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10 Top Rated Xbox 360 Games in 2022 Based on Genre

Ever since its release in 2005, Xbox 360 has been dominating the gaming world. The reason for its enormous popularity is the fact that it offers a verity of games of different genres that people of all ages have been playing for over a decade.

There is a plethora of Xbox 360 games that players can enjoy at any time – single-player, multiplayer, RPG, sports, mystery, and more genres that meet everyone’s needs. Another reason why Xbox 360 stands out from other consoles and PCs is the fact that it can support even the older game versions that bring us back to the times when we used to play on Sega Genesis. And these games were quite engaging.

Allow us to present you with the 10 best Xbox 360 games you can play in 2022. You will see the best game in a particular genre, a brief review, and useful information on where to buy the game.

1.      Minecraft – The Best Xbox 360 Game to Express Creativity

Believe it or not, Minecraft is an excellent way to express your creativity. Minecraft is all about building things using the blocks, unlike most of the games that focus on destroying. Thanks to the infinite possibilities you have, you can build a fantastic home and garden, but more options include brewing potions and building incredible Minecraft worlds.

But don’t think that no one will try to stop you in your mission. You’ll have to pay special attention to mobs, which are the animals and monsters that appear in the game, and they come in many different types. Unlike animals that can be tamed, monsters can cause many inconveniences. All of them spawn in the dark and can come to your home if it doesn’t provide lighting.

Although the entire game concept doesn’t seem complex, the game requires strategy and deep planning. It’s pretty interesting to play, especially if you love arts and crafts.

2.      Left 4 Dead 2 – The Best Multiplayer Xbox 360 Game

Left 4 Dead 2 is one of the best multi player Xbox 360 games for various reasons. It’s an enhanced recreation of the Left 4 Dead 1, and according to those who have already played, the second part comes with significant improvements and a much better playing experience.

The characters come with more “personality” than they used to in the previous part, and the game environment is more energetic. Although the improvements are more noticeable in the graphics, the entire gameplay is enriched with more blood, more detail, and campaigns. Still, your goal remains the same – survive, protect your horde, and kill as many zombies as you can using some of the new weapons and tools this sequel brings. It’s generally better than the first part, and you’ll probably love it more. It could also be one of the best 360 games for those who prefer the first-person shooter genre with a lot of enemies and different ways to kill them.

3.      Halo 3 – The Best Xbox 360 First-Person Shooter Game

Halo 3 follows the same concept as Left 4 Dead 2, Counter-Strike, and other first-person shooter games, but it still has some features that distinguish it from a bunch of its counterparts.

Halo 3 is convenient for both casual and hardcore fans of shooter games, and it even gives the opportunity to the beginners who want to improve their skills and become experts at the game. Compared to the previous parts of the sequel, Halo 1 and Halo 2, Halo 3 is much more enhanced, and players enjoy it a lot. It’s much easier to beat your enemies and the AI, but it’s still challenging, which means that you shouldn’t relax but be completely focused on the game.

Some of the improvements also include new equipment, which allows you to do some pretty cool things that will destroy enemies, vehicles, and anything else that comes to your way. It’s highly recommended to go for a Halo 3 since it’s considered one of the Xbox 360 best games that include first-person shooting

4.      FIFA 18 Legacy Edition – The Best Xbox 360 Sports Game

Playing soccer or any other sport on a console is an evergreen action, no matter how old you are. If you want to experience a seamless soccer play and enjoy one of the best Xbox 360 games of all time, go for FIFA 18 Legacy Edition.

We won’t discuss the quality and performance of the FIFA world. Their exceptional attention to detail and meticulously created characters have always been the reason why players enjoyed every version of the game. FIFA 18 brings more enhanced features and a narrative look you haven’t seen in any other football game. More options allow you to beat your opponent, swap out players in the middle of the match, and do other magical stuff on the field.

FIFA 18 is a great game for all the football lovers, who will appreciate the game’s new settings and abilities that add a dose of excitement and make you feel as if you were in the stadium.

5.      Alan Wake – The Best Xbox 360 Survival Game

Survival games are excellent for testing your skills and abilities to survive in a dangerous environment. The best example of such genre is Alan Wake, which follows the story of Alan Wake, a writer who goes on a vacation with his wife, Alice. Although the place where they go is considered peaceful and full of friendly people, Alice gets obsessed with strange forces that lead to further story development.

The game is ideal for the fans of the X Files, Twin Peaks, and similar blockbusters that encompass pretty mysterious settings. Your role in the game is to find out what happened to Alice and solve a mystery without getting hurt. You’ll find yourself enchanted by the splendid graphics and authentic scenarios full of hidden details. An additional dose of mystery and tension will be brought by fantastic sound effects that are present throughout the game.

Those who love this particular genre will find Alan Wake one of the best games for Xbox 360. Since the ending is quite incomplete, you can expect a sequel that might be even more exciting.

6.      The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – The Best Xbox 360 RPG Game

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings is declared the best RPG of all times, and it came to Xbox 360 shortly after it’s been originally released for PC. The game follows the story of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who needs to complete an important quest that includes a lot of strategy and decision-making regarding politics and other essential matters.

It’s very important to follow the story and description of the characters, which will lead you through the gameplay. The Witcher 2 is characterized by its marvelous sword combats that are exciting and challenging at the same time. You can use alchemy, magic, and combos of different weapons to win the battles much easier.

The stellar mix of magic, mystery, ghosts, combats, and strategy makes The Witcher 2 one of the best Xbox 360 games of all time that feature the RPG model and make players feel a significant dose of excitement as they play.

7.      Batman: Arkham Asylum – The Best Xbox 360 Batman Game

Fans of the popular DC character Batman will love Batman: Arkham Asylum because it provides a plethora of opportunities to meet and interact with the notorious supervillains from Gotham City.

The entire game set is filled with the DC characters – Batman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Commissioner Gordon, Poison Ivy, and others. Impeccable graphics will show the filth and decadence of the City and the nuthouse, which will trigger your attention and hook you into playing more. Combats are also pretty interesting and challenging, and you’ll feel like Batman as you’re killing monsters with your bare hands.

Explorations and fights take up most of the game, and the authentic voices of Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy take the entire set to the next level.

8.      Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments – The Best Xbox 360 Crime Game

Sherlock Holmes: Crimes & Punishments is a piece inspired by detective novels written by Arthur Conan Doyle. It includes a lot of logic since you’re supposed to solve some critical puzzles and mysteries in order to complete your quest successfully.

The game is quite engaging, and you’ll definitely like the sharp mind of the famous detective. The graphics are excellent, as well as the scenes in which you’ll find yourself. The game is also enriched with dialogues that will help you get familiar with the circumstances and the story that encompasses the case you need to solve.

The game is worth playing, especially if you love mysteries and Conan Doyle’s novels, and TV shows inspired by this quite extraordinary detective.

9.      SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World – The Best Xbox 360 Sega Game

SEGA Vintage Collection: Monster World is an astonishing game that will remind you of the golden times when you used to play killer games on Sega Genesis. Followed by the original story, this game leads you into the world that used to be peaceful until a group of monsters invaded the territory and decided to bring evil there. As you may assume, your task is to defend the land and defeat the foes.

As you travel through the game and explore new regions, you get the opportunity to meet a lot of townspeople, collect money to buy different items, and gather a huge number of weapons, tools, and magic. The more the progress you make, the more powerful your weapons and equipment will become.

This is one of the best 360 games that encompasses a popular Sega genre and allows you to enjoy the scenarios you used to love earlier. The collection packs together Wonder Boy in Monster Land, Wonder Boy in Monster World, and Monster World IV, which are classic arcade-adventure games that will bring a dose of fun and challenge.

10.      Guitar Hero II – The Best Xbox 360 Music Game

Those who love to listen and make music will enjoy Guitar Hero II. It’s an enhanced version of the original Guitar Hero game, and it comes with specific improvements that the players will love.

You will find three new characters added to the original cast, as well as the improved guitar experience. You will now have the opportunity to play different guitar tracks per song – lead, bass, or rhythm guitar, depending on the song. There are over 70 tracks, including those performed by famous authors, such as Aerosmith, Guns ‘N’ Roses, and others.

Some new multiplayer modes are also included, allowing you to jam with your friends and more. Guitar Hero II helps players become true guitar professionals providing them with the opportunity to practice and make significant progress.

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