best backup solution for the iOS users. It comes with native integration for Mac and iOS devices, and the backup is done automatically. It’s mostly used for uploading photos, videos, and documents.


Amount of storage 50GB ($0.99), 200GB ($3.99), 1TB ($9.99)
Amount of storage in a Free plan 5GB
Number of users 1
Private Key Encryption
File Sharing +
Folder Syncing +
Subscription Period Monthly
OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

Believe it or not, iCloud is not made for iOS users only – it can be used on Windows and Android as well, but it still comes with some limitations when used on such platforms.

It’s observed more like cloud-based storage and syncing service than as a typical online backup provider, but it’s still a convenient solution for the users. It comes with 5GB of free storage, and you can sign up for more if you need it. Also, the prices are reasonable.

The interface of Apple’s devices has always been specific and unique, and iCloud follows the path as well. It’s less straightforward than most of its competitors (in this case Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive), and it takes some time to learn how to use all the features, especially if you haven’t used any of Apple’s devices before.

One of the strengths of iCloud is the online editing. That way, you can share the files with your friends or colleagues and invite them to edit the document – that’s useful when you need to do a project for work or university.

Each user of iCloud has their own account which they can access anytime, from any device. You can have an insight into your contacts, reminders, photos, e-mail, and other apps.

Although you can access iCloud from Android or Windows phone, you can do it only via the browser, since there is no iCloud app you can download from Google Play. So, consider some other solutions if you are not an iOS user.

Overall, iCloud is a decent backup platform for iOS and Mac users.

4.      SOS Online Backup – The Best Security Features

iCloud online backup for mac

SOS Online Backup delivers the most sophisticated security features among all its competitors. Accordingly, it’s quite expensive – $44.99 per year for 50GB of storage is a lot compared to SOS’s friend (or foe) Carbonite, which at least offers the unlimited storage.


Amount of storage 50GB ($0.99), 200GB ($3.99), 1TB ($9.99)
Amount of storage in a Free plan
Number of users 5
Private Key Encryption +
File Sharing +
Folder Syncing +
Subscription Period Monthly ($4.99 for Home, $29.99 for Business),
OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android

As mentioned, SOS provides you with top-notch security features – it includes private key encryption, 256-bit AES encryption standard, and SSL. The company won’t have access to your data, but it’ll collect some of your personal info so that they can contact you and provide a service improvement.

The advantage of the SOS is also the archival service – that way, in case you delete a local file on your backup, you can set this service to retain files online for a certain period of time. However, it’s not possible to restore data to the place it existed before.

What users don’t like much is the fact that SOS doesn’t offer a real continuous backup, which means that it won’t back up the files as soon as the changes are made. If you want to back up some critical files, you’ll need to right-click on them and enable LiveProtect.

Besides it functions perfectly both on desktop and smartphones, it’s got a pretty outdated interface. The gray color and impossibility to resize most windows might remind you of some old machines, instead of the contemporary software.

Overall, it’s recommended to give it a try.

5.      Backblaze – the Best Online Backup for Mac

Backblaze - Best Online Backup for Mac

Apart from iCloud, Backblaze is quite a considerable choice for Mac users as well. It’s got robust features, including computer and external hard drives backup, and all the files are uploaded to the cloud as soon as they are added or edited.


Amount of storage Unlimited
Amount of storage in a Free plan
Number of users 1
Private Key Encryption Semi-private
File Sharing +
Folder Syncing +
Subscription Period Monthly ($6.00), Yearly ($60.00), 2-Year ($110.00) for Home backup.
$60.00/year per computer for Business backup
OS Compatibility Windows, MacOS, Android, iOS

Backblaze is an easy-to-use online backup service, and it’s suitable for backup newcomers. It’s got the unlimited amount of storage, which is quite generous having in mind its affordability. There is no free plan, but you can go for a 15-day free trial first.

Still, it’s limited to one computer only, which might be quite inconvenient.

One of the most enhanced features of Backblaze is the option to inherit backup – for instance, if you install the software on some other computer, you can resume your backup process where you left off.

Also, if you have Backblaze installed on your computer, you can quickly locate it in case you lose it, or someone steals it.

Speaking of significant drawbacks, there aren’t many – however, it would be better if there were File Explorer and Finder Integration. That way, finding files would be much easier.